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12.25.12 / Merry Christmas!

Just popping in to wish you and yours a very merry Christmas. We were up early this morning, thanks to an anxious and excited seven-year-old. It’s so fun to enjoy Christmas through the eyes of children, isn’t it?


Santa brought Layne a wooden marble track. Layne is busy engineering dozens of different track versions. I don’t think Santa realized that 14 marbles + an eight-month-old baby = lots of losing your marbles. Literally.


Everett got his Christmas wish of a suspenders + mustache ensemble. Everett takes his new character very seriously. I, however, cannot take a four-year-old with a full mustache seriously.


Mabrey is delighted by all the wrapping paper and boxes. I succumbed to the baby headband and bought a handmade one from etsy. I rationalized the gaudy baby headpiece by saying it would keep her hair out of her eyes. So far, so good.


Santa kindly gifted Mabrey a bright red high chair. Thank goodness! Over the past few weeks, she has been writhing her way out of the Bumbo. Santa scored extra points by leaving the high chair unwrapped and fully assembled. Santa, you are the bomb.


From my crazy family to yours, Merry Christmas!

I’ll be back tomorrow with some house tweaking updates. Until then, let your heart be light.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Merry Christmas! That last photo is fantastic!


Merry Christmas to you Millers ! Take care !


What a beautiful family! (ditto Staci on the fantastic-ness of the last photo) A very merry Christmas to you and yours.


gosh, mabrey is already too pretty! maybe santa will bring daddy a shot gun in the future ;)

Merry Christmas!

Aaaaw, Mabry is just so darn cute! Love that last photo of the three kiddos. Have a very Merry Christmas, Dana! I’m currently nursing a sugar hangover :(


I have to ask…Where did Santa get the marble run? Or what brand is it? Thanks! Merry Chrismtas!


You have a very beautiful family!


Merry Christmas! Your children are beautiful!


Merry Christmas! Would you talk about the chair a bit? What kind is it? It looks fabulous!!!


You have a beautiful family! Love the blog!


Love the quality of the last photo, merry christmas to you!


I also love the red high chair and am looking for one similar for my daughter. Do you mind posting the details?

How precious is that last picture?!?! She looks so much like you!! :)


See the marble track here. The boys are loving it!


See the high chair here. It’s from IKEA – or, at least, it looks like that’s the model that Santa copied ;) – and it’s a brighter, poppier red in real life. We’ve been using it for two days now and it’s working great! Mabrey can’t wriggle out or turn herself around. The tray is removable so you can pull the chair up to a table if you want. The tray has a snug fit so if there is food on the tray when you pull it off, the food flies everywhere. We just make sure to clear the tray before we pull it off. And Mabrey looks so good in red!


I LOVE the red high chair, it’s perfect! And Mabrey is getting so big already – what a doll she is. Thanks for sharing!!