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I don’t share many recipes. But when I do, I promise they will be easy, quick and not require a bunch of ingredients. Because that’s how I roll.

Today I’m sharing my favorite salsa recipe. I got it from a friend and tweaked it just a little. I make it ALL. THE. TIME. And every time I make it I get requests for the recipe. It’s so versatile! Kid snack. School class treat. Birthday party. Teach appreciation day. Football Sunday. Taco night. Load-your-own-baked-potato night. Make-your-own-Chipotle-bowl night. Picnic. Pool. Cookout. Potluck ‘dish.’ This salsa goes anywhere.

And it is soooooooooo easy.




1 can Hunt’s sweet onion diced tomatoes {as shown above…because I like knowing what I’m supposed to be looking for at the grocery store when I try new recipes}

1 can Hunt’s diced tomatoes {as shown above}

1 cup fresh cilantro

1 teaspoon minced garlic

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons smoked chipotle sauce {as shown above}

few dashes of chili powder


Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor.


Blend for 2-3 minutes.


The final consistency should look something like this.


Pour into a bowl and enjoy!

It’s not too spicy. Not too sweet. Of course, if you like a hotter salsa you can add a drizzle of your favorite hot sauce or some jalopeño. I love that there’s barely any prep involved – just washing and cutting the stems off the cilantro. Otherwise, it’s as simple as pouring some ingredients into a blender. I can do that.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Thank you! Can’t wait to try it out! We make fresh salsa when we grow tomatoes, but buy the rest of the time and go through a lot! Does it end up cheaper than jarred salsa?

That looks like something my husband would like. We get a fresh one at the supermarket but it’s mostly just fresh chunks of veggies cubed and some cilantro and hardly any juice. It is so super good. Yum now I want some!


Hey, that looks great!
But i really want to know if you like your ninja? I’ve been trying to decide if i want to get one because my blender is horrible. I’d love a Vitamix, they’re just so expensive. Is the ninja a good choice?


You’re right! It doesn’t get much easier than this. Pinning!


That looks super delicious! I’ll have to try that. Have you tried Pomi tomatoes instead? They come in a carton instead of a can. So good. I love it when you can make these whole food items where you can control the ingredients.


I was just wondering since I’m probably a rare bird and the only one who does not like cilantro , if it would still taste just as good without the cilantro?
–Or any other suggestions since we do grow tomatoes in our summer garden and would love to use this recipe year round.:) Shesh, now I’m really hungry.



Love it! Can’t wait to try it.


I picked up this Ninja at Meijer a year ago. I think I paid $100 for it. It was a splurge but I use it all the time and LOVE it. It’s not Ninja’s top of the line version but it’s much better than the generic blender I had been using since college.


Thanks for this, added to my recipes – simple and tasty, my only two requirements! I have an unrelated question. I have been on a dining room chair hunt for ages, and love the look of your dining room chairs, have forever, but have heard differing opinions about their comfort. How comfortable are they for sitting in for say an hour at a time? Are they just great looking (which they are!) or are they comfy too? thanks if you get around to answering this…


From my guesstimate, I’d say each batch costs $3-$4. The recipe makes more than your average jar/tub of salsa so it’s probably pretty comparable cost-wise. BUT it tastes soooooo much better. I don’t like to use a lot of canned food but this is one of those things that’s just so easy and quick and painless. Sometimes I need a recipe like that.


Are you asking about the tulip chairs? If so, the knockoff version I have is super comfy. Can’t say that I’ve had time to sit in them for an hour at a time though.


I love this! I’ll be trying soon for sure!


looks awesome, might try wholefoods and trader joes for similar canned tomatoe product though because almost all canned tomatoe products are lined with BPA inside.
love what you did in the “everything room” looks beautiful, you have such great taste!


Please, please, please, tell us you bought the blender just because it’s a “Ninja”.



Thanks, I did mean your tulip chairs. Our dining room chairs are our homework chairs – teenagers seem to each need about 15 square feet to spread their books and random mess in to do homework, and obviously spend a lot more time sitting in those chairs. Re: the comment above about using Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s canned goods – I looked into that after reading that comment because I use a lot of canned garbanzo beans in my cooking and it is a concern for me. Surprisingly, about 73% of Whole Foods canned goods have BPA, and certain categories of Trader Joe’s canned goods do, too. It is surprisingly hard to find out information on who uses what when! I would say if it is a staple that you use often, try and research a company that doesn’t use BPA for that specific food. Eden Organic is one company that doesn’t use BPA in any of their canned goods.


Eden’s is carried at wholefoods and the majority of canned products at wholefoods and trader Joe’s is mostly bpa free. my rule of thumb is to look for bright white lining inside if it is there then it has bpa and a high amount of it. even the lids to glass jars can be lined with bpa. but the most toxic place to ingest bpa is through canned products that have tomatoes in it, as they are so acidic and abosrb the bpa. I am not an expert on it by no means and the information on it is so limited because of the manufacting of the cans is monopolized so even unlined cans can have a very small amount of bpa. the shelf life of cans makes the problem even harder so many of grocery stores put out this political message because they cannot say they are completely bpa free. I too eat many dishes that for convenice would like for them to come from a can which is why I know about this. I also have two young kids at home and they would be the ones most effect by it as they are still developing. I have just found brands that do not use the white lining and try to stick to those. I feel that it is something that they are trying to keep a little hush as they are trying to phase out bpa without wasting/recalling so many products…so it is really buyer beware. I just do the best I can and sometimes I know I am probably ingesting it when I am eating out but what can you do.


I’m not sure if the cilantro comment is going through. Does anyone know if deleting the cilantro will keep this salsa just as tasty??


This sounds delicious! Will definitely try as we do eat a lot of salsa around here. Also, I second the Pomi tomatoes that come in a box. Picked some up for VERY cheap at a Big Lots about a year ago. Thanks for the recipe!


Made this recipe today and the entire batch is already gone, soooo yummy! Thanks for the recipe.


I told you!


I may have made two more batches already, tastes delicious on pretty much everything.


I made this recipe this weekend…it is super yummy and easy!! We usually buy “Jack’s” salsa and this recipe tastes identical. Definitely making this from now on, thanks for sharing :)


I made this over the weekend for the family. It was a huge it!!


It was a big hit!! Oops!!!


This is delicious!!! I just made it for Super Bowl watching – I could eat the whole thing!


I pinned this and finally made it today. Wonderful! I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to make from-scratch salsa before and it tasted nothing like this. Such an easier and tastier rendition you brought forth here. Thank you! I’m munching on it right now…


I made your rendition of easiest salsa today and it was very delicious. The kids devoured it after school with some tortilla chips. Thanks for sharing.


Well. . .I know I’m a little late to the fiesta, but I just saw this and am trying it tonight! Thanks for all the great inspiration!



I am going to try it without cilantro because I do not like it either. I am sure it will be fine. If not, I will add just a small amount so it is not overhearing. We’ll see.