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Remember the photo shoot? Well, today I finally get to share the fruits of our labor with you.

tile shop

HH and I partnered with The Tile Shop over a year and a half ago during the renovation of our Underdog. After many, many, MANY months of hard work {and very little sleep}, we are so excited to be a part of The Tile Shop’s blogger spotlight and ad campaign. As of today, you can read about the details of our tiling adventures over on The Tile Shop’s site here. The online spotlight includes many never-seen-before photos of our kitchen, mudroom/laundry nook/dining room and bathroom as well as commentary and DIY tips contributed by moi.

If you happen to live in one of The Tile Shop’s major markets you may just find full page ads featuring our house popping up in your local glossies. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! As far as I know, the ads should run in the following prints over the next few months: Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine, Chicago Magazine & Chicago Home and Garden, Kansas City Home and Gardens, Charlotte Home & Garden, Cincinnati Magazine, Indianapolis Monthly, Madison Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Nashville Lifestyles, Philadelphia Magazine, Pittsburgh Magazine, Long Island Pulse, St. Louis Magazine, Buffalo Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine and Atlanta Magazine.

Fun fact: The Tile Shop will be featuring several other bloggers via their blogger spotlight and ad campaign so keep your eyes peeled. I am the guinea pig!

Can we talk for a brief minute about companies recognizing the voice and importance of bloggers? And I’m not talking about my voice. So many wonderful, deserving bloggers out there are collaborating with amazing companies and brands in  win-win partnerships. A few of my favorites: Holly Becker of decor8 + West Elm. Trina McNeilly of Lalalovely + Land of Nod. John & Sherry Petersik of Young House Love + Shades of Light. And don’t even get me started on the things that Joss & Main and One Kings Lane are doing. Fabulousness all over the internet. Fabulous. Ness. It’s a very exciting time to be a blogger.

From a consumer standpoint, I find these partnerships inspiring as well. I prefer seeing real homes – as opposed to lifeless sets or over-the-top mansions – in advertisements and catalogs. I think it shows how brands and products can be implemented realistically and effectively. More companies should take notice of this latest trend in marketing!

And just so you know, it wasn’t easy capturing a decent shot of my family in our kitchen. I find it mind-boggling that we got one pic in which everyone is looking at the camera with their eyes open, hands down and tongues in their mouths.


Um, Everett can be a bit of a ham in front of the camera.

images: Megan Hoy for The Tile Shop



Awesome! Wish I lived in one of The Tile Shop’s markets…


Congrats! I totally wish you could come and redo my house, I love your style!


Oh wow, everything looks fantastic. The laundry nook looks wonderful! I really love the look of the curtains on an exposed wire.


Your house is beautiful! You and your family should be so proud of all of your hard work!


Congrats! I love The Tile Shop, and everything looks fantastic!


What a spectacular feature. I love everything you did. I am particularly loving the narrow tile you used to finish off the bath-tub surround. Love the styling of your laundry nook. The photos and baskets look terrific. I also love the round mirror and how perfect was that for the titanic birthday as well.

The feature is extremely well done. I hope they are partnering up with you on the master bath as well :)



Congrats!! The photo (both family and house) look amazing!


Your reno is amazing to say the least. You are an inspiration for my 1960’s home, complete with an assortment of colored tile throughout the house. I had a question about your kitchen. Where is your pantry or food storage?


Congrats!! i can’t wait to spy the pictures in Chicago magazine!!!

What an amazing opportunity for you guys…you deserve all the spotlight you got! Your home is amazing. :)


Ok…that is Fantastic!!! Congrats on your gig with The Tile Shop. It is so hard to get in with a good brand! And, your family shot looks amazing in your gorgeous kitchen. So happy for you!


Your family is ridiculously beautiful. Nice spotlight!


What a great pic of you guys, I can’t wait to check you out in Washingtonian!! :]

How exciting! Congrats on your partnership and your kitchen looks amazing!! xo Kristin


Great feature and great pictures ! Well done Millers. Take care.

That is so so awesome (and a great photo to boot!). Congratulations!!


Congratulations, the place looks wonderful. Your success is well deserved!


Wow, this is so cool. Congrats! I’ll be looking for the Washingtonian. And, yes, I agree that the blogger/company partnerships are exciting.


WOW!! Your spaces turned out AMAZING!! The before and after really show off the hard work of you and your HH. Great job!! I love everything about the spaces even the accessories! Great selections!!


Congratulations on your feature! I’m popping over right now to feast my eyes. :)

How exciting! Congratulations! I wonder if I can get a copy of Cincinnati Magazine in Dayton…..


We don’t keep much dry or canned food but what we do have is kept in our lazy Susan. Maybe a post of a kitchen “map” is in order?

Beautiful feature. Beautiful family. Beautiful house!!! Have we seen the laundry nook looking like this yet?! It looks AMAZING!!!


Where did you purchase your shirt? You always have such lovely clothes.


That shirt was actually a Christmas gift from my sister! I think it’s from Ann Taylor.


I’ve stalked your kitchen for a while, in a totally non creepy way…it’s just perfect! Just wondering if you have plans for window treatments and what you might use?


It looks great. I tiled the whole wall of cabinets and shelves in our kitchen with subway tile last year. I love it.

When companies partner with a blogger, does the company donate materials or do they discount them? I see a lot of bloggers pitching products so I assume they are given those free. Honestly I have dropped many of them because every time I go to their site it’s another product pitch and I want to see design and diy. But on something like this, I am curious as to who foots the bill on these type of partnerships. Thanks.


What a great looking family! I’m in love with your kitchen


Your house looks amazing! And can I say I love your hair in the photoshoot?! Is it weird that I want to print out your photo to take to my hairstylist? ;-)


YES! To me that is weird just because I get my hair cut maybe once or twice a year!!!! And one of those times is usually at Great Clips when they have their $5 haircut sale. I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to my hair.


It totally depends on the company. I’ve worked with businesses that offer a slight discount {I’m talking something like 4%} and I’ve worked with companies that donate products. I’ve worked with companies that select items for you and I’ve worked with companies that have left the product selection up to me. Every partnership is different. The Tile Shop donated the materials and let me choose the products.

I know reading blogs where people are getting free products for DIY and such can be a turn off. But I would hope that you realize this is one of the ways DIY bloggers finance their projects. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any projects to blog about – especially in my case since I quit my day job last year to stay home. I think most bloggers make an effort to stick with companies that they would buy from anyways – whether or not a partnership was involved. In my case, I also try to select items that are within my budget even though I’m technically not paying for them. HH and I logged a LOT of time behind the scenes for this partnership from DIYing to preparing for the photo shoot to writing up blog posts and commentary. Most of those things were done after all of our other daily non-Tile Shop-related duties were completed so that meant working late into the night once the kids were in bed.

One other point I’d like to make is that if a blogger is doing things correctly, he/she must claim donated items for tax purposes. So, it does us no good to accept every offer from every company. In that respect, the items aren’t entirely “free.” I say no to partnerships way more than I say yes.

The good news is that The Tile Shop is looking for other DIY bloggers out there who might be interested in partnering with them as well! So, if you have a blog of your own, you can pitch your project to them and maybe just you could score some tile too.

Sorry for the wordy reply. I hope I’m not coming off as defensive. More than anything, I want people to understand that no matter how much we bloggers enjoy blogging {seriously, I LOVE it}, it does cost money to create, run, design and maintain a blog. It takes us away from our families sometimes. It keeps us up late into the night and then up early again in the morning. It takes time. We pay to produce free material. So when we finally start getting compensated {I’ve been blogging for 3 years and I’m just now starting to break even}, I don’t think we should feel guilty for partnering with reputable companies and brands. Does that make sense? And, again, I’m not meaning to snap at you or anything like that. Just trying to explain why you see bloggers working with companies.


The kitchen window is bare because I haven’t found the right thing yet. It doesn’t get direct sunlight since it’s on the north side of the house so I’ve been sitting on making any decision because it’s not really necessary. Should I paint it black? Should I leave it bare and put some plants in the sill? Should I hang woven blinds for texture? I know I don’t want a fabric shade or fabric curtains.

Dana, I am so excited for you and your family! Your house looks so beautiful and you guys are adorable. I love, love, love your laundry nook. And everything else, LOL. And the previous post about Layne? Really beautiful. You must be so proud of him. I had to laugh a little because my 8 year old would love a Titanic party, too!


I’ve been enjoying your blog for years. I will be hitting up The Tile Shop in my home city Milwaukee this weekend to buy round white penny tile for my bathroom DIY remodel. I’ll let them know you sent me!

How exciting! And a great picture for the family album. :-)



I took a break from the design blog world during the two years that all of this sort of exploded. I’m so happy to see companies really lining up to support bloggers. I had a rather unfortunate experience with The Tile Shop years ago and reluctantly blogged about it after they couldn’t deliver on something. Seeing other bloggers happy with them is redeeming them a bit…though I’m not quite sure I’m ready to go back!

I’m new to House Tweaking (I might be one of the few new readers you have…again, I’ve been on a bit of a break from all things related to home) and I LOVE your beautiful home. I think I’m going to spend a bit of time scrolling through the archives this evening!

Congratulations on the recognition and the fantastic feature. :)


You have a beautiful house and family! I really enjoy your blog – great post =)