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Blog sponsorship. It’s a touchy subject. But the truth of the matter is, if you have a blog that receives a fair amount of traffic, blogging turns into an expense – financially speaking.

When I first created House*Tweaking, I had a free Blogger account and I was working part-time as a pharmacist. Blogging was purely a hobby. Over the years, with an increase in readership {I’m still not entirely sure why you guys choose to follow House*Tweaking with so many amazing blogs out there but I’m truly grateful that you do. Thank you!}, I’ve obtained a URL and transferred House*Tweaking from Blogger to a “meh” web host and then to a private server. Oh, and I left my day job. Those things combined have made it necessary for me to look into sponsorship opportunities in the form of side bar ads, affiliate programs, writing elsewhere and collaborating with reputable companies. I am not looking to get rich. My hope is to cover the costs of maintaining this blog, DIYing projects and decorating our house so that I can continue doing what now has become a passion.

In working with companies, I always try to feature businesses and products that I would use myself. I say no to potential sponsors ten times more than I say yes. I really want it to be a win-win-win situation. The company gains some traffic. I cover my costs. You are introduced to an inspiring and useful product/service.


All that mumbo jumbo to say I’ve been brainstorming new ways to partner with businesses. When I signed on to write for Wayfair’s blog, My Way Home, I had an “a-ha!” moment. Why not feature items from their site that I would like to use in my own home? I had shopped Wayfair before {I bought the saddler’s bench shown above} and was really pleased with my purchase. I pitched the idea to Wayfair and the monthly “Wayfair in the House” series was born. This is the first of such posts! Here we go…


I’m so ready to have a cozy bedroom. I tried capturing a current pic of the room but was immediately photobombed by three rugrats. It’s hard to tell from the image above but there are random paint sample patches painted throughout the room. There’s even painted foam board living in our closet and paint swatches propped on the windowsill. Do you spy them? My nightstand drawer is full of color swatches and paint decks. It’s bad. I’ve tried no less than a dozen colors and don’t like any of them. This northeast room with not great light is tough. But one swatch I’ve kept in the mix is Benjamin Moore’s 2126.


Namely, I’m really drawn to anchor gray 2126-30. It reminds me of my favorite jeans. In thinking about our bedroom {and I do it waaaaaaaay too much}, I really want it to feel like a room that I would wear. And I like nothing more than wearing my favorite dark jeans with a heather gray top, leather boots and simple gold jewelry. HH also wears a lot of denim and gray so having masculine navy and gray in the room feels right.

Then I found this.

House of Troy Addison Adjustable Pharmacy Wall Swing Arm in Antique...

Hello gold jewelry for my bedroom. And that’s when I decided to finally decide and really nail down the big stuff for the room. In every place we’ve lived, decorating our bedroom has always been the hardest for me. Why?

This is where I’m at.

Cozy Masculine Bedroom

1 – Benjamin Moore anchor gray & white dove After I seeing Jenny’s bedroom in anchor gray, I am sold. The trim is already white dove and I’ll be painting out the master bathroom walls in white dove.

2 – Aged brass ceiling light The ceiling in the bedroom is only 8′ and the room doesn’t receive a ton of natural light. I want a close-to-the-ceiling light that diffuses warm light into the room. Love the scalloped detailing, black trim and brass fixtures on this light.

3 – Vilas nightstand I bought these nightstands last summer and can’t say enough good things about them. They are solid and have a mid century feel. A single drawer provides hidden storage while the open cabinet is the perfect spot for books and glossies.

4 – Domino wool blanket This wool throw is already living at the foot of our bed. It provides great texture and pattern. In the summer, I can switch it out for something brighter or more colorful.

5 – Chunky bed frame We’ve had this wood bed frame for 3+ years and love it.

Nailhead upholstered headboard The curved headboard we have now isn’t working below the window. Ideally, I would want my bed on an empty wall but there’s no getting around a bed under the window in our bedroom. I bought our current headboard for a steal at an outlet and I’m confident I can get just as much for it as I have in it. I think a clean-lined headboard in heather gray brushed cotton will work much better.

Brown ikat pillow covers In a room with mostly masculine pieces, you can easily add interest, pattern and color with pillows. These patterned chocolate on white pillows will contrast against the gray headboard.

Navajo pillow cover Sometimes all it takes is one or two colorful pops to wake up a mostly neutral room. I’ve been gazing at this pillow for weeks and finally ordered it.

6 – Swing arm lamp This antique brass wall lamp is what inspired the mood board for the bedroom. I’ll be using two – one on each side of our headboard. {I am a read-in-bed girl.} They are the perfect gold stud earrings for our bedroom. I can already envision them against the gray-blue walls and I like what I see.

swing arm

Surprise, they’re here! I haven’t hung them yet. I need to paint and address the headboard situation first. But I wanted to show you a real life image of them because the finish is amazing. They are definitely more “aged” and less shiny than their listing portrays.

7 – Boucle jute rug Did you notice this rug in the rugrat picture? Rugs + rugrats = my life. This rug is the most expensive rug I’ve ever bought. And it shows. It is so thick and cushy and nubby and I don’t know what took me so long. The natural fibers lighten up all the dark wood pieces and flooring in the bedroom.

8 – Saddle chair Ever since West Elm rolled out this office chair a few months ago, I can’t stop thinking about it. The shape is curvy yet clean. And you know how I feel about stripes.

9 – Willett dresser I scored this vintage dresser on craigslist a while ago. It’s still empty but HH and I think it would be helpful to have a possible worktop in our bedroom. He and I both work from home at times. Sometimes we need to retreat to a closed off room to take/make calls. My thought is to pull a chair {see #8} up to the dresser when necessary and maybe add some open shelving above. We don’t need a true desk. This just might work.

So that’s the big {and some small} stuff. I won’t make any choices on window treatments or bedding until the room is painted and main pieces are installed. I’ll be sure to share my {ever so slow} progress!

Thanks to readers like you and Wayfair for supporting this here blog. I mean that with all my pillow-and-stripe-loving heart.

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4) Wayfair 5) polyvore collage by Dana Miller, linked within 6) Dana Miller



Love that color! I need to find new lamps for our bedroom, the ones we have now are glass and just begging to be shattered.

I took down sidebar sponsors last May while I figured out the direction we wanted to go with sponsors and I actually ended up in a similar place you are. We say, “no thanks” a lot, but are grateful for the companies we HAVE partnered with in real posts–a lot of them we contacted ourselves, or they contacted us after we put together a mood board for a room in our house–like you did above. It is a tricky thing to explain, but you did so perfectly.

That aside, your taste is so classy and right up my alley. We’ll be revisiting our bedroom soon, and I am loving swing-arm lamps! These are great. And that chair. Oh yeaaaahhh.


Funny, I have that same paint swatch sitting on my counter and have been imaging different walls in my home in raccoon fur and anchor grey! It is reassuring seeing someone else liking the same color! Maybe I’ll wait and see how it turns out for you before jumping in.


Just wanted to say that the reason I follow your blog is because I absolutely love the style you’re developing in this house (clean and masculine), you seem like a real person, and I enjoy the “fixer-upper” type of blogs. Young House Love is another one of my favorites because they also seem like real people and are fixing up their house. I realize that “real person” is not super helpful, haha. Hmm, examples… kids and spouse frequently show up in posts although you don’t focus on them, fairly big life / house decisions still being made rather than “our house is already awesome but check out the reupholstered sofa.”

Can’t wait to see that bedroom painted and the lights on the wall!

Those lamps are to die for! I’m so in love with unlaquered brass these days and it’s so beautiful paired with gray. And Dana, I don’t feel there’s any explanation needed for sponsored posts or any advertising revenue you receive. Blogging is A LOT of work–people don’t realize how much. And lucky us are getting your amazing content for free anyway :)


You totally just validated two of our bedroom purchases of late by saying you wanted your bedroom to feel like something you would wear. I bought our West Elm blue and white striped bedding and tweed lamp shades because they felt comfortable, like a favorite shirt and jacket. My husband’s reaction the first night was, “I feel like I’m sleeping in your shirt!” but he’s grown to accept my passion for nautical stripes. Now onto that West Elm chair. Love it.


my son’s bedroom is anchor gray and i love it. coziest place in the house.

I so wanted to go masculine in our bedroom. I had the image of a suit in me head, and was going to go from there. Then I walked into a homegoods store and a bright coral quilt grabbed my attention. Now I am going with what I like to call a masculine funk. I am very far away from getting it done, but it is fun to look for stuff for the room.


hi – great look, i like your style a lot. i have a skyline-manufactured headboard (actually looks a lot like your curved one). i’ve had it for 3 months and am pretty impressed at the quality for the price. got mine at home decorators though during their after thanksgiving sale….will be sure to check out wayfair as another good resource. good luck!


I think we could live together and be very happy, Julia. I just spent a fair amount of time on your blog this morning catching up. The things you are doing over there are AMAZING. You rocked that pantry door, btw.


I love it and I love that you aren’t doing it all in one fell swoop–it is very realistic and that keeps me engaged and excited about my own house. (Why yes I have tiled only half of the backsplash, what of it?).

Do you read Door Sixteen? Anna just painted her bedroom a dark color as well: http://www.doorsixteen.com/


I think it’s cool you addressed the blogger sponsor situation. I don’t think people realize how expensive it is to run a blog. That’s something I’ve been dealing with being a beginner.

Love the mood board. I think it looks like you and your style. The paint color is perfect. It’s very rich but not too dark. I can’t wait to see more.


I’ve never understood why some people get all angry with sponsored posts. I think it’s fine. You disclose what is sponsored. None of your sponsored posts feel forced or anything less than genuine. Some other blogs do sometimes have sponsorships that feel less-than-truthful, but I think when you’re smart about the products you try or endorse, then everyone wins.

So here I just made a master mood board myself with sconces. Except mine were white to pick up on our white mirror. However, now that I see those gorgeous swing arm lights I’m second guessing everything. We already have a gold lamp shade on the opposite side of the room and no other gold so far… Things just got dangerous. Still convincing my hubby that it’s a good idea!


The mood board is fantastic! I love that you chose the colors from what you and your husband wear. That is such a great idea. I just painted our bedroom a deep moody navy blue with a hint of green and love it. I’ve been eyeing brushed gold sconces to go over the bed and love these! Thanks for sharing….food for thought.


I love all the elements you have pulled together here. That scalloped shade is terrific and I also like the brass lamps. I also like how you incorporated the sponsored post here.
I honestly come to your blog because we have pretty similar styles and you have been taking on a major renovation like ourselves. I really enjoy seeing and reading about how the concrete was poured just as much as a nice pillow cover :) It’s the perfect mix for me.
We are re-doing our master at the moment as well and we also went with a gray, although a lighter version, and I just love the look of it against the dark brown wood of our bed (same tone as yours). I can’t wait to see you pull it all together.


Love this mood board. I’d love to see you & handy hubby work some magic on that dresser so a drawer pulls out to a desktop of some sort. Kind of a “hidden” secretary type of piece…. Our bedroom is our home office (and I work from home). I’d love to find a way to make that part of the room disappear when I’m not working.


Dana, I haven’t monetized my blog in any way, but I fully support those who do — especially when you do so in such a creative way. Great idea!


I LOVE your bed frame! It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for! I’m not sure what to do about a headboard though. I couldn’t really tell what you have from the picture. Did you get the headboard separately? Your room is going to be beautiful (well it already is)!


We get the sponsorship thing. You are so not one of the obnoxious bloggers about it :)

I love the concept of decorating a room like you’d wear it. Brilliant. I am going to approach my next room that way and see if it helps the decor block :)


I love the ideas you have for your bedroom! Great colors and pieces. Your design style and writing style are both what drew me to your blog initially. And it’s why I keep coming back! I am drawn in by the friendly and honest sharing of your life and your experiences in making your house your home. Your blog is a place I enjoy coming to each day.


We already live in the small home and in recent months I’m finally making progress on the whole decluttering, living with less goal I’ve had for too many years. That is the number one reason I read your blog. Your home is beautiful, but even more so, it is calming. That is what I want for my home and that is why I frequently scroll through pictures of your home when I feel overwhelmed or discouraged in my progress. While many other blogs are chock-full of pretty, I always come away from them feeling like I need to go to Target and buy more cute stuff. Your blog has the opposite effect and leaves me with the urge to just let it all go already. So if my husband ever met you I’m sure he would say thank you. :)


Love love the room – those brass lamps are going to look perfect with the gray wall! And about the sponsorship thing – I agree with the other comments you introduced this partnership in the perfect way. I think what annoys me the most that some other bloggers do is act like they are “on a budget” and just like the rest of us and then get a whole room of furniture for free. I have a hard time with those posts…because that’s not real life so I can’t relate and it kinda turns me off to their blog. But I lovehow this post included a little bit of everything including a gorgeous lamp that I have been introduced to thanks to you! keep up the great work – love reading!!


Super excited to see what you end up doing with this room! Your ideas always turn out into beautiful rooms!


Love those sconces! Just wanted to say that I read your blog because I like your taste, candor, and “voice.” Though I’m an empty nester–very different life stage–I appreciate the range of your topics, from paint swatches to juicing. You keep things real. The photos and writing are high quality (retired wordsmith here). It’s like having a friendly and energetic young family next door. With downsizing on our horizon, I’ll be dealing with smaller-house living again–another reason to drop by House*Tweaking. So thank you!


You read my mind! I’ve been thinking of hinging the top shallow drawer so that it pulls out to hold a laptop.


Whew! Glad the bed lamps were not as shiny AND I love the true to life ones that you snagged! I am just not a fan of the anchor blue… maybe CUZ I over did the blue thing in my younger years and now I just can’t seem to climb on board to that color again. BUT don’t listen to me… CUZ I love the end game of your projects and I know you will make it work. You are an inspiration living on less… I look forward to this house selling so that I can achieve that too. I imagine it is difficult at times BUT rewarding to the spirit.


So, is this a sponsored post? Even after your lead-in, I’m a bit unclear. And actually, I’m ok with that. IF this is sponsored, I like the direction you are going. I totally understand the need for bloggers to add sidebar ads. They don’t bother me in the slighest. When the sponsorships leak into the main column though, it usually drives me a little crazy. I often feel like bloggers are posting just to post and touching on subjects they would never discuss otherwise (home design blogs suddenly posting parties and tablescapes? ugh.) This post feels 100% like you and your taste.


You have great taste, as usual! The masculine bent is something I’m really trying to achieve in my own house and I appreciate the inspiration!
I wasn’t really familiar with Wayfair until recently when I bought a Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug from them. I love the rug and am a new fan of their site and service!



Have you ever done a post on your closet in the master bedroom? I saw a peak in the photos above and it looks like you have a similar set up to what I am envisioning. Would you be willing to post more photos (or send me a couple at mt g-mail account?) Do you get good storage? Are there doors? How does the tucked back area on the side work for you? ANY thoughts you have would be so welcome. I’m in a 1913 bungalow and I’m dying trying to my my tiny closets work.

Love the blog!!!



I support bloggers who have collaborations and sponsorships, to a point. I read these blogs for free! I enjoy them on a daily basis at no expense to me, and yet my favorite blog authors put tons of money, time, and hard effort into their work. They deserve a little kick-back. I do really appreciate, however, when a blogger is honest about the perks they receive, because when “real life” bloggers receive thousands of dollars of merchandise for their DIY projects, it is really important for their average readers to know that they are not doing it on their own. And we wouldn’t necessarily want them to, because if they DID purchase everything on their own dime, we wouldn’t have nearly the same amount of content to enjoy. Additionally, I have found great products through my favorite bloggers, proving that this reader/blogger/sponsor relationship can and should be mutually beneficial.


Dana I’m seriously obsessed with the details for your bedroom!
Especially the paint color and the lamps. My question is are the lamps
You purchased wall mount only, or are they also able to stand up on
The nightstand? The pick of them is confusing me, I really need
Them to be stand up lamps like the pic-


You can install them onto a wall OR use them table side. I was confused when the boxes arrived because they were labeled “table lamps”… I was sure there had been a mistake! But the wall lamp version comes with additional hardware to mount them on the wall.


We organized our closet here. I have plans to hang fabric “doors” and will share them when they’re up!


Yes, this is a sponsored post. Specifically, Wayfair allots me a set amount of money per month to purchase product and use it in my home. The post itself is written entirely by me and I choose the product. I do not get paid to write the post – just purchase product. I will say that these two lamps were above the amount allotted but I needed two so I shelled out the rest of the money to purchase the second lamp on my own. I LOVE THESE LAMPS!


Yay! Can’t wait to read that post :-)


I’m having an early (near 34, single ect) mid life crisis! My whole idea of what makes a house a home has changed in the last 12 months and your blog has been so inspirational! I’m normally indecisive and have only bought 3 pieces of furniture in 10 years, opposed to how many pillow covers…. I love your approach to mixing it up and the ‘comfy jeans’ approach you have. I work long hours as a shift worker and just want to come home and feel cosy, comfy, relaxed and me.


The very first thing I thought of while reading your post is the hilarious product placement parodies in The Truman Show. Incorporating products into your daily blog is done so subtly, many of us don’t even catch on to the fact that we are indeed reading a sponsored add. You do such a great job of it. Maybe you should parody yourself SNL style to get a good laugh!

I’ve been wanting to ask for quite some time if you would consider sharing a little insight as to why you decided create House* Tweatking. I’ve been following for about 2 years ever since I laid eyes on your “Love” headboard. You, and all of the other great bloggers out there, have created such a passion in myself to create my own blog some day. What inspired you to get started? Keep going? Is it frightening to let people into your life? What do you see for the future of your blog?


Maybe this would be better answered in the form of a post? Too many thoughts for a comment. Coming soon….

Hi Dana. The master bedroom mood board looks really good…so you. Anchor Gray is one of my fav colors, too. I actually used it to paint our kitchen cabs a year ago and still love it everyday. You’ll love how it evokes different feelings under different lighting conditions. It’ll look awesome in your space. Looking forward to seeing your room come together.


I love your lamps! In your opinion, would they work well as table lamps? Are they top heavy like they would tip over easy? Love how your new place is coming together! :)


Love, love, love those swing arm lamps! Have definitely had my eye on them but happy to see Wayfair offers a version as well! Thank you for sharing.