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Shortly after posting the plans for my bedroom, I received an email from Jessica sharing a photo of her own cozy bedroom. Immediately, two things were clear: 1) I want a dark and cozy bedroom. 2) I want to feature Jessica’s bedroom on House*Tweaking. Since then, I’ve bought the paint for our bedroom {Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray} and Jessica has sent over a few more images of her bedroom. Take a peek.


The walls are Valspar {Lowe’s} Falcon. The hand-blocked quilt and shams are from West Elm. The sheets are from the Threshold collection at Target. Jessica says the sheets are amazing quality for their affordable price tag and come in the best colors. The bed frame, headboard and nightstand hail from the Boerum line at West Elm.


Jessica says the remote control pocket from IKEA is life-changing. No remotes on the nightstand!


In the winter, Jessica switches out the springier quilt for a plaid wool blanket from Lands’ End. The table fan is from Restoration Hardware. The lamp is vintage and the digital clock is from Pottery Barn. I don’t know the story behind the skateboard but it’s fun and unexpected.


A nook in the bedroom houses Jessica’s work space for her etsy stationery shop, Jack and Ella Paper Press. The office furniture is from Pottery Barn.



The colorful stationery looks happy and bright against charcoal walls. The white furniture is crisp in contrast to moody walls.


Thanks for virtually sharing your cozy bedroom with us Jessica!


Who else is inspired to create a cozy bedroom retreat now?! I’m so there. Be sure to check back tomorrow for a giveaway from Jessica’s etsy shop!

images: Jessica Bates



We just painted our bedroom grey as well (with orange accents). We started out with BM Arctic Seal but thought it was too dark – room doesn’t get much light – so we re-painted in BM Stormy Monday. The pictures don’t convey just how cozy it is – I love hanging out there now!


I love darker, moodier colors – always have! So happy to see someone I adore using darker colors in the home. I firmly believe that one’s bedroom should be a cocoon, not ‘light and airy’. Thanks for voicing your opinion on this front. Can’t wait to see your interpretation of a dark, moody master bedroom.


that’s so funny. i am right now in the process of painting three walls in my bedroom flint by benjamin moore. yay for dark bedrooms!


I love my grey bedroom. Not quite as dark as the photos above (Valspar London Coach) but we enjoy its sleepy, calm properties. We recently put a TV in our bedroom (first time ever and it’s only because I love my husband so much). I don’t know why I didn’t think of a bedside remote pocket. Brilliant!
PS. Love the puppy pic.


Oooh, that does look cosy! I love the bedside table and, of course, the dog :)


I painted my master bedroom Lowes Allen+Roth “man cave”. It’s a true classic dark gray and I love it. By far the best paint decision for my master I could have made! Dark, cozy and dare I say even sexy with the moody vibe.


Okay, even the dog seems to love this room! What a cutie!


This is fabulous. I never really go for the idea of dark rooms, because I prefer brighter spaces, but your blog has totally changed my opinion. Mabrey’s room with the pops of white and pink along with this room with all of those envelopes, stand out against the dark walls in a way that would never happen with lighter paint colors. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

I really love this room. It’s the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.


Thanks Dana…you had asked about the skateboard. We have skateboards all over the house. It started with my son and then moved onto my husband and then onward to my daughter and myself. We all have them. When I painted the room, I took down all of the photos/art from the walls and when the walls dried I liked the simplicity of nothing on them (except my inspiration board in my office area). We would always prop the boards up in the corner or roll them under the bed. I like the look of them and the idea of displaying them.

I also like the look of storing/displaying bicycles (my husband has a lot of them) inside but not a lot of room for that in our small home.

The boston terrier is Ruby and she is one of many animals we share our home with :)


Sooo cool! I love the skateboard!! :) And I’ve been drooling over that office furniture for at least 8 years. Sigh. Pottery Barn. You know it is too expensive when it costs as much as a trip to Disney World… but I still want it.

However, I think this bedroom made me realize I need to have a light and bright bedroom. If I had this bedroom I would just sleep and snuggle in it all day. I need something bright to shock me awake in the morning and get me going, at least as far as the coffee pot. I am starting to see the distinct advantage in having a dark kids bedroom though. Seriously, Jessica’s bedroom looks amazing.

Mmm, I love the little office nook!! The white furniture really does look so nice and crisp, and those pops of colour are just so inspirational!

Gosh you’re really inspiring me with all your charcoal grey choices. I’m always drawn to the colour (in my wool coat, boots, bedding… the list goes on) so it seems natural to put it on the walls too! I’ll definitely be referring your past few posts along with the comments from this one when I finally decide on a colour. As a side note, I’m also pretty excited about the Lululemon bag on the cork board. From my hometown!


I have recently figured that living in Alaska with mud, snow and dirt – my white airy dream home isn’t a reality with 2 young boys and 2 dogs! I recently painted our master Martha Stewart Flagstone (medium warm grey) and tonight I’m painting our double master doors Sherwin’s Urbane Bronze – really love the look so far! Will soon do Urbane Bronze on the pantry door as well.

This weekend I plan to paint my 10yr old’s room BM’s dark pewter like Mabrey’s room – I’m excited!!

Love your blog – thank you! Keep up the beautiful work!! Any tips for trayed ceilings in living rooms and/or dining rooms? Paint them (?) or leave them the reg, ceiling white?


I have recently painted the wall behind the bed in a very dark gray (actually it looks black) and I love the contrast with the bed which is made of oak. I am still unsure whether I should dare to paint the rest of the room that way, too. Although we have two large windows in the room and there is no danger of the room looking too “cave-y”. I also like the coziness the dark colors give the room.
I really want to finish that room soon.
Thanks for your inspiration!


Could you tell me where you got your calendar? That design of the Asian parasols is right up my alley.


Hello April, the calendar is from paper-source and is currently on sale. There is a different picture for each month and they are all equally fun!



Thanks for the link!

Oh I love those dark walls. I am so envious. I often debate doing it to one of our rooms and then I think it’s just like the curly vs. straight hair situation. So glad you shared these rooms… dark is a must! At least once :)


I love it! I’m looking at doing something similar in my 15 year old son’s bedroom. Lots of great ideas!


I LOVE that office. How wonderful. So organized.

Kate from Clear the Way

Love this space. I love how the room has some soft femine touches with the flowers and the colored storage bins, but overall the room remains cool and neutral.. I’m a dude and I would love this office/bedroom.

That desk set looks like Pottery Barn? We’re going to be making a furniture set from scratch for our home office and I totally want to hack that look..

Great room!


What is the paint color? I’d like to have a dark room, but I want to see what colors others are using so I can check them out. This looks like a great neutral dark that isn’t too blue or too gray. Looks so cozy!


Loving the dark and cozy. And that office area is to die for. So organized!! And everything is better with a Boston Terrier. Although I might be kinda partial…

Ooooh it’s moody and fabulous!! Would love to cozy up in there.


<3 this entire room. The Boston Terrier is the cherry on top!

Am I gonna be a bad reader if I noticed how organized her space is? I really love the pops of color against her dark walls and the unexpected details on her nightstand! It’s so adorable.. I wish that I could redecorate my room according to the season too!


If you’re going to have an office in a bedroom, it HAS to be organized! Otherwise, your oasis is no longer.


[…] bedroom, Jessica sent me pictures of her cozy bedroom and office and even allowed me to share them here on the blog. So when she emailed me about the newest additions to her stationery shop, I had to share them […]

[…] bedroom, Jessica sent me pictures of her cozy bedroom and office and even allowed me to share them here on the blog. So when she emailed me about the newest additions to her stationery shop, I had to share them […]