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03.14.13 / A New Desk Rug

stool after 9

At one end of our kitchen is a desk area. It’s where I do my blogging…among other things. It works but it felt a little bare.


So I bought a rug. If you like it then you shoulda put a rug on it. You may recall a link to the kilim rug from this mix-n-match kitchen post.


After waffling over the vintage rug for several months {Do I really want to spend money on a rug that will inevitably get food dropped on it?}, I contacted the etsy seller and did some negotiating. To my surprise {I am the worst negotiator} the seller was more than willing to come down on the price. I bit. The rug was mine.


I’ve never owned a vintage or kilim rug before. I love the flat weave and it doesn’t shed. It’s colorful but has a great patina to it from decades of use. The pattern isn’t perfectly symmetrical. I think the imperfections give it a quirk.


Since the rug has already seen years and years of traffic, I don’t worry about food or dirt getting on it. I figure if it’s made it this far and it looks this good then it can handle my family. It’s a beautiful addition to our home but it’s not too precious.


It definitely makes the desk area feel more lively. I’m sometimes distracted by its beauty when I’m blogging. {um, right now. I’m gazing at the rug right now.}


It’s a step in the right direction.


Recently, I’ve had visions of DIYing a herringbone wood backsplash along the desk wall. Since the space isn’t involved in food prep, the backsplash can be something different than typical tile. I think it would be fun to have a wood backsplash to tack inspirational photos and notes onto. What do you think?

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


A) I love the rug . B) I love the wood back splash idea so very much! I’m very intreagued by this idea actually.


Wow!!! That rug is so beautiful and I love what it adds to your space! Such a perfect choice. And yes – herringbone wood backsplash for the desk is a must!


I purchased a kilim in Turkey a few years ago and LOVE it. They are so durable (read: I have pets) and really do age nicely.

Check it out: http://www.careyonlovely.com/2013/03/at-home-coffee-table-tray.html


Herringbone cork would be fun : )


Herringbone cork? Now we’re talkin’.


I love the herringbone cork idea. I was just about to suggest the same thing when I saw your comment. It’s probably cheaper and easier to cut than wood, too.


You could cut your own “tiles” out a a sheet of cork and butt them up against one another. I have also seen this grouted, too. The possibilities are endless : )


Love that backsplash idea! And herringbone cork sounds great since it would be great as a pinning surface.


YES,YES,YES on the herringbone! I’d love to see a photo of the cork because the pinning aspect is pretty nifty. Ironically it might be easier to do it in wood if you have a miter saw. I have a GIANT roll (like 400 linear feet) of cork in my basement that I’ve been working my way through to line all the shelves in my kitchen and it can be sort of a pain to work with. Even with a very sharp cutting blade it sometimes tears and the cuts aren’t always perfectly square on edge which could be a problem if you are trying to tile with a small seam. Can’t wait to see where you go with this.

The rug is gorgeous! And the wood backsplash would be pretty amazing as well. Although I’m not sure I’d want to stick anything into it because I’m a freak like that haha. Although, maybe the used look will just add to it’s wonderful character.

PS-do you have trouble keeping the rug in place?


Beautiful rug! Adds so much charactor to that space, great choice! Random question….did you frost the glass on your french doors? And what brand of black gel paint did you use for the black paint?



Looove the colors and the aged look it has…totally gives that area of your kitchen that POP it was craving. Would LOOOOVE to see this magnificant idea of a herringbone wood backsplash come to fruition!!! Genious!


The glass isn’t frosted. The paint is Glidden from Home Depot seen here.


I haven’t put a rug pad down yet but I need to. The rug does slide on the wood floors.


Love the rug! Great colors. It looks fabulous there! And I think the wood and/or cork herringbone backsplash is a good idea too. Go for it!


You are so creative!! What a great way to add more warmth and functionality to your desk area

Love the rug! Everytime you add something to your house, I fall a little more in love with it. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Love the rug and the backsplash idea. Can’t wait to see you try it.


I love this kind of rug. I bought a rug like this in Morocco three years ago — now it’s on the wall in my hallway, as it’s a bit smaller. Some day I’d like to get a larger one for a kitchen. I also love the pillows at the etsy store where you bought the rug.. thanks for the link!


Love the rug, and yes yes yes!! to the wood herringbone.

I’m with Laurie! Herringbone cork tiles with grout!!! That just sounds sexy!


That is a beautiful rug! I have a kilim rug that’s now at least 15 years old. It’s faded a little on one end because I have it in the sunroom and I’ve been too lazy to turn it. But it has no signs of wear, even though it gets walked on a lot. Your rug has some unusual colors; and it’s perfect in that space.
I really like the idea of herringbone cork. I would do a mock-up on a scrap board first, just to see it before comitting to the whole backsplash.


I LOVE the idea of a herringbone wood backsplash! So unique!


You HAVE to check out this site http://www.moonishco.com/ I stumbled upon these graphic wood tiles a while ago and I really want to DIY something similar for my house. I think this could be a fun option for your backsplash. On a completely unrelated note from the rug & backsplash…. how did you and your husband trim the edges of the paneled ceiling? quarter round? small crown moulding? thanks!


I have also been envisioning a wood back slash in my new kitchen. I was thinking reclaimed wood of some sort but am not sure how they would hold up with prepping, cooking, and washing. I have white cabinets, gray tile floors, and a light gray counter tops. I am craving the warmth of wood in the room! Can not seem to find what I am looking for… any ideas would be great! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


That rug is gorgeous! Drool! :). And I think the wood herringbone backsplash would look awesome!


I live in the Southwest, and I’m sure your rug is unique and beautiful to many, but it reminds me of Southwest decor that’s been extremely overdone around this territory… I LOVE nearly every other item in your home though. I also love the herringbone backsplash idea! It may look nice if you continue it beneath the desk area as well. I would love to see an update of your boys’ room! :)


I love that rug! Especially the subtle light blue, with 5 cats and a 20 year old just learning to cook (she was a late bloomer to the idea of baking) in my kitchen I am wishing my low pile kitchen rug was flat woven. Much easier to keep clean.

I am also in love with herringbone back splashes. I have been pinning tile back splashes in that pattern for a few months now…but wood? Inspired! I love it. I wonder if a sealed wood back splash would work for the food prep/stove/sink area of a kitchen?…I hope you do it! :)


I was thinking straight cork actually. It would really warm up the space but not bring too much detail into the texture which could look too busy if it was herringbone patterned. Love the rug too. Have you got an anti slip mat under it? It looks a bit slippery and wrinkled and I thought a mat might help :-)


beautiful rug! it looks gorgeous!!

but what really caught my eye was your camera bag. i have the same one :p


I think you need some casters on that stool before you go insane lifting it over the edge of the rug a million times! Ha!


You make nice choices yet never over the top… and wood backsplash! wouldnt it be too harsh to pin stuff on it? I think cork tiles would be a better choice? I am no good at this.. just felt that way.


LOVE the new rug, and please do a wood herringbone back splash, that would be beautiful there!


For the wood backsplash, I’d probably have to invest in a pretty little hammer to tap the pins into place. But I kind of love the idea of a herringbone wood backsplash.


The tongue and groove planks just butt up to the drywall. No molding, no quarter round. I love the simplicity of it.


Wow! I’ve never seen those wood tiles before. And magnetic to boot?! Pure genius.


wow!!! i thought of tapes and clips and what not to pin stuff without hurting the wood… But as you say wood herringbone would be wonderful not so much seen idea…love to see that in your handsome home


I love the idea of a wood back splash, especially if you vary the tones of your wood “tiles.” I think the chevron trend right now is getting OLD because it’s too overdone, so I love the idea of doing herringbone, but I’d definitely stay away from the full-on horizontal zig-zag look. The classic herringbone pattern, using tiles laid horizontally and vertically and not diagonally, would look great.

Oooooh I adore it!! The colours are so, so great and the pattern is perfect. I love the worn, aged (ie. loved!) look it has.

A wood backsplash would be such fun – nice to bring in some more warm textures into the space. I love your pad!

I have major rug envy! Reminds me of the Kalista one I purchased from Pottery Barn for our entryway. I’m still obsessed with it.


LOVE the rug and I think the herringbone tile idea would look fabulous!!!


thanks for the info. I did planking in my bathroom, but there was already crown molding in there. So I removed it and then put it back up after installing the planks. I really want to do my kitchen and living room, but there isn’t crown in the living room (just in the kitchen) so I was wondering how you handled the wall meets ceiling. I think I will do the same in my living room now.

Regarding those tiles… yes, it’s pure genius the magnets. I was thinking velcro might be an alternative option if you wanted it to be moveable, but I think just nailing them would look great too.

I am absolutely in love. I’ve been really digging that look lately and this just hit the nail on the head. I love it with those dark floors! I think the tile would look breathtaking. So excited!! Now I’ll be looking for a place I can give some rug-love.


I love your rug choice! Thanks for sharing pictures of your beautiful home. So inspiring. I love the bag on the counter too! Can you share what brand it is??

Love the rug! I’ve been eyeing a kilim on etsy for a while now too. I also love the backsplash idea. You should go for it.


Hey Dana,

I just saw this in apartmenttherapy site and thought of you.


May be you know this already, still I am sharing


Thanks for sharing your rug source. I have been wanting to purchase a rug for under our dinning room but I am not into paying an arm and a leg for a mass produced carpet that I wont love forever. I don’t know why I never thought of etsy… I sell on etsy… must be the mommy brain. We already have several old turkish rugs in the house. Ayub was fantastic and actually went and found a carpet that met my specifications when I didn’t act fast enough on the original on I wanted. Can’t wait for it to get here!!
Love your blog it is one of my favorites to read!


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