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03.19.13 / Bunk Beds Made Easy

I didn’t realize what a pain it is to make bunk beds until we got them for the boys’ shared bedroom. It makes me sweat. No joke. After struggling with the beds for a while, I thought “there’s got to be a better way!” When I googled “how to make bunk beds” all I came up with were a bunch of tutorials on how to build bunk beds. Not what I was looking for.


I thought maybe something was wrong with me and possibly bunk beds were to be dressed just like a regular bed. When I read about how to properly dress a single level bed, I was in shock. WTF?! I’m supposed to iron bed sheets? You’ve got to be kidding me. Me, the girl who doesn’t even break out the iron unless there’s a wedding or a photo shoot. And all those layers of bedding – sheets, blankets, duvets, coverlets, throw blankets, pillows?? Um, that’s so not happening in my kids’ room. So, I set out to find little tricks for making bunk beds easy – or at least easier – on my own and I’m happy to share those with you today. Let’s do this.


Tip #1 Use a stool. Unless you’re 7′ tall or have go-go gadget arms, you’re gonna need a step stool. At the beginning of my bunk bed-making journey, I would get up on the top bunk and try to make it. Do you know how hard it is to make a bed that you are in? It doesn’t work. Now I keep a small stool in the boys’ bedroom just for making the bed. It’s a lifesaver.


Tip #2 Use sheet clips. From what I can tell, plastic surgery is glorified bed-making. You’re not going to get good topical results unless everything underneath is smooth. Some kids are the busiest sleepers, aren’t they? When my oldest wakes up in the morning, it looks like he’s been practicing swimming from sharks all night.


I use these bed bands to hold his fitted sheet in place. He’s on the top bunk so I can fasten them from the bottom bunk. Basically, you put one clip in each corner, grip the perpendicular sides, clip shut then adjust the tension to hold the sheet snugly. Even if you don’t have a busy sleeper on the top bunk, I’d still suggest using sheet clips to keep the sheet in place.


Tip #3. Skip flat sheets. Kids + flat sheets = balled up flat sheets at the foot of the bed. It never fails.


After trying unsuccessfully to teach my kids the “right” way to sleep – with the flat sheet OVER their bodies – I gave up the fight. We parents must pick our battles.


I did away with flat sheets on the kids’ beds all together and instead use a thicker, heavier cotton blanket right on top of the fitted sheet. Go ahead. Say it. Domestic rebel! I’m a happier mom because of it. Sometimes the boys sleep on top of the blanket {who am I to judge?} but when they do use it as a cover they don’t kick it off.


Tip #4. Choose a fluffy down comforter + duvet cover. It’s nearly impossible to get the outermost bedding on bunk beds perfectly smooth because you don’t have direct access to both sides of the beds. I’ve found it’s easiest to go with bedding that looks good kind of rumpled and that’s thick enough to disguise wrinkly imperfections. A down comforter inside a duvet cover fits the bill. In the winter I use a down comforter with a higher warmth rating and in the summer I use one with a lower warmth rating.


On the top bunk, I tuck the foot of the duvet first. Then I pull the duvet all the way up to the head of the bed. I tuck the wall side then the wall-free side.


On the bottom bunk, I do the same but fold the duvet back a bit just for something different.


Tip #5. Use comforter clips. A duvet cover is essentially a really big pillowcase. There’s a lot of room for the comforter to shift. I use these padded clips to hold the comforter to the duvet cover. It makes for less duvet adjustments in the morning.


Tip #6. Go easy on the pillows. One standard pillow for sleeping and one or two throw pillows are plenty.


Kids don’t care about pillows. Moms do. Keep it simple for your sanity.


More than likely they’re going to end up on the floor anyhow.



And that’s it! Six tips for making bunk beds. None of which require an iron. Of course, you can apply these tips to regular beds as well.

I’ll be honest. I don’t make the boys’ beds everyday. Some days I ask them to make their beds themselves because it’s a chore I think they should be responsible for. But seeing as how I have a hard time making the bunk beds, you can only imagine what the beds look like after an eight-year-old and four-year-old work their magic on them. When company’s coming, I make the beds.

Or I just close the hideout curtains.


The step stool {nearly five years old}, bedding and curtains are all from IKEA. I didn’t plan it that way. It just happened. IKEA has really great inexpensive bedding which is perfect for children. 

I know what you’re thinking. THOSE WALL STRIPES! Sorry, that’s another post.

Do you have any tips or tricks for making kids’ beds? Do your kids make their own beds? Do you make your kids’ beds? A little of both? A little of neither? Yeah, we have those days too.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


I love the concept of losing the flat sheet. Like you, I also have a boy in the house that likes to smush the sheets into a ball at the foot of his bed when he sleeps. That boy would be my husband…. I just may try a heavy blanket instead. I’m always cold at night anyway!


You are more patient than I am! I gave up the bunk beds my boys share. I like the fitted sheet clip idea though. I would love to see their beds made all the time but for now we have just a fitted sheet(you are so right about the flat sheet!) and a fluffy down comforter. I fluff the pillows and have resorted to folding the comforter and placing it at the foot of the bed. At bed time they climb in bed and I shake the comforter open and tuck them in. Once the house is finished they will have separate rooms and my youngest boy is keeping the bunk beds. We plan on adding curtains and making it fort-like. The bottom bunk might stay as a guest bed or get a little hacked and become a play area.

Ooooh….i’ve been needing those comforter clips. I have been using binder clips as makeshift comforter clips….hallelujah!


This is great info! Thanks! My big girl (2.5yo) is in a full bed shoved in the corner of her room with a rail on the free side. Pain.in.my.tail. I won’t even say how often her bed gets made but when I wash her sheets (again… ashamed to say how often….), I try my best to tuck in the wall side of everything – sheets, blanket, quilt – as tight as I possibly can so she just rolls in from the open side… like a really big sleeping bag! This lazy mom rejoices!


Totally random, and not related to home decor (although I love your style!) but please tell me where you got that shirt! Love your style!

Love those stripes! Pairing all those patterns together is gorgeous, yet kid friendly! :)


Perfect timing! We have bunk beds in storage for when we need the big boy bed which is any day I’m guessing. I was wondering how the heck to make them easily because I do make everyone make their beds everyday. I am guessing (hoping) we won’t use the top bunk very often! Great hints!!! Thanks!!


Their room is looking great! I vote you paint that step stool a glossy orange (to match the pillow) or maybe navy blue for another fun color pop.


My boys are 4 & 5 so I’m making the bunk beds for now and it’s even difficult for me. Thank you for sharing these great tips. Bed bands and a stool are now on my shopping list.


My mother is basically a domestic goddess. For all my linens, she has made the sheets much longer, using broadcloth or other bed linen type fabric so that I can *really* tuck the the sheet well at the bottom, and still have TONS of room at the top to fold over the comforter. For my son’s bed and the crib bedding, she went one step further and sewed corners on the flat sheet with a pleat in the middle to keep it all roomy, so the sheets cannot become untucked. It’s glorious. Too bad I don’t know how to sew :) I also like skipping the sheet altogether, though we lived in a climate with hot humid summers, no air conditioning, and a boy who *had* to sleep under a sheet, so that was no go :)


I love it! My hubby always complains how our 8-year-old boy never uses his flat sheet and it ends up balled up at the end of his loft. I told him we should just do away with it, but he thinks the boy should learn to use it! I may have to show him your post, our boy is not alone in swimming during his sleep! And making that bed…ugh…my mom warned me because my sister had a loft. The less bedding on that bed, the better! My youngest likes to sleep on top of her bed coverings so that she doesn’t have to make the bed in the morning! She just wears warm pj’s.


In Europe they don’t use a flat sheet. Maybe it’s an American thing? I never even saw flat sheets for sale. They just use a duvet, because the cover is so much easier to wash than a comforter. In Germany (I don’t know if people do this elsewhere, well, besides me now) I saw multiple bedrooms with the bed pushed against the wall, and the duvet in a neat roll along the long side of the bed, making it sort of a day bed.

Bed-making styles of the world. It’d be an interesting book!


I am a sheet person, top and bottom, gotta have them. I have two words for you: Inseparable Sheets. All kids, bunk bed or not, should have these sheets!!



I’m 27 and can’t tell you the last time I slept with a flat sheet!



You have my 99% convinced I must do the Ikea bunkbeds for my boys. Yours looks so fabulous. Previously, I thought I would have to spend a fortune to do nice bunks. But I admit I never thought about making them.

So as soon as I saw the underside of the bunk in this post I had a flashback to my military training! Oh my…that summer where I had to get up super early and make my beds. We were inspected every morning and the bedding had to be tight. I used to crawl under even the bottom bunk to tug the sheets and blankets to make them so tight a quarter could bounce off them.

Thankfully no one will be inspecting my bunk making skills when I get them for my boys. I think I will be happy to go with the casual rumpled look :)


I love the fact that you spell the plural of “kids” properly. :-)
My boys have bunks at our summer house and I, too, skip the flat sheet. And since it’s summer, they just use a blanket, which I fold into quarters and place at the bottom of the bed. Fluff the pillows, place a cute toss pillow on each and done! The only way to do it, IMO.
This post has a lot of good tips, but it still seems like a lot of work!
I also want to know where you got your yellow shirt. :-)


My step-daughter is the same way, she never uses the flat sheet!! She loves the way the soft fuzzy blanket feels against her skin. :) Love their beds!


I really like the sheet holders. For kids that move so much it really holds on the sheet. The only time I want the sheet to come off the corners is when I am washing it. Thank you.

What does it mean when your husband can’t sleep with a flat sheet?! Oh dear. Great round up. Totally ordering the duvet clips.


I’ve hated flat sheets my whole life! No one in my house uses them. The kids don’t know any different, but my husband had to get used to it. Thank you for validating my choice! I feel even better about it now :)
PS – I totally love your house. When I first found your blog, I think I read for 2 or 3 hours straight! Thankfully, it was a Saturday and my kids were in bed…. My house is a similar size and age, but I wish it had the amazing ceiling in your main living space! Love it!


When we built our bunk beds, I ran into the same problem that you did. I ended up sewing snaps to one side of the comforter and then essentially folded and snapped it in half, so that there was no need for tucking down the sides of the bed. I found it MUCH easier to get my little guy to make his own bed this way. And when the boys need a full blanket, they can just unsnap it.


i ditched the flat sheets for my kids years ago. well, actually, i bought 2 sets of sheets for each bed, then sewed two flat sheets together to make a duvet covers. i wanted flannel, but flannel duvet covers were too expensive. this was a bargain, and since i bought 2 different colors for each bed, the duvets flip over to another color. my kids usually have another blanket under their duvets, but flat sheets are not happening at my house unless they are sewn together to make a giant pillowcase : )


This will sound crazy-anal-weird, but I have to ask you how you got the edge of your Flor tiles carpet to look so… finished! I’ve had a Flor carpet in my living room for about 5 years, and I love it (replaced 3 tiles recently after a glass-of-red-wine-in-Mama’s-hand-versus-five-year-old-boy collision). EXCEPT for the fact that the edges look kind of unfinished to me. I noticed in your “feet” photo above that yours doesn’t look like mine. So – can you share your secret?


I never used a flat sheet as a kid. I had crazy legs and I found I was always tangled in it and uncomfortable! I just used the comforter or duvet and washed it regularly! I only just started using a flat sheet again because I bought I white duvet cover and want it to stay clean

You’re adorable.
I want your hair.
I didn’t know half of that stuff existed.
I still wont be making my bed.
But I’ll think of you when I don’t.


My daughter just has a fitted sheet and a fluffy throw along with some pillows. Looks more like a daybed and is so easy to make.

I’m finding that most of the kid stuff also applies to my husband…

ohmagersh I love the stripes on the wall and your new pillow covers!

Good tips! I need to purchase those duvet clips! I always hear good things about them! Can’t wait to hear more about the striped wall! :)


I have no idea. I assembled it as directed and have done nothing special since. Maybe it’s the type of FLOR I have? It’s pretty low pile and tight loop but gives the wood floors just enough cushion for floor play.


Great…I’ll give you my grays :)


Men are just big boys. That’s what it means.


My first thought upon viewing the first picture was, “stripes on the wall!” I can’t wait to hear about the stripes. I never knew sheeet clips existed! Thank you!


Yellow shirt? oooh, Old Navy probably five years ago.


Oh no, my bed-making skills would not meet military standards!!


Huh. Weird. Maybe it is just the kind I have. Mine is Finer Things, which is on the low end, pricewise. Maybe THAT’S my problem. ;)




You know I’d read it!


Yellow shirt? I believe Old Navy, like, five years ago. My current wardrobe is in need of help. 95% of it is more than five years old!


Oh. My. Goodness! I could have used that for the past 4 years! For the first few months, it took me 30 minutes to make the bunk beds! What a huge chore. Now, we’ve moved halfway across the country, the kids share a room with a slanted ceiling. Wha? no room for bunk beds? oh well. They are separated and they make them themselves! Yes, they change their own sheets! I help sometimes. Can I tell you how happy this makes me?!!


My girls (ages 10, 8 & 5) have triple bunk beds. Like you, we do not do top sheets, and they make their own beds.
The only tip I can give is to make your own quilts. I made quilts for the girls beds that are narrower than a normal twin. They are wide enough to overhang just enough to cover the mattress. No more tucking! :)


I hate spending money for flat sheets that I’ll never use (except for toga day at school) We’ve always been a comforter/duvet family – the easier it is to make the bed – the greater chance someone other than me will make it! Years ago, when my oldest was little I bought a fitted comforter for his twin bed – I thought it might get him in the habit of making his bed – he’s 22 now – lives away from home – and I can guarantee that he did not make his bed today…


love this…when I was a child I had to have at least four layers to sleep, fuzzy blanket, top sheet, light blanket, quilt. As a mother of four boys I’m wondering now if it is a gender thing. My husband can’t stand the quilts and usually kicks them off by morning. Top sheets on our bunk beds always end up balled at the bottom of the bed. Come to think of it the few times I dared enter my older brothers rooms before 8 they were on top of their bedding in nothing but undies. Thanks for the tips, this will make dressing our bunk beds so much easier.


Duvet clips = pure genius. I’m anti-comforter, so I am on my way to purchase a set for our bed and the guest bed duvets!


Great tips! My boys (10 and 6) have the same IKEA bunks and I use duvet covers as well with a fitted sheet under and a fuzzy warm chenille like blanket from Target…I’ve given up on flat sheets for my boys beds as well as our master bed long ago….with my husband somehow kicking it to the end of the bed, it was a never ending battle so I gave up! Don’t miss them at all….all my flat sheets that have come in sheet sets have ended up being painters drop clothes or to Goodwill.

Can’t wait for your strips post! Looks so great!!


Hi Dana, love your blog btw. My husband is Swiss and they don’t use a top sheet at all. The comforter is simply folded in 1/2 or 1/3’s and left in a sort of flat roll on top of the bed. So easy. Super quick.


My kids don’t use top sheets, either. It’s the same thing. They kick them to the end of the bed or onto the floor. I’ve stopped using them on their beds, too. Thankfully, they each have their own room now so we no longer have bunk beds. They were, indeed, very difficult to make. These are great tips for bunk beds or singles, though. I’ve never seen those duvet clips but I may have to investigate.


I made bunk beds for years. No top sheets- we went euro. I use the “burrito method” to stuff the duvet cover (google it – it seriously changed my life!). Also i sewed bias tape or ribbon on the corners of the duvet and the inside corners of the cover. Tie them together before stuffing and no shifting. Iend up kudt lifting the corner of the mattress to get the sheet on rhe top bunk, it takes practice but i found that worked the best for me and we had no problems with sheets coming off.


The beds look great. And hooray for no top sheet. My son was probably 3yo before he would sleep with anything over him, and then it was a very soft, fuzzy blanket. Can I ask where you got those striped duvet covers?


Love this post. I just decorated a home for two boys sharing bunks. Yes, it is a challenge to make their beds. I went with simple fleece blankets instead of duvets. It seems to work! Quick question, who is the manufacturer of the fan? It looks liked he blades are inside? That is the only thing I still need to fix in the room. I’ve got to take down the existing ceiling fan, wouldn’t want someone decapitated!!!


want to know where you got the duvet cover and pillows? Love it!!


Just gave my daughters (11 & 14) new linens. They asked to use the top sheets, which surprised me, we’ll see what happens when they get up this morning.

The husband prefers to sleep on top of whatever is on his bed; I prefer to sleep under, and therein lies a problem. So we have two queen beds. Tried duvets, but the husband was almost eaten up. By morning there was a large man and a large impossible rumpled heap of linens. We had used comforters previously but sleeping on top of pretty comforters wears them out pretty fast. So we have gone back to blankets, two each. I use a top sheet, he has none. I have a big throw pillow (handy if I’m reading in bed) and an afghan folded at the foot for looks. We’re not matchy-matchy but it works.


Amen on the “no flat sheets” rule. My boys are 20 and 22 and they still don’t sleep with a flat sheet. At this point it’s more that they are tall (6’3” and 6’4”) and the tucked in sheet confines their feet too much. DH is also tall (6’6”) but I don’t tuck in the flat sheet so that his feet can move and it works out fine.

I never knew they made sheet or duvet clips. I guess I live under a rock.


I laughed at the first few lines of this post, because my girls have daybeds and I sweat when I make those beds too!!!!!! I love the fact that they sit against the wall and allow more play-space – and I know that part of the problem is that I like the blankets and sheets folded down at the top – but I guess it just makes me feel better to know that I am not alone!
Love the stripes – you are on fire with the paintbrush these days, girl!!!
Leah: )


This is so funny. I was just thinking about how hard it is to make these beds when I was changing out the sheets on my boys ikea bunk yesterday. Then I realized the matress’ are light enough to where I can kinda make the bead by just lifting up the matresses whilst standing (kinda) underneath them….that really doesn’t make much sense ha! I would say just buy lighter weight matresses so you can lift them easiser from below. Just receently discovered and Love your blog. My boy’s room is here: We are definitely on the same wave length I think ;)



Losing the flat sheet is so liberating!!! We have loved not having one!!


Somewhere in there it says it’s from IKEA.


Finding fitted sheets sold individually can be a challenge. I purchase mine at Target. I stopped using flat sheets when my children were young. Not worth the extra time it took to make it nice and smooth. I remember my grandma and mother ironing their sheets. We’ve come a long way, Baby!


my daughter is 25 with 2 kids of her own and she still doesn’t make her bed. However, it’s in her own house in another city so I don’t have to think about it.


Hey! Just curious about the duvet inserts. I am definitely interested in trying duvets for my kids beds but I am wondering if all the inserts at ikea will fill out the duvet cover. I live in the South and definitely don’t need anything too warm. Wondering if the less expensive ones will be full enough to make the duvet cover look good. I’ve never used them before and I will have to order online since the nearest IKEA is hours away!! :) Thanks! Haley


Would it be helpful for me to show them with the summer inserts inside?


Well, you don’t have to do that! If you think it looks okay I believe you! :) But, could you tell which of the summer inserts you use? There were a lot to choose from on the website. Thanks a bunch! Haley


This is such a great idea!! Thank you for sharing!


Bunk beds are probably our next purchase…so this has me thinking…hmmm…
worth it though, no? Like all the little extra chores we do for the kids!


I remember my mom complaining all the time about how my bunk beds never looked well- made!!


I thought IKEA did not have online ordering/shipping?!?


I didn’t think so either but when I checked out the duvet covers last night they had a shopping cart…that I totally filled up. I haven’t actually placed an order….

Thanks for these tips! Your boy’s beds look great while mine always look like several large dogs spent the night in them :) And how did I just now realize that your boys are the same age as my two? I love the striped wall, too. I must have missed that post!


Love this! Yes, we have four boys and did away with the flat sheet a while ago. Sanity saver for sure! Also, we have the same Ikea bunks as you, as well as a different, wooden set. The Ikea set (although we love it) is a bit smaller than our other bunk. And this, of course, means bed making is almost impossible. There is barely enough room to tuck, so I’ve been doing exactly what Ikea does… and simply folding the comforter on top. I just couldn’t manage to tuck the comforter and duvet into the sides. Way to go- they look great! Not perfectly tidy (no boys’ room should) but very neat.


Nope, you didn’t miss any post. A post on the striped wall is coming!


I think only certain items are available online. Others are available in-store only.


I’ve never understood the use of a flat sheet. A great deal of Europeans just use a duvet (the term there always refers to a comforter and cover) – and add blankets if needed. In the summer, a light, soft blanket is used or a very thin duvet. Making the bed is a cinch – no top sheet to straighten out. As a kid, I’d always toss my top sheet (and my pj’s, much to my mother’s distress) on the floor; as a college student in Europe, I learned the way of the duvet and never looked back. And I still don’t wear pj’s. ;)


We have the same IKEA duvets for my little guy’s bunk beds. LOVE them!


Fantastic. This is something I’d never thought about but might need in the future! Now I just need some helpful tips for making a king sized bed that is tightly in a corner…


Are the bed frames IKEA as well? We are looking at taking the plunge to bunkbeds for the 6 and 4 year olds and debating the build vs buy path. Tks.


The beds are IKEA as well. Ideally, I would prefer built-ins or at least a wooden model. But we were in a crunch to get into the house and out of our rented apartment and building bunks was {and still is} near the bottom of our DIY list. We went the easy route and hit up IKEA. I made the mistake of taking the boys with me. They picked the metal frame as I would have chosen a wooden one. But they love it, it was affordable and is holding up really well so it was a good purchase after all.


Hi, Love the boys room. I was wondering where you got the reading lamps from? Thx


Where did u get the cool fan light in boys room


The cage light is from Lamps Plus…minus the Edison bulbs.


This is not quite true. Europeans do, in fact, use flat sheets; or at least most of them do. It is an individual choice, just like here.


The drapes are great, but where is the hardware from? I don’t even know if that’s the right question. Perhaps I should ask what kind of hardware it is. I would love something like it for my daughter’s bed.


The ceiling curtain track is from IKEA.


Love your post! You’re hysterical and right on!


Hi !

Love the boys room, actually the whole house and blog! Just wanted to tell you I bought the duvet clips OMG what a difference, smallest but greatest invention ever! :) Thank you for sharing these.



Hi there. I just bought my grand daughter a loft bed. I have been in search of affordable bedding options that make sense in regards to ease of making up the bed. Someone may have mentioned this in response on your blog but I didn’t see it…there is a type of comforter on the market called a “bunk hugger.” I like the idea of the fluffy down comforter with a duvet cover though. The thing about the bunk bed sheets and “hugger” type comforters is that they seem to be rather expensive. I don’t like cheap sheets that pill up but I also don’t want to pay a ridiculous price for sheets. It has been hard work to find sheets and a comforter that won’t break the bank. :)


What I have seen and wished my girls would go for – is sleeping bags over a mattress with a fitted shee (at least in the winter!). But the sleeping bags are not pretty or decorative enough.


You should invent that!


I was looking for “make-your-own-bunkbeds” tips and came across your post. My boys are now 12 and 14 and have outgrown their bunks–they are man-sized!

Lovely design and article. Helpful hints, too.

But…why has no one asked the obvious question I keep thinking:

Why are YOU making your kids’ beds?


Since my boys were old enough to climb in their bunks, they were old enough to make their beds.

Well, I get that you want them to look nice. However–if you have a child start at the bottom of the bed and work his way up, everything comes together nice & neat. We like neatness here, but since we homeschool three teens we’re sticklers for neatness since we are home together.

By the way, our boys don’t care about top sheets, either. They have cotton or fleece or both :-) as their top sheet….

Nice blog! :-)


European duvets are narrower than the standard US ones, so they fit way better on bunk beds. We used to live in the UK so when it came time to set up our kids’ bunk beds, we ordered duvets and duvet covers online from John Lewis. (And there are other UK retailers who will also ship internationally.)

Much easier to make the beds when there’s less duvet to push around.

And we all like duvets better than sheets – super comfy to wrap up in.


Ooooh, I may have to check out some European duvets!


Oh girl this was the best thing I’ve read all evenin. Was actually looking for bedding for my boys’ bunk bed. My 6 yr old sleeps on top twin bunk & my 4 yr old sleeps on the full bottom. I’ve had the worst time changing those sheets & constantly replacing that wall corner…grrr. I’m walking all around on the boards to get to it…not a comfortable situation to tackle. They use whatever blanket they can find to cover with at night as of now so i need to get them down comforters. I’m single with an older daughter, but it’s just the boys& me with a f\t job so i gladly welcome any corner cutting advise….btw i don’t iron either. I just throw it in the dryer for little bit & voila….curtain is awesome i think. May try it. Thanks for takin the time to give your suggestions on this. Very helpful. “)


Thank you for this! We just bought a bunk bed for our 5 and 2 year olds. I knew the top bunk was going to be a challenge. But it’s worse than I thought. I just don’t have time for making beds in the morning – but even making it in the once weekly (sometimes not even that) when I change the sheets is going to be HORRIBLE. I know this now, after my first experience making up the bed and I’m close to regretting my bunk-bed decision! Thanks for your tips – it’s great. The band / clip under the mattress to hold the bottom sheet (and the mattress protector) is a gem. And the comforter clip – THANK YOU! I’ve been needing those for years and didn’t know such a thing exists. I like the idea one commenter suggested about just rolling the duvet instead of tucking it in every morning – yay! I just want to look for a nice cotton comforter, so that we can get rid of the flat sheet, instead of the pretty but sweaty polyester-cotton blend I got from Target. Thanks again!


Like you, I’ve ditched the flat sheet. Also, like you, I have different comforters for warm and cold weather. I have however, ditched the blanket as well. It’s one less obstacle to tuck and smooth. Instead, I just fold a large throw blanket and place it under the pillow, at the foot of the bed, or hang it from the bed frame at the foot of the bed. That way, my daughter can choose to sleep on top of the duvet with just a blanket or get under the duvet for more warmth. I just wash the duvet when ever I wash the sheets.


I like the idea of just folding the comforter at the foot of the bed! No tucking in at all! Love it! I think I’ll buy some bright colored fitted sheets and pillow cases, and let the comforter be folded. Easy-peasey!

Just finished building our very first set of bunk beds for our girls room and went to make the bed. I was immediately shocked and horrified by how hard it was and was wondering if I was going insane and had just made the worst purchase of their young lives. I googled “How to Make a Bunk Bed” frantically and found no help. So I turned to Pinterest (hallelujah) and your blog magically appeared. I will forever be thankful for these tips. Flat sheet is gone. Thin blanket and duvet are on. I CAN do this. Thank you dear. Glad you found no results on Google either so you were compelled to help us all with this tricky task.


Omg this is a late response..I’m a 58 yr old grandmother raising 2 grandsons and had the brilliant idea to get bunks (hitting self), I have to climb my big rear up on top to make it, not a easy job..today I took a full size comforter and hot glued bottom and 3/4 of the open side together and made a sleeping bag (I love the hot glue) it fits perfect with no overhang for the boys (or me) to trip on, I added a coordinating fitted sheet and its works great and is easier for me to smooth out in the morning. Now for you all that don’t already know, and you probably don’t the glue will hold up for many washings.I may make hubby and I one it will keep him far enough away from me yet still in the same bed. By the way great site thanks


Hi there! Love your decor! May I ask how high is your ceiling?
Thinking of bunk beds for my girls to create more space but their room is an 8 foot ceiling.


It’s 8′!


Hi! I just bought full size bunk beds for my boys. I love the way of your bedding. Unfortunately I just bought full size bedding thinking nothing of it! Now I’m super desperate because it is way too big. Any ideas how I can solve the problem until I get to Ikea and steal your idea?
I’m from Germany living in the US. I was so proud going American bedding wise but now I’m losing my mind.


I love the “lose the flat sheet” – i am a believer in a duvet. and we make a great fitted sheet for bunks – QuickZip. the sheet zips off and on and the base stays on securely.would love your feedback! Check us out at Quickzipsheet.com

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For those who are top sheetists, sew two together at the bottoms. Take the mattress off, spread one underneath. I also use 2 fitted sheets, one on the bottom side of the mattress and one on the top. Flip the mattress and remove the old top sheet for laundering. Saves on storage, but does require wrestling the mattress occasionally. Choosing the light mattresses and strong spouses are key to this system.


Such good tips!!


Hi! I’m a little late to this post :) but was curious where you got the wall shelf and wall light. Also, two years later, do you still think the bunk bed is worth it? I’m contemplating buying them for my two young boys.


The wall shelves and sconces are both from IKEA. The bunk bed is still going strong! I don’t know how well it will hold up with a lanky teenager on the top bunk but so far my almost eleven- and eight-year-old boys fit comfortably.


Hey where u got the bunk beds ? I wanna buy one for my boys of metal


Find all the sources for the boys’ room here…


Bunks are from IKEA!


Can you tell me where you got your ceiling fan in the bunk room?


It’s actually a light fixture (no fan blades) from LampsPlus!


Perfection. Thank you!


Question where did you get the shelves for the book. Thank you, Julie


Great write up and just what I was looking for. All year my girls have been asking for bunk beds and I finally was able to make their beds into bunk beds. Their the tubular frame kind with a canopy, so I just stacked them and did the dad test of bouncing on it a while. Anyway, I make the beds most days and can say I dreaded the tucking and smoothing and tucking etc… Your post truly makes sense. Doing away with the flat sheet, using the sheet clips and the duvet cover are priceless ideas. I should have thought of them but sometimes one cannot see the simplest of solutions to everyday problems.
A thousand thank you-s from me and my girls.


I have a question about your curtains for the bunk beds. Did you buy them and where? Please explain. Thanks


Just wondered whether you use single or double duvets? Couldn’t find a reference to the size of the duvet! Thanks!