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05.13.13 / Puppies & Rainbows

Notice anything different?


Yep, there’s a new rug in town. But, first, the back story…


I love the sisal rug shown above. It’s crazy durable and after a year of living with three kids, it looks the same as the day the UPS man delivered it. One caveat. Not everyone’s feet are as seasoned as mine. I grew up in the country where it was okay normal to walk outside barefoot. I still prefer bare feet over the trendiest shoes. {That’s why you see my feet naked in nearly every photo of me on the blog.} But my HH and my kiddos have sensitive feet {the kids get all of their persnickety traits from their father – ha!} which deem the natural sisal a little too “scratchy” and “rough”. Sissies, I say!

To put the rug-related whining at bay, I made a futile attempt to layer a striped DIY rug over the sisal but it was welcomed with little excitement. Still not comfy enough for my delicate family. In an effort to secure the “Mom of the Year” award, I reluctantly started hunting for a plusher option. Two must-nots: 1) it must not cost a bazillion dollars and 2) it must not shed profusely.

About a month ago, after nearly six months of hunting, I found THE ONE. It is plush, oh so plush. In all, it cost me less than $275 for the 8′ x 10′ size. {Looks like the price has since increased.} And it barely sheds. BARELY SHEDS! I’ve been eyeing moroccan berber rugs for a while but they are so expensive and I was leery of reviews reporting beast-like shedding. So when I found this polyester version, I decided to give it a try.


What can I say? We are smitten. It is the rug version of clouds in heaven. I would say it has boosted our living room’s cozy factor 1000%. My feet are becoming more refined by the minute. But don’t expect them to start wearing shoes anytime soon. Another quality we were unexpectedly surprised by is the rug’s sound absorbing abilities. The vaulted living room sounds cozier if that makes any sense. HH and I noticed how the rug quieted the room as soon as we rolled it out.


The 8′ x 10′ shag is slightly smaller than the 9′ x 12′ sisal and doesn’t come with a non-slip backing so I just layered it on the sisal. The natural fibers of the sisal seem to hold it in place pretty well. I vacuum it once weekly and that’s plenty. My only complaints are that the rug is polyester and it does have an initial carpet smell. The odor was remedied with a week’s worth of open windows. And I will make my kids eat organic everything from here on out to counteract the negative effects of polyester. Kidding. A little.


I can’t keep the kids off the rug. They are like moths to a flame. Mabrey enjoys rolling around on the rug like so…


…when she’s not practicing her WALKING!

And, finally, proof that I have secured the “2013 Mom of the Year” award…

The day we received the rug HH and I rolled it out, vacuumed it, opened the windows then let the kids have at it. As noted, they were all about it. The very next morning Layne, our eight-year-old, woke up early, made his bed, got dressed and went out to the living room where HH found him planted face down in the rug at 7:00 a.m.

HH: Layne, what are doing?

Layne: Puppies and rainbows, Dad. Puppies and rainbows.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



How do you keep your rugs that color? We have the same Ikea rug you guys painted… only ours is now gray 4 months after we bought it. Gross. We vacuum, don’t wear shoes, and have one less human than you guys — but I have noooo clue how people keep rugs clean. Secret steam cleaning?


We didn’t do anything special for the IKEA rug. We don’t have pets. Do you?

I just posted this morning about how we ditched our shag rug cause it was driving us crazy and how much we were loving our new low pile rug. Too funny to read about someone doing the opposite. Our shag rug was just plain black and way too small for the room, so that had a lot to do with our issues. Your’s looks absolutely gorgeous. I love that there’s a pattern to it, and that its a nice bright color. Cute that the kids like it so much too :)

Puppies and Rainbows… you have the best kids! I want that rug. I think Katie Bower has it or something similar too. It wouldn’t go with anything in my house but I do love it! So glad you mentioned the roughness of the sisal though. I need to get something like that for my LR/DR and totally forgot about the comfort level factor but we hardly use those rooms anyway so I think I’ll be ok.


I have been waffling between the rug you bought and another similar rug on RUGSUSA. Do you mind sharing why you chose the one you did? It looks great, and now I am leaning towards this one again. :)


No! But we do live in a dry, hot climate and it gets pretty dusty so that’s the only real difference (maybe we don’t do as good a job of keeping dust out as I thought). Your new rug looks lovely, anyhow :)


Hey There. I have been looking for a similar rug for quite sometime now. I was very close to buying one from Overstock called “Rug Collective Moroccan Trellis Shag Rug”, which is the same size and similar pattern. Just wondering if you saw the Overstock one? If so what made you go for the Keno rug.

Thanks : )


I grew up in the country to so I’m happy to hear my tough tootsies will not be offended by soft, fluffy loveliness! Did you ever do the “hothothot” walk over rocks in summer? No? Nothing like finally making it to cool grass. Sisal to polyester, I think I can handle it,


I LOVE your decor choices for your home! All of them!! Is the rug ivory and pale gray or is it a brown? I am really considering buying it, but the only color that is given in the description is ivory. Thanks for the inspiration yet again Dana, it looks amazing!


Looks wonderful! Where did you get it? I am trying to find a yellow trellis-pattern rug for our living room that’s 8×10…that’s a hard size to purchase on a budget. Love your blog, by the way. It’s my favorite read!

It does look super comfy.

Oh I love this! And your kids are so adorable!! And the puppies and rainbows quote is just too adorable.


You crack me up!!!


The colors in my pics are true – it’s an ivory {not stark white} shag with grayish brown/taupe shag in the pattern.


I chose it because it looked {and is!} super plush, was reasonably priced for the size, it has a similar look to the moroccan berbers I love and it hardly sheds at all.


Thank you Dana!


Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I have no idea how I ended up on your blog, but it is really refreshing, you put forward a great voice and you have lovely taste!

your family is full of characters! love the story about Layne. love the gif of Mabrey. and the rug seems pretty nice too! =)

Too funny! I love it when the kids get to the walking stage – so much more fun and mobile! And I am glad to hear I am not the only to be in love with RugsUSA, their awesome rugs, and their prices . . .


Your blog is one of my favorites! From the landscaping to the decor–I love it all. I have the exact same “sensitive feet” issue with my husband. I love the look of sisal, jute, and natural woven rugs, but you’d think I was forcing my husband to walk on broken glass! Haven’t been able to find a compromise yet, so we’re still dealing with bare floors.

I love your new rug! I always wanted a shaggy rug like this, but I was nervous it’d shed like crazy. Thanks for putting those fears to rest! :)


Question about your sisal rug, have your kids (or you) ever spilled liquid on it? I have one I love, and it has held up so well, except for a wet spot. So hard to clean/dry. Its basically ruined or I have to strategically keep this area covered as it hasn’t ever looked the same. Wondered if you ever had food or drinks on yours and how you handled. Thanks!


I love the rug. I wish I could buy something like that but my cats throw up so much (sorry tmi) it would get ruined pretty quickly.

RugsUSA has a 50% off sale right now so you can get the same rug for $299. It was $599 – seems strange it’s not a true 50% off but it’s still better than paying $599. CODE to use is ESMA50


I love the rug, but I can’t focus on it because of Mabrey. Awww, she’s a darling.

Love how it cozies up that modern space. And I’m STILL crushing over your couch. It looks amazing every time I see it.


Yep, it was 50% off when I purchased it too.


We only allow water in the living room and it did get spilled on the sisal but we don’t have any spots to speak of. I read somewhere that soaking up spills quickly on sisal is key. I’ve also heard you can use baking soda, white + vinegar and direct sunlight to help get rid of spots. Maybe worth a try?


Out of curiosity how long are the fibres? It’s a bit of a silly question but the more I look at your pictures the more I want to buy the rug (despite the cat issue) and I’m trying to figure out if it would be easy-ish to spot clean. I guess being polyester helps. I found another rug on RugsUSA that’s a little less shaggy looking (http://www.rugsusa.com/rugsusa/rugs/rugs-usa-moroccan-shag/natural/200HJMRC1A-8010.html) and I wonder if that might be better. I do like that the diamonds don’t touch int he middle compared to the other rug but it’s not a bad alternative.

Great choice again!


I thought you guys got a puppy :(

The rug is pretty great though


No puppies, sorry. I don’t think I can nurture one more thing right now. {And you know I’d be the one taking care of a puppy.}


It’s about 1 3/4″ {that’s one and three quarters inch} shag…pretty plush.


Ok I’m gonna look like a lazy ass here, but swears, I have done many impressions worth of due diligence searching before just asking straight up. (Keyword searches “pouf” “chevron” “floor pillows” and nada. That said… “WHERE did you get those chevron floor pillows from?” Seen them before but not a believer until now.

Oh I love puppies and dogs but if my rug or carpet was that nice, then that would mean my house would be off-limits to pets. I really enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to your posts.


Love moroccan rugs and was actually looking at the one at West Elm & World Market (great price). I was waiting to see if the one from World Market actually came back in stock before making a purchase. We have very similar taste–you’re awesome, thanks for sharing.


West Elm!


Great rug. The kids’ reaction is so cute.


Okay, Dana, I am going to reach into this screen and squeeze that baby girl! She is so adorable, almost as adorable as my granddaughter – just kidding! My daughter is stopped constantly while shopping with her little Auri. I bet you are, too. Love this site, but mostly for the children, they are sweet and nice.


Oh how i love your new rug, Dana. I see that your cutie little girl loves it so much too. Well, mothers would always want her family to have all the comfort that they need and I admire you for taking so much effort in looking for your wonderful carpet. I wonder how you keep your carpets clean and maintain its color?


THAT is the rug I’ve been searching for. Shag with a twist. And of course, it’s no longer available in the 8×10. Hope they get it in stock again…


We do no shoes and no food/drink {except water} in the living room so that helps.


LOVE your living room. Can I ask where you got those curtains? By the way..that rug (in the 5×7) is 50% off this weekend!


West Elm!


For those who were looking for it, the 8×10 is back in stock now. Just bought it for our new house!


Thanks for sharing Jandy! You will LOVE it.


I just bought this rug in 8×10 for 65% off at RugsUSA – sale code JUNE65. As I was about to purchase I thought, hmm I wonder if this is the exact same rug Dana bought (since there are a few options) and am SO glad it is! I love the less structured pattern on this one. And you’re right, you just can’t beat the price! Happy to read your family is loving it.


Hi! How is the rug holding up after several months of wear? I ordered mine last night but then I got a message this morning (from someone I found on instagram that has the same one) and said after a month her family had to roll it up because it was turning grey from wear! Ouch! no issues with vacuuming it right? If you can let me know, I would appreciate the help!


The rug is holding up well! As far as color goes, it’s similar to the light colored carpet we had in our previous house. You can tell the parts that get used most often – even with a no shoes in the house rule – but regularly rotating, vacuuming and cleaning annually will help it look its best longer. At least, that’s what we’re doing. White rugs aren’t going to stay pristinely white if they’re used and I don’t expect them too. In fact, if you’ve seen real Beni Ouarain’s they have a an off-white patina to them that I prefer. I would buy the rug again! But if you are expecting a perfectly white rug to stay that way in a well-loved room, you might want to reconsider.


Thank you so much for the information! This is very helpful. I just received notice that is already shipped so there’s not turning back now (although I can always return if needed). Is the carpet flat in the high traffic areas? I have a flokati rug in the daughters nursery and it is totally flat in areas were we walk!


The pile has held up really well. Not flat! It comes back to life after a good vacuum, too.

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Gorgeous rug and GREAT write up. I just discovered RUGSUSA yesterday and have been in a rug trance ever since.

Thanks again!

Julia Kristina


I bought this rug after seeing it in your living room (which I LOVE) and on sale at rugsusa.com. Overall I love it, but it’s starting to turn gray – especially where it gets walked on the most. How do you clean yours? And keep it so white and fluffy??


I am curious to see how this rug has held up with a toddler the past couple of years? I am considering this rug, but have a 15 mo old son I’m concerned will do a number on it!