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Bedroom progress is still under way but let’s talk about my bed, shall we? Seeing as how there were a bunch of questions about it on the recent update post.


The bed itself is West Elm’s chunky wood bed frame {no longer available} in queen. When HH and I first got married we bought a cheap metal four poster bed from JCPenney. It was white and had intricate swirly designs that we soon realized weren’t our style. at. all. As you do when you’re 24 and making mistakes in your first house. We lived with the bed for 7+ years. A few years back, it was time to upgrade our mattress and we decided to shop for a bed frame that better suited our taste. We fell in love with this chunky platform frame and never looked back. We use a low profile 5″ box spring to give it a little more height and support but it isn’t necessary. We love this bed frame. It has been with us in two houses and one apartment now and has held up really well. I don’t know that we’ll ever buy another bed.


In our previous home, we crafted a reclaimed wood headboard from old fence boards. Within weeks, that headboard was plastered all over the internet and it’s weird to see it pop up on pinterest from time to time when I’m browsing. Some say it even sparked the reclaimed wood headboard trend. The headboard held a lot of meaning for us but it wasn’t quite wide enough for our queen bed and it wasn’t all that comfortable to lean back on for nighttime reading. Last summer it was auctioned off {along with a slew of other decor-related items} to help raise money for cancer treatment for a friend from high school.

Before we moved into our current home, I snatched up a curvy leather headboard for cheap from Ballard Designs outlet in West Chester, Ohio. It was a lovely headboard but once it was in place under the bedroom window, it was clear that it didn’t belong in the space. We needed something with cleaner lines. I was happy to discover that West Elm still offered headboards compatible with our chunky bed frame. I chose the nailhead upholstered headboard in brushed heather cotton, grey haze. It wasn’t cheap but if I’ve learned anything over the last 10+ years it’s that having a cozy, cushy spot to rest your head at night really does make you happier. {If you’re up for it – clearly, I wasn’t – upholstered headboards are totally DIYable as a less expensive option.} The headboard attaches directly to our bed frame so there’s no wobbling. It’s very sturdy and the brushed cotton has a luxe, soft feel. The nailhead trim is a classic touch. I don’t know that we’ll ever buy another headboard.


With our forever bed in place, it was time to consider bedding. For the past 5 years, we’ve had an inexpensive white IKEA duvet on our bed. It wasn’t bad; it wasn’t great. I’ve always been a fan of Dwell Studio bedding. When I came across the ash draper stripe duvet, I thought the horizontal stripes would help our narrow bedroom look wider. And if not, well, I’ve never met a stripe I didn’t like.

HH and I are smitten with the duvet set. It’s a high quality brushed cotton that looks and feels better and better with each washing – sort of like good linen. The duvet holds our down comforter snugly which is something the IKEA duvet didn’t do. With our old duvet, the comforter was constantly shifting and bunching. The buttoned opening is concealed under the saffron border so there aren’t any gaping holes in plain sight. Speaking of the saffron border, the product pics online portray it as more citron than saffron but it’s definitely saffron / gold in person. I didn’t edit any of the images in this post so you can see the true colors. The stripes are heathered brown / taupe and ivory.


We use our same white sheets we’ve always had but I sandwiched an organic blanket between the top sheet and duvet. On mild nights, I fold the duvet up at the foot of the bed and we just use the blanket and sheet to sleep. This knit blanket is awesome. {Yes, it’s Threshold and, no, this isn’t a plug for Threshold. I really do buy their stuff!} Like the duvet, it gets softer every time I wash it. For the quality, I expected a higher price but it was only $40.


Do you recognize the throw pillow from last week’s etsy crush? It’s hemp with vintage embroidery. It has a great nubby texture but isn’t scratchy or coarse.


Apparently, the embroidered detail was part of a tribal skirt from North Vietnam. I love that it adds subtle pattern, color and texture to the bedding but doesn’t “match.”  The black lines pick up on the slate windowsills and ribbon detail of the ceiling light.


I have to say that after 10+ years of not giving our bedroom the same attention as the rest of the house {until recently, our bedroom was mostly made up of displaced furniture & cheap decor}, it literally feels good to have a respectable place to retreat to at the end of the day. After the kids are in bed, we find ourselves running to our bedroom to read and talk and HH and I have both noticed improved sleep since sprucing up our room. It doesn’t seem to matter that there are minor details left to tackle. It’s becoming one of our favorite rooms in the house.

I think in the past we neglected or took the cheap way out on our bedroom because it wasn’t a space that others saw as prominently as, say, our living room or kitchen. What we’re learning is that a room’s worth shouldn’t be based on how many visitors see it. {Um, we don’t have a lot of bedroom visitors.} Instead, a room that we spend a third of our day in – even if the majority of that time is spent sleeping – is totally worthy of decorating. We are worthy of a nice bedroom. How have we missed this over the last decade?! Oh, right, “the kids” excuse. No more excuses!

Thanks to Wayfair for supporting my habit.

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images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Love how your bedroom is coming together! I have those EXACT night-stand tables. I’m curious as to how you styled them (something I’m currently struggling with). I caught a glimpse that one of them has a metal storage basket underneath. Will you be doing another post on the styling of those tables?

You have my favorite bedroom on the web! Not that I’m surprised. And this is kind of an embarrassing admission, but I had no idea that reclaimed headboard belonged to you. I only started following along when you moved into this house–I feel like your style has shifted so much!!


Definitely! I’m finding little snippets of time to put finishing touches on this room – which includes styling the nightstands. Please stay tuned..

Good-ness! I STILL see your old headboard EVERYWHERE! I mean I love it, but dang girl…did you ever expect it to go that viral. So amazing.

I have to say as much as I loved your old room, this is just drop-dead gorgeous!!!! I love everything about it. A classic, clean, beauty.


Oh, do I love what you’ve done with color and texture in your bedroom. Stripes and I are like this [twined fingers], I’ve long admired the Draper set in those colors, and I adore those swing-arm lamps. Thanks for more details on how you’ve put together so much style and serenity, and yes, you two deserve it.

I really love your bedroom. Great mix of colors and textures. It all works well together with out being too “matchy”.


I love seeing your creative process in taking a room from empty to complete. I have a question, but I hope this doesn’t come off as critical… What do you do with the pieces (like your old bed or 2 previous headboards) that don’t end up working in the space? I know you said you auctioned off one headboard, but I have to imagine you’ve spent a fair amount of money on those pieces. Do you keep them in storage for another possible use? Do you donate them to Goodwill and write off the cost? I find myself struggling to buy the “right” pieces, but sometimes I have to admit it’s a “design mistake,” yet don’t know what to do with the older things that don’t fit (especially living in Chicago with no storage space). Thanks!


LOVE Wayfair! I hit them up more than Amazon these days (renovating), and always price check between the two.

Your bedroom is lovely, very clean and calm, great space.

Dana, you rock at pulling together different styles and textures. And I am smitten (yes, smitten) with the clean lines of the West Elm headboard. Your prior instagram pic of it was the final push I needed to DIY the tall version of that headboard for our guest room. Fingers crossed I don’t screw it up when finishing it tonight, although that is altogether possible in which case I will totally have to make an emergency online order from WE, I love it that much. Thanks for all the inspiration!


The two past headboards in total cost us less than $150. The wood one was made from reclaimed fence boards {free from HH’s family farm before it was sold} and the leather one was an inexpensive outlet find. I wish I could always choose the “right” thing the first time around – and thus save us money – but I learn a lot from DIYing/buying the “wrong” things. Also, my style is always evolving and changing {especially whenever a move is involved} so when an item isn’t working anymore we always try to sell it first. If it doesn’t sell within a few weeks we donate it to Goodwill and get a receipt for tax purposes. I’ve found that if we keep anything longer than a few weeks after deciding we don’t need/want it, it ends up staying forever and we just don’t have the room for “maybe” or “someday” stuff anymore. Not only does this keep our house uncluttered, I feel better knowing we don’t have a bunch of things behind a door somewhere not being used.

This bedroom has been 10 years in the making – never mind that many of the pieces were acquired over the last few months. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and tried out different aesthetics to get to this point. I’m telling you, the minute you allow yourself to make a mistake and call it a mistake, the minute you realize this design stuff is just stuff. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure. You’re free to move on and try something new and that new something just might become your favorite room in your house.


Can I ask about your bamboo blind/sheer curtain combo? We recently moved and the previous owners’ wood blinds in our bedroom aren’t blocking any light. I’d love to talk my husband out of the owven fabric shades he always buys. Does your bedroom stay decently dark when the sun rises?

I wake up early so this has never been an issue for me, but my husband…not so much :) Thanks!


Oh and I meant to comment about your west elm headboard too! I also have a west elm frame and headboard – the metal frame they used to make. I found the frame on eBay by a stroke of luck, but paid full price for the headboard. I’ve had the set for almost 10 years and I know I’ll never ever tire of it! The headboard was and still is my biggest furniture splurge, but it was so worth it!


I had a question about the blinds also – I really like them and was wondering if they are light blocking. Also, where did you get them? I’m shocked at the amount of choices there are for bamboo blinds!


Usually people take care first of the rooms where they receive visitors such as living room, kitchen then bathroom and the last is the bedroom in some cases, we don`t realize that the most important room is the one in which we sleep, as usual we are taking care of others and let us on the last place. Your bed is very comfy and looks amazing, great work. Wish you many restful nights

The new headboard looks perfect under your window. I love how your bedroom has come together!


I love watching your home grow up with potentially forever pieces being added and incorporated with fun stuff! I spent 10 years renting and making a home with cheap fillers, not wanting to spend money on something that may not work/fit in my next house. Now I have my own home..and a small blog addiction, it’s been interesting finding my own style and making the change over! Thank you for the inspiration! Your mix of furniture and decor puts a breeze in my hair and a kick in the butt to keep going!

What I like best about this post was the stark before picture, then the BOOM! After. Really great contrast Your photography is excellent. I am studying it.


Love, love, love this room!! I just wondered what the measurements of this room are? :o)

LOOOOVE your style! This room is heavenly. May I ask where the wall sconces came from and if they’re plug in? Thanks!! Happy styling!


They do plug in. They are the House of Troy Addison pharmacy swing arm lamps in antique brass. I found mine at Wayfair.com but many online sources that carry lighting have them in stock. Google around for the best price.

Thank you Dana!! Will definitely be coming back!! PS…What’s your paint color in your bedroom. I’ve been looking for the perfect gray for my living room and just love the feel of this space!! Thanks again!!!!


Benjamin Moore half moon crest.

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