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Since posting updates of the bedroom, I’ve fielded many questions about our window treatments. Many of you have questions! I thought it might help to turn my answers into a bona fide post. But first up…

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…I finally got a chance to hem the curtains on the window…

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…and on the closet. They are the RITVA 118″ panels. If you look closely, you’ll notice I hemmed the four closet curtains {94″} a few inches shorter than the window curtains {96″}. At the closet, we open and close the curtains daily to gain access to our clothing so it helps that the curtains graze the floor instead of pool onto it. At the window, we never close the curtains so a little pooling action gives a luxe, relaxed look. I prefer to sew my curtain hems versus using the popular hem tape. Sewing is cheaper and I think the curtains fall better with a sewn hem. But that’s just my personal preference.

Our ceiling in the bedroom is 8′. In a room with 8′ ceilings, you might be inclined to buy the 98″ version of the RITVA. However, if your plan is to hang the curtains floor-to-ceiling, once they are pre-washed there’s a good chance you could end up with flood water curtains. In my experience with IKEA curtains {and I’ve had quite a bit}, you lose about 4″-6″ of length after pre-washing and drying. Of course, it depends on the material you choose but either way you are going to lose some length and that needs to be considered – especially when you account for 2″ for your actual hem. I know it sucks to spend more on the longer version but, trust me, buy the longer version if you’re in doubt.

So the curtains are hemmed. Now to address the popular window treatment questions.

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Source list: RITVA curtains // black cafe curtain rod // petite rustique bamboo shade // Levolor room darkening shade

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The bamboo shades are functional but we don’t close them. Our windows are wide but relatively short so the 54″W x 74″H stock size woven blinds are a bit heavy and cumbersome to raise and lower daily. If we don’t close the curtains or the bamboo blinds, how do we maintain privacy at night? On all bedroom windows in our house, we use Levolor room darkening shades. Anything to catch a few more zzzz’s!

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We bought the inexpensive Levolor shades at Lowe’s right after we moved in last summer. They can be cut in-store to your desired width. Just be sure to measure each individual window opening precisely. Even if all of your bedroom windows are 52″ wide, you need to measure the exact opening where each shade will be installed. The smallest of measurements can throw off the fit and function of the blinds. This is coming from someone who measured one window then had all the bedroom shades cut to the same width. Guess what? They didn’t fit. Luckily, we were able to recoup our cost by selling them on craigslist and then re-measure EACH WINDOW for a proper fit. Now you know.

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When closed, they do a great job of blocking light and providing privacy although they aren’t much to look at. The tension needs to be readjusted sometimes, too. When a shade loses its ability to recoil completely, I just roll the shade all the way up and reset it into the metal holders within the window frame. It’s not difficult but it’s something I thought you should know. If you’re thinking of trying these shades out, expect a good price and great room darkening capabilities but also expect loss of tension over time.

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To disguise the roller shades, I don’t pull the bamboo blinds all the way up. The blinds are installed outside of the window frame and close to the curtain rod to make the window look taller than it really is. Lots of window trickery happening in this little brick ranch! When adding woven blinds, typically, I like to see them mounted outside the frame of windows without molding and inside the frame of windows with molding. There are always exceptions though.

I’m still hunting for trim to add to the curtains. I’ve checked out every possible option near me but nothing has really caught my eye. I’m happy to wait it out until I find “the one.”

I think that covers everything pertaining to our bedroom window treatments. If there are still questions, post them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Check back later today for five things I’m doing next week. It’s going to be a fun one!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I like your curtains a lot! Floor to ceiling curtains always make the room feel bigger. Great choice.


Love the curtains! And I LOOOOOOOVE the ceiling light! Do you have a source on that!?


Is it just me? Every time I look at your light I see a perfect little cloud. :)

Everything looks grand. The lighting in your room looks incredible too.


I have almost the exact set up in my family room/dining room combo. My bamboo blinds are from Lowes though. I had them all cut to size as well. Since it’s in our main living area, privacy isn’t a huge factor, but we also have them in our master bedroom. Love the little trick of slipping the roller shade behind. I may use that trick in there. I also lost a lot of inches on my Ritva curtains. :-( But knew to expect it so I too bought them extra long. I trimmed mine out with a simple grosgrain ribbon. Such a great look for a great price!

Your room looks fantastic BTW!


Your blog is like a drug. I check back way to often to get a fix and like a junkie I go a wee bit crazy if I don’t see a new post! I am curious about the wooden box on the nightstand. Is it for an iPhone speaker + space for a cord to plug in? It caught my attention in your previous budoir post and I forgot to ask.


I’m planning on writing up a post all about the nightstands and styling them {which obviously hasn’t happened yet} so I’ll get to that little box then!


The room faces northeast so I always try to shoot it in the morning when natural light is at its best. You’ll notice the lights are on too. When all those things work together, the room is bright!


needs re-adjusted = needs to be readjusted or needs readjusting. Don’t mean to nitpick, but I always like the opportunity to improve if possible. Figured as a blogger you would too. : )


Thanks! Sometimes I blog exactly what I’m thinking and most times my thoughts aren’t grammatically correct.


Brilliant! I love the roller shades beneath the bamboo shades. I am so doing that! Right now I never close my bamboo shades in my bedroom cuz they are such a pain. Kinda creepy huh? Good thing the neighbors can see in. At least I think they can’t see in, they’ve never mentioned it…hmm. Better check that out.


I understand about the bamboo shades being heavy to put up and down. I’m tucking the roller shade idea into my pocket to do for out house.


When we moved to southwest Ohio, I was puzzled by the use of “needs washed” and similar constructs. It turns out this language shortcut is peculiar to the “North Midland” region of America, which is centered roughly in Pittsburgh, PA. (On the whole, I found it less grating than my husband’s use of “warsh” for “wash” — he’s from Oklahoma.)


I went with Anita curtains in our room, they are synthetic, and I washed them per instructions and hung to dry. They did not shrink at all, and came pre-hemmed. After having dealt with Merete and them not being hemmed and using that hem-tape, this was fan-tastic. So pleased with them. They also block out the light really well, so no need for additional blinds. And being synthetic, they don’t crease as easily as cotton curtains, which means less ironing for moi!

I love how your room is coming together though. It inspired me to go off and splurge on an accent chair for our bedroom. :) (ie place to dump our clothing at the end of the day ;))

It looks so serene! I love how the blinds pick up on that frame [Target, I think] on your bedside table. I normally go for dark bamboo but am really surprised how great this looks. Maybe in my next place ;)


My extended family is from West Virginia so I hear a lot of “warsh!”


How funny! We basically have those same window treatments all over our house. I love the petite rustique blinds – they are SUCH an affordable option. We went with the Aina curtain panels though ( I so, so love the way linen drapes.) True confessions – I cut my Levolor blinds incorrectly the first time, and my local Lowe’s recut them all for free. It’s always worth asking!
Your room is looking great!

Wow! That’s so neat! Two thumbs up! Usually i prefer my method to have a door-length wooden Roman shades donate to the simplicity of the door with an impressive wooden bamboo Roman shade to give the lounge room protection, while even now permitting natural light to worm in.

I love your room! I hate our bedroom! hahaha
I just re-painted in BM Palladian Blue (which I love). But everything else needs to change. I have been tossing around ideas for curtains and I think the Ritva are my best option. Plus we have terrible mini blinds (that came with the house) that I can’t wait to get rid of and do the bamboo blinds. Our room faces South and we have big trees out front, so we don’t get alot of light. Going light and airy has been the only thing to make our room feel less cave-like.

I love the texture of the bamboo blinds with your white curtains. They are perfect for your bedroom. I’m on the lookout for some white curtain panels for our bedroom. Maybe I need to take a trip to Ikea?


Love the way this all turned out! Would you be willing to clarify your window dimensions vs the size shades you bought? If I read between the lines correctly, your windows are 52″ wide and your shades are 54″ wide? So with the thought of an outside mount you added 2″ to the size of your windows? Thanks!!!


I’m loving the progression of your home! So many great ideas to borrow! We have the same curtains in our living room, and yes, they shrink A LOT! I wish I knew that beforehand because after washing a few times (before and after hemming) we have flooding curtains :( NOT pretty! I’m thinking we need a darker color or pattern in the living room anyways because my toddlers like to “decorate” my curtains, and even after bleaching, the stains show.


The curtains look great, especially with the bamboo shades!!!


My window measures 100×62 when looking on overstoc .com I’m not seeing that width. Would you split the window up into two sets of blinds or would that look strange. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Splitting the difference between two shades is fine! That’s what I plan on doing in our living room.


Yep, that’s correct. Our windows are ~52″ wide and I used the 54″ wide shades for an outside mount.


Ours were cut too narrow {my fault} the first time and sadly, as we all know, there is no way to add width :(


I love the look of long light drapes over the bamboo shades (have that in my living room) your hidden roller shade idea is AWESOME!!! I don’t like to raise/lower my bamboos either… thanks for the tip!
you might try looking on MJ Trimmings for curtain trim, they have OODLES of unique options, reasonable prices, AND a 50% off summer clearance going on now…..


Oooooh, thanks for the link!


Hi! I just found your blog recently and LOVVEEEE it! You have great style. I was hoping you could tell me where your bedding is from? I have been in the market for gender neutral bedding that my husband won’t hate, and yours is speaking to me…

I also am enamoured with the overhead lighting fixture in your bedroom as well. I love a good clover-esque piece! Would you mind sharing your sources for both?



Bedding is Dwell Studio Draper Ash Stripe from Wayfair. LOVE IT! The ceiling light is from Lamps Plus. Complete bedroom source list coming soon…


Our windows have moulding but do not have the depth to allow for an inside mount (which I prefer) – how would you suggest mounting these shades.. attached to the moulding, attached to the wall above the moulding..???


Hmmmm…probably on the wall above the molding and extending slightly wider than the window on either sides. I think attaching to the molding would look like the shade was just tacked on.


The bamboo style roller blinds are absolutely stunning, I’ve always used patterned roller blinds but never took the plunge with bamboo – I’ll definitely give it a go now – thanks!


Great ideas!
Are those the Levelor custom roller shades? Thank you!!


Yes, they are Levolor. I mentioned it before but they do lose tension over time which necessitates rolling the shade up manually every once in a while to tighten the tension.


Is the fabric for your Levolor shades the “room darkening” or the “blockout” fabric? Thanks! I have kiddos that like to sleep in dark rooms :)


I am considering using this idea of putting the Levolor shades behind prettier bamboo shades in our master bedroom. We really want something that will give us the black-out effect. However, I’d imagine there are always slivers of light (in the morning) that come in on the sides of the Levolor shades since they are inside-mounted…am I right? Or is the width so precise that there is no issue with that?


In the master bedroom and nursery there are curtains that drape over the sides of the shades so no slivers of light there. In the boys’ room there aren’t any curtains on the windows but there are several curtains enclosing the bunk bed so it’s not really a problem there either. We are a family that prefers to sleep in the darkest of dark bedrooms!


I was wondering how much of an overlap did you add to the sides of your window? I want to order some bamboo shades but am not sure to add +1 1/2″ to each side or +3″ Thank you.


In the bedrooms, there’s about a 2″ overlap on each side of the window. Meaning the width of the shade is ~4″ wider than the actual window frame. Hope that helps!


I just found your blog… Loving everything I see❤️ lots of great ideas! I have a question about the cords on your bamboo blinds. I am also using two blinds together on a large window and I didn’t think about the fact that one of the cords would show. I was wondering how you handled hiding that?


I just tuck it up in the valance with a little painters tape ;)

I love what you did with the place! The curtains are classy and simple, and they perfectly fit the shape of the window. I personally prefer Roman shades when it comes to blinds, but the bamboo ones are a great match for the curtains. Great job and taste!


Hi! Thanks for sharing about your window treatments! I’m thinking about getting the same curtains, and wondering how useful they are for blocking light… we don’t need the room pitch black. I have wood blinds up already, but light still streams through them quite a bit in the mornings, so looking for something to make the light less harsh at 7 am :)



We never pull the curtains closed, just the Levolor shades. I’m sure they’d cut the light a little, but they aren’t room-darkening.


Maybe you can help me. I love the look of woven woods but also need room darkening in our nursery. I don’t like how the blackout liner looks on bamboo blinds, to me it takes away from the character of the light shining through the wood. I was thinking of doing exactly what you did here- layering the shades so I can have the look of the bamboo most of the time and just pull down the blackout shade when we need to. My window is trimmed however, so mounting the bamboo shade on the outside of the window is not an option. Can I mount both the bamboo blind AND the room darkening roller blind both on the inside of the window? I’m thinking our bamboo blind will be either all the way down or half way pulled down most of the time. The blackout liner will just be used for nap and night time. Thanks for the help!!


Love your window treatments. Your treatments are exactly what I had in mind for my beige walls and white trim. I have wooden framed windows with no room to hang blinds/shades inside the frame. I will have to mount shades\blinds above the window frame. That would mean both roller shade and bamboo shade would be outside my frame. My question is, if I never covering my windows with the bamboo shades, do I need to get the full length or can I just keep them short for my tight budget. It would be more of a faux bamboo shade without the back stocking. Pros and cons?