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07.08.13 / Lego My Table

lego table 1

The boys asked for a Lego table in their room. It’s funny. 95% of the things my kids ask for, I say no. {Albeit they are usually asking for donuts for dinner, a toy shopping spree and everyday trips to amusement parks.} But I have a soft spot for anything decor related. So when they asked for a Lego table, how could I say no? I mean, they do spend the majority of their time at home creating the most intricate planes, buildings and cars out of Legos.

I did have a few requirements for the table: 1) something round 2) something with modern lines 3) something with a life beyond the Lego years. I searched secondhand stores and craigslist for several months to no avail. A few midcentury modern tables turned up but they were all too low to accommodate child-sized chairs. I contemplated a DIY table but by the time a Lego table would take top priority on our to-do list, the kids would be teenagers. So I started browsing online and within a day I had fallen for this solid oak table. At $120, it wasn’t exactly cheap and I held off on adding the table to my virtual shopping cart for a week. {Hint: If I’m on the fence about purchasing an item, I give it a week to set in. Most of the time, I’ve forgotten about the item after a few days but some items still have my attention a week later and that’s a good sign they’re worthy of my money.} A week later, I hadn’t found anything else and I was still enamored with that little oak table so I took the plunge. The table is constructed of solid wood and has a clean design so it should last through Legos with the boys, tea parties with Mabrey and would even be an ideal coffee table during the college years. After realizing the table would be with us for at least ten years, $120 didn’t seem awful. Plus, I had a 15% Overstock coupon that brought my total closer to $100.

When the table arrived DAMAGED, I was heartbroken. It was a non-returnable item but when I called Overstock they were happy to ship a replacement. I was to hold onto the first table {completely shattered, splintered and beyond repair} in case UPS wanted to “investigate” the claim. {FYI – They didn’t.} The second table arrived damaged, too. At this point, I was starting to think it was a bad omen. Maybe this table wasn’t meant to be. I called Overstock again. It seemed to me there was a problem with the packaging. Both tables arrived in a flimsy cardboard box with no cushion between the table and the box. Somewhere along the line, each box had been dropped and the tables damaged. I explained all of this to Overstock {in a nice way} and told them unless I could be guaranteed better packaging, I didn’t want a third replacement. I just wanted my money back. They gave me a full credit on our credit card, told me to discard the tables as I wished AND added $40 to my Overstock account for my trouble. Basically, I got paid $40 to receive two broken tables. Not too shabby.

I showed HH the broken tables and gave him the full scoop. Like I said, the first one was beyond repair but HH was optimistic he could fix the second table. It only had a partial crack in the top.

lego table 3

HH used wood glue and a trio of brackets along the bottom side of the table top. Voila! The table is like new. You can’t tell it was ever broken. And in the end, it was FREE. Sometimes good omens are disguised as bad ones.

lego table 2

Next up…chairs. I’ve always loved the look of wire Bertoia’s. Sadly, they rarely show up on craigslist anywhere near us and when/if they do, they’re in bad condition and really expensive. With $40 in my Overstock account, you better believe I typed wire kid chairĀ into their search engine. How happy was I when these turned up?! SUPER HAPPY. By this time I had another 15% coupon {Overstock sends repeat customers online coupons all the time, btw} which brought the pair of kid-sized wire chairs to $86 minus my $40 credit = $46 total for a modern Lego table and two chairs. Awesome.

lego table 4

I placed the table between two bookcases and under a window in the boys’ room. It’s working out great. I think we could even use the table and chairs outside on nice days as a kids’ dining table. Of course, now I’m wanting three chairs {an extra for Mabrey} but they only come in pairs. Oh well.

lego table 6

There is still plenty of open space in the bedroom for floor play.

lego table 8

In an attempt to tame all the stuff that comes home from my boys’ schools, I hung three white magnetic boards – not to be confused with white boards – and bought two packs of round magnets.

lego table 5

There is one flaw in my Lego table plan. See that floor register? A few Lego pieces have gone MIA. Teeny Legos will fit through the register. HH notched the baseboards and caulked the registers in place because we added insulation to the exterior block walls during renovation. Those MIA Legos? Yeah, they’re MIA all right. HH says he can remove the register and retrieve the lost Legos but I think he should wait until the boys are 18. Wonder what all we’ll find down there then?!

lego table 7

We finally got around to hanging woven shades in the boys’ room this past weekend. They match the rest of the shades in the house and things are starting to feel a little more cohesive room to room. I’ve yet to style the boys’ bookcases properly and I want to paint the library lights on top of them but the room is sloooowly coming together. Which means it’s right on track with the rest of the house ;)

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I love their room! I’m sure you’ve told us in a previous post, but where did you get the shelves and baskets from? I’m looking for something for my sons room and love them! Thank you!


Their room looks great! I love the magnet board too — that is the next item on my list for my kids’ room.

I am itching to find out about any deck progress. My husband and I are currently weighing the pros and cons of deck vs stone patio and I told him I wanted to see how yours came out before I made the decision. /grin

Although if your weather is anything like ours right now it is simply too hot to work on outside projects. Ug. The humidity!


What if you spray painted some aluminum screening black and put it on the inside of the heat vents? I think they’d barely be noticeable and you wouldn’t have little things falling down the vents (not just Legos, but think of jewelry too!).


I had a table just like this as a kid and my mom kept it for at least the last 25 years. Ours had tiny matching chairs. Now my niece uses it when she comes over to color and it’s the perfect size for her. We used it as a TV table in the years in between. Definitely a worthwhile investment! Also, it could serve as a kiddie table at Thanksgiving if you have enough little ones.


We thought about that, too! It would still require removing and recaulking the register covers but it would work.


Lots of littles in our extended family so designated kiddie table is another function!


I haven’t properly introduced the bookcases or baskets yet but the bookshelves are from World Market and the baskets from IKEA. They work great together!


Would also like info on the bookcases…my living room desperately needs storage. Love the whole room. :)


Love the floor register. Can you share where you got it?


I also finally gave up on a mail order item after 2 attempts arrived broken due to poor packaging. Not sure what ever happened to common sense but it appears to be lacking in the packaging departments sometimes.

Could you teach the boys to place something over the vent while they are working at the table with small pieces until you come up with a more permanent solution? Of course then the problem is remembering to uncover the vent when they are done playing!

Everything looks so nice – I’m amazed at how much you get done!


You are a woman after my own heart! I love a good deal. Perhaps you can put double sided tape criss-cross style across the vent when they are playing with the Legos. Then put a label with the word “vent” on the lid of the lego container to remind the boys to remove the tape. or not!

Best mom ever!! I’m in love with those little chairs and the magnetic boards are in the perfect place :)

Love your note about no donuts for dinner (really can’t blame them for trying). I’ll admit that once or twice I have given into requests for ice cream for dinner just to up my “fun mom” points, but I am pretty sure a toy table would have more long lasting value for them. What I have to wonder is where you keep all your kids’ lego parts? Stashed in your storage baskets? They are just so small and hard to keep track of! My kids’ legos not only end up down the vents (and we have ancient air return things, so definitely no hope of retrieval) but they also end up spread around the house and always hidden in a rug where inevitably I step on them…


Dana, your boys are so lucky! I better not show this to mine or they will demand a Lego table upgrade! So glad you were able to salvage one of the tables. The chairs are amazing!


I love watching all of the rooms come together though I do wonder if it’s worth styling bookcases in a kids bedroom. My nieces would make short work of a ‘styled’ storage area in their room to produced a barbie/fairy/pink/glitter/kid friendly wonderland!

I love their room so much and the new lego table is great in there! So great that your husband was able to fix one of them. Nothing beats a cute, free lego table. I’m on the the lookout for some kids chairs too. So much fun.


FABULOUS, as always!
I say order another pair of chairs… Then there’s an extra for a friend!


Love the Lego table & chairs!
I just noticed the rug in the boys room and I love it!
Somehow I missed it in your previous posts. I couldn’t find a link to where you got it. If you could share it again, that would be great! Thanks.


This is absolutely perfect! It looks so great.


Their room looks great! The registers situation reminds me of a story my husband told me a while back. He and his twin brother would pee down the registers when they were little. Now how do you clean that out. Yuck. Glad I was not their mother!! :) Luckily those teeny legos won’t leave a lasting smell!


It’s a Flor rug pieced together. So great for a kids’ room/play room!


And that’s exactly why I’ve been hesitant to style them! They would look good for about 10 seconds. But I think I can work some magic on the top shelf and leave the other shelves for toys, baskets and books.


A temporary cover over the register is another good idea! If only the boys would remember to cover it every time the Legos are out. Ha!


That’s a great idea! Definitely worth a try.


I’m sorry you had such a terrible time with o.co shipping that table. I just recently got the exact same table for my son and, while it didn’t arrive unscathed, it at least arrived in one piece (there’s a flat-ish, scuffed area where it was probably dropped, but all I needed was sandpaper.). The packaging on the table was definitely flimsy. I’m just lucky mine didn’t get dropped, I guess. So glad you were able to piece together the second table, because it really is a good, solid table.

That aside, I’m glad to see your son sitting at that table so comfortably. I wanted to get something that didn’t scream “PLAYROOM!” and that my 2 year old wouldn’t outgrow in a few months. It looks like I picked a winner! I almost got the wire chairs also, but my Lil’Man doesn’t do well with non-solid seats just yet.


goodness… did you just mention styling a bookshelf in the boys room? I tried that once….. by the next day everything was in different spot and I was back at the store buying milk crates to put on the shelves so the boys can just toss everything in there at the end of the day.


maybe you can use magnetic sheets to cover up the vent, like these:
(colleagues of mine used it on the vents in our high rise office- worked like a charm, and doesn’t shift)


Hello! Where did you get the cool library light at the top of the bookshelf? Love it! Thanks!


I LOVE those bookshelves. Wish we had World Markets in MI.


We don’t have World Market in Ohio. I ordered online.


So clever!! Thanks for sharing.


Originally, I bought the IKEA library lamps for our master bedroom but they ended up feeling a little too industrial. In an effort to make them work somewhere, I plopped them on top of the bookcases and they were great up there! I still need to run an extension cord to an outlet and I want to spray paint them but I think they will make inexpensive alternatives to traditional library lamps mounted on the wall.


Hi Dana!
Wow, that room looks great – it’s really coming together!! I loved this post because we have Legos all over the house too..: ) Can’t remember if you have already mentioned where you are getting all of your woven blinds?? I’m thinking about using them in a few of our rooms…
Thanks: )


Love the bedroom! My son, Ben, would love it too!!


So cute. I love children’s furniture and tend to collect it. I love the Bertoia chairs. One of my favorite finds was a vintage one at an antique shop in Texas. It didn’t have the cushion of course but I loved it anyway and got it for a few bucks.


I was going to make the screening suggestion. You could even use the more flexible pet screening–we had a torn screen from an overzealous squirrel, so we used the intact part. The other good thing is that it catches other things- crumbs, dust bunnies-which I can easily vacuum out. Our register covers just lift out, though.


attach a piece of gauze or fine ‘fly screen’ wire to the underside of the vent. You shouldn’t notice it, but will SAVE some lego.


We use storage containers made to go under beds for legos (http://www.target.com/p/clearview-purple-under-bed-storage-box-60-qt/-/A-13794500#prodSlot=medium_1_8&term=under++bed+storage). Then we store the legos under my son’s bed. The containers are cheap, not too deep and have a lot of surface area making it easy for him to find specific pieces. It works great!


I love this round table and chairs. I’m thinking of ordering both, but I’m going to do 4 chairs. Do you think they will all fit under the table because there are three legs?


Four chairs would fit the circumference of the table but one kid may be left straddling a leg.


I love the look of this table with the wire chairs. The white chairs are unfortunately sold out. On another site I can only find chrome or an aqua blue chair color. Do you have any opinion as fas as which color would look better with the table? Both colors would go with my room. I just can’t make up my mind. Also, does the table have a protective finish? Thanks so much if you have time for an opinion.


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Hi Dana,

I know this is a far shot, being you posted these two years ago, but any idea where I can purchase these bertoia chairs? they are discontinued on Overstock and I would love to get them for my little girl before Christmas! Thank you!


Where are you located? I may be looking to sell our pair if you’re interested. You can send me a private email at housetweaking(at)gmail(dot)com if you feel more comfortable communicating that way.