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07.29.13 / Amazon MyHabit

I am a big fan of Amazon. I can shop from the comfort of my home {i.e. my yoga pants} and there’s no need to drag the kids all over town. The prices are great. Checkout is simple. Shipping is quick. Returns are easy. So imagine my pure glee when I was introduced to MYHABIT, an Amazon flash sale site that features high end fashion and home decor pieces.

Even though I could use more fashion and less yoga pants in my life, I am way more interested in the home decor items available through MYHABIT. I went window shopping today and rounded up some of my favorite finds. Here’s what caught my eye.


sources: cowhide rug $379 // antique brass accent table $311 // Nine Space pillow cover $21 // top grain leather armchair $576 // pair of yellow wicker chairs $145 // navy cube ottoman $49  // linen & gold pillow $43 // Propulsion ceiling lamp $209via current sales events. Links will show as broken when the item is no longer for sale.

The inventory is constantly changing and popular items go fast which means when I find the perfect piece that I’ve been searching all over for/can’t live without, I pounce. You can get your window shopping and pouncing on right here…

Leave those yoga pants on. No one will ever know.

This post is sponsored in part by Amazon.com.



Could you link to the actual items or give us brands? When I lick on your Polyvore image, it labels everything as the run. Thanks! Love your picks!


Grr…excuse my typos above. When I CLICK on your image, it labels everything as the RUG. Thanks :)


Oh no! That looks like a polyvore problem. I went ahead and sourced each item within the post. Hope that helps.


Ah, MyHabit… I had to delete the app from my phone because it was making me pine for beautiful things I didn’t need. So thank you for pouring salt in that wound. :)

Also, I love, love, love that light fixture – but when I read that it needs 24 bulbs, all I could think of was “OMG, how much electricity would that waste??” I have turned into my mother.


Oh why, OH WHY did you post this site? Now I’m obsessed.

MyHabit is sooooo dangerous. I haven’t ever purchased anything from there but am now really really tempted. My love for Amazon is unending, so I may have to dive in.


Amazon isn’t as popular in Australia (damn you shipping fees!) but I love looking for inspiration! My fav site is Temple and Webster which has a similar buy it quick style…and yes I have. Several times over! It’s easy to ignore a hot credit card with Paypal ;)

I love Amazon too! You really can’t beat it’s shopping convenience!

I find that I’m more drawn to home decor these days than fashionable clothes as well. I’m definitely going to check MyHabit out for some great deals.


I LOVE amazon! use it to buy everything from toilet paper to our chicken coop .. anyway .. but I’ve never heard of MYHABIT! is it a separate site?


Yes, it’s a separate site but still under Amazon’s umbrella.