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bedroom shoe cabinet 2

Remember when I relocated the shoe cabinet and octagon mirror to our bedroom? Well, after a while that mirror didn’t feel quite right. The shape was all wrong for the rectangular space between our curtained closet and bedroom door. The mirror itself was a tad small, too. And it was difficult to use the mirror for quick once-overs due to the straight dividers that broke the mirror up into four quadrants. So I replaced it…

br mirror 1

…with a larger rectangular mirror. {I’m going to apologize now for the inconsistent lighting in the upcoming shots. Our north-facing bedroom gets the weirdest green haze in the afternoon and the sun kept coming and going as I hurriedly snapped these pics while Mabrey was napping and the boys were reading. Still love me?} I also spray painted the knobs on the shoe cabinet the same gold as our nightstands‘ hardware. I wouldn’t be surprised if our local Home Depot is out of stock on gold spray paint. I can’t help myself.

br mirror 2

This wider shot better shows how the new mirror fills the wall between the closet and door.

br mirror 3

The mirror is very heavy. We ran into a little snafu when it came to hanging it just because we were expecting it to have ready-to-hang hardware on the back. But it didn’t. HH added two picture hangers on each side of the frame’s backside and then it was good to go. This particular wall is plaster so HH used wall anchors to hang the mirror securely.

br mirror 4

I love the solid wood frame of this mirror. It’s really simple – no mitered corners, no ornate details – and the finish is a warm, rich cognac. So, so handsome.

br mirror 5

It ties into the hardwood floors, nightstands and dresser really well. It just works.

br mirror 6

I added a few things to the top of the shoe cabinet last minute. Just stuff I already had on hand.

br mirror 7

The picture frame was {yet another!} HomeGoods clearance find – $7. I slipped a picture of HH and me inside. The votive was from Target. I clipped the flower from my backyard. The number tiles are the house’s original house numbers. {I switched up the order for privacy reasons.} I took them down last week when I started cleaning up the front entrance in preparation for a little makeover. They are soooo small! I’m not entirely sure you could even see them from the road. Our new house numbers will be much LARGER. I might end up gluing the old ones onto a piece of reclaimed wood or something but I like seeing them in our bedroom.

br mirror 8

The gold dipped bowl is a Nate Berkus piece. {You can see more of the votive and bowl here.} His stuff just keeps getting better and better if you ask me. HH empties his pockets into the bowl at night. I pulled the little plant from a container on our back patio and plopped it into a smaller IKEA pot.

br mirror 9

The best part about the new mirror is that it reflects way more light from the opposite window. Our bedroom needs as much light as it can get!

br mirror 10

You can’t see it yet but this view into the mirror will reflect large scale art one day. Isn’t that blank wall just begging to be artsified?

br mirror 11

Finally, I’ll leave you with this blurry teaser shot of a corner in our bedroom. There’s an empty dresser that we want to transform into a little workstation {HH works from home sometimes and needs a quiet spot to take conference calls} and we splurged on the super comfy saddle chair. It’s so comfy that I’m seriously contemplating the counter stool version¬†as an upgrade to my $10 stopgap stool. Which begs the question…can one house have too much chevron?

Can’t wait to share more as we slowly make progress!

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images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



BEAUTIFUL!!! I love everything about it, might have to go out and get that nate berkus bowl ;)


I am with you on the gold spray paint. I love it. I just did a whole post on figuring out which is best… what kind do you like to use?? http://www.brightgreendoor.com/2013/07/the-gold-spray-paint-test.html


You’re right, handsome describes it perfectly. It ties in so nicely with the masculine theme you have going in this house. I’ve been looking on and off for a mirror to fit above a dresser in our entrance, but to no avail. You’ve inspired me to get back on the hunt!


For the knobs on the shoe cabinet I used Rustoleum Universal in pure gold. It isn’t brassy but more of a soft gold.


I like the change, it does fit the space a lot better than the other one. I love that the shoe cabinet doesn’t take up a ton of space, but still gives you enough space for a frame and other decor items. It looks great!


The patterns on the saddle chairs are worlds apart; I wouldn’t be concerned with it becoming “too much”.

Love the mirror upgrade. It’s a much better scale, and a more masculine balance in the room than the octagon.


I love the new mirror and cabinet combo! And bonus for more light bouncing around.

The new mirror fits so well! I love contrast of the white with the warm wood.


Where’s the shoe cabinet from?


That mirror change looks really nice. Not uniform but nicely placed together. Great job!

Ugh! Plaster walls are biotches! That’s what our house is made of & it’s a pain.


can one house have too much chevron?

I’m going to have to go with yes. I think a few years down the road, you’ll regret investing in pricy chairs with a trendy pattern that’s no longer on trend. That said, I do enjoy chevron (and ikat, which is equally trendy), but I think it makes more sense to buy smaller, less expensive pieces like pillows that can be easily replaced down the road when the pattern stops looking so fresh.

Love the new look. I’m not surprised that you live in a number 1 house either. 3+6+1=10=1=new beginnings. I do too ;)




Yes, the scale of the mirror is way better! I have a place in mind to hang the octagon mirror so not all is lost.

The saddle chair in our bedroom is a thinner stripe pattern. The counter stool is a bolder chevron. I worry that it might be too much with the zig zag floor poufs {also black and white} we have in the living room {most of the time…although they travel all over the house} and I also bought a more subtle chevron throw pillow for the sofa. Too much chevron?

I love how this warms everything up!!


I’m sure you’ve answered this before, but what is the paint color on the walls? It seems like the perfect greeny-blue.


It’s Benjamin Moore’s half moon crest. In our north-facing Ohio bedroom it takes on a greeny-blue hue in the afternoon. Other times, it’s a gray-blue. I love it more and more each day!


Ok that is a lot of chevron! Is the throw also black and white? Cause that could be a bit much, but since the stool is kind of ikat chevron, and would be farther away, It’s not necessarily over kill.


I love this! So pretty!


We have three children (two boys and one girl)and live in Michigan. One of my challenges is keeping all socks for a family of five laundered, paired and put away-depressing I know. Most of the time, they live in a clean laundry basket in the hallway at the top of the stairs….forever waiting to be paired and put away until the basket is depleted and we start over….. I’m thinking the shoe cabinet would be a perfect storage for the stray socks, the kids could help themselves and I wouldn’t see the pile everyday. Does it seem to hold a fair amount? It’s hard to tell from IKEA’s webpage. Thanks…..


I would say each “drawer” can hold two pair of average sized adult shoes easily…more if you’re talking smaller sized shoes or flats / flip flops.


[…] *https://www.housetweaking.com/2013/08/01/wayfair-in-the-house-a-bedroom-mirror/ […]


I want to buy that Nate Burkus bowl. I will pay top dollar. My wife loved hers but she just broke it and I’ve been trying to find it everywhere.