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08.15.13 / Lil’ Red Table

I’ve been looking for a round side table to place next to the sofa in our living room. Originally, I wanted something gold. I’m totally on a gold kick right now.

red table 4

I found this hot pink side table at Target in with the dorm room furniture for $20 and figured I could spray paint it. Although that hot pink would look downright fresh in the right space.

red table 5

The top was just screwed onto the wire base so I removed it instead of taping anything off.

red table 6

Easy. I took the wire base outside to spray it. Once I got it out there, I changed my mind on the color last minute.

red table 7

I went bright red instead. I’m so happy I did!

red table 3

The shot of color is a welcome surprise in our mostly neutral living room. The table itself is great for holding drinks on this side of the sofa. The slatted coffee table isn’t really conducive to resting glasses on. At the opposite end of the coffee table, I have a little slab of marble to rest drinks on but we’ve never had a proper place for drinks on this side of the sofa. FYI – We only allow water in the living room – unless the kids are in bed.

red table 1

I’ve had the notion to do something to the plain white tabletop but I haven’t come up with anything yet. Why can’t I leave things alone?!

red table 2

Lil’ red table, you are so cute. Thanks for letting me have my way with you.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



I love it! We were considering picking up a pair of these table and painting them to go with our Bertoia chairs. Now we’re definitely doing it!

I love the red! I may just have to make a run to Target and steal your idea! What brand and color paint did you use?


Maybe the top should go gold?!


You could totally do a faux malachite in neutral tones to add some texture!!…there is a tutorial on Little Green Notebook. http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2013/04/diy-faux-malachite.html
I am in need of a little table by the side chair in the living room…totally going to DIY this bad boy :) Thanks for the inspiration!!


love the red! and I don’t usually gravitate towards that color!

Did you consider a faux marble top??


It looks too small.


Totally stealing this idea, but I think I’ll stick with the original plan and use gold spray paint. Thanks!


i vote to leave the top alone. there is already enough sass going on below it.


Hey Dana,

Your spaces are awesome… and so is your photography….great to see that you are standing upto many of professional photographers found in most of the design blogs… way to go….


Cute! I love the red in your living room. I’m with Erin. Marble would look awesome with that bright red stand!


Hmmm I would be super tempted to look for a marble or butcher block top. Maybe look at cutting boards that are are right dimensions. But that’s just me. Love the red!


Dana this is a great idea!!! i’ve seen that table at Target and walked passed it again and again thinking it’ won’t work for our apartment. I love how versatile the table is. I’m actually thinking about spray paining our doggy cage (his bedroom) since it spends so much time in our living room…. hey maybe we can make it a side table too :0) great idea!!!


LOVE this idea, pass by this table so much & I think now have to pick it up and try the gold. Would you recommend leaving top white or were you going to spray the whole thing gold before you changed to the red?

I saw these tables in the flyer this week and thought of doing the same thing! I was also considering gold, but I LOVE the way the red looks in your home! Thanks for sharing:)


Looks great! I also vote for leaving the top as is.

Where is the white table lamp on the right from!?


I love the red, good choice! It brings in some warmth and balances out the cool tones in your space. Now, I think I need to add some red in my house…


What a great pop of color! It looks great. I’m trying to find a similar marble table to makeover for our living room.



How about a little gold leaf on the table top? Or a metallic spray paint?


going to pick up a pair of these this week… if there are any left. you guys, you can save 20% off by using the Target Cartwheel app! you don’t need the app to actually use it, you can get the coupon through their facebook page. also, if you sign up for their mobile coupons, there is currently a $2 off 1 Room Essentials decor item. if you bought two ($17 ea) using the mobile coupon (can only be used once) and the Cartwheel coupon (20% off each item), you’d pay ~$26 before tax for both!

I love the pop of color! I was excited to see the gold, but I think the red was an even better choice!


well, i had to do it. i saw this and ran (its true) to target last night to snag one of these tables. it may have been 11pm. now i have a weekend project. :)


This is so cute! Why oh why don’t we have Target in Sweden?!


Yay for weekend projects! The good news is this one won’t take very long.


WOW! Thanks for sharing the savvy shopper discounts!


West Elm…more to come on that…


I was only going to spray the base gold. The top is laminate or something like that. I’m not sure how well it would take paint.


I was just telling a friend about your blog and that I thought we have the same style…I went to show her your blog and your latest post was about this table that I bought last month for our new room we made to a guest room. haha funny. Love your home!


I took your lead and picked this table up for $17 dollars today and sprayed with gold. Looks great and nice price. Thanks for the idea!!


I love this project and now I want to go crazy with red at my house! Do you mind sharing the brand of spraypaint you used? I need something that adheres well.

I love it! It’s a great pop of color.

Who isn’t on a gold kick right now?? Totally regretting turning my nose up to gold when I was like 12. I was all like ‘golds for old people.’ I guess that just means I’ve matured ;)


I know! I was just telling HH that I must be getting old because I’m favoring wood tones and gold/brass over painted pieces and the usual silver metals. Haha!


I used Rust-Oleum’s painter’s touch in gloss apple red. It’s fast-drying with good coverage and gives a nice bright and glossy lipstick red finish.


I just bought this table for my daighter’s nursery! Such a great, inexpensive buy!


Dana, thank you so much for the idea!! We bought two of these tables and we love them, especially my 22-month-old. I needed gold in my living room, so I painted it gold. You can see it here: http://whatthevita.com/a-decent-gold-spray-paint-and-what-i-did-with-it/ THANKS!


Looks great!


These tables are now $9 on clearance at Target!

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