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My boys are back in school as of this week. Layne is in third grade and Everett goes to half-day kindergarten in the afternoon. When Mabrey takes her nap after lunch, I have two whole hours TO MYSELF. It is heavenly. I savor every minute but I always have something to do. Today, I took pictures of the boys’ room and I want to share them with you. Their room is really coming along! Just a few little things left to do but I’ll probably drag them out because as soon as I call a room “done”, I start thinking about changing it. It’s a disease.

So, the boys’ room…

close boys 1

It’s a difficult room to photograph because of the room’s orientation, the furniture layout and the bright southern sunlight but let’s take a tour around, shall we? The bedroom is roughly 11’x14′. Not teeny tiny but not huge. My older kids {boys, ages 8 & 5} share this room. The room doubles as a playroom for all three of our kids. Above is the view from the hallway looking straight into the room. The bookcases are “styled” now – as much as you can style bookcases in a children’s room. To the right, is the closet. During renovation, we removed all the bedroom closet doors and opted for fabric panels in their place. They are less cumbersome, quieter and safer for the kids {no smashed or pinched fingers}. I have a few things to add to the closet wall and I’ll share those in another post soon!

close look 2

This is another view from the hallway looking towards the far corner of the room. There is a second bookcase and a play table + chairs sits in between the bookcases, under the window. This is where you heard Mabrey playing blocks in the sensor switch video. I bought the table primarily for the boys’ use but Mabrey LOVES sitting at the table to stack blocks.

close look 3

Walking into the room and turning to the left, you get a nice view of the striped accent wall. It’s actually peel-and-stick wallpaper! Everyone who visits our house comments on the wall and then proceeds to smooth it over with their hands. The wallpaper has more depth than painted stripes and it draws people in. I like that it makes the rectangular room feel wider. Typically, I don’t shove all furniture up against the walls in a room but, in this case, it’s kinda necessary to leave as much floor space open for play.

close look 4

I let the boys pick out their bunk bed. It isn’t what I would have chosen myself but it was inexpensive and it gets the job done. The kids love it. I do like that it has a detached trundle for sleepovers and overnight guests. We’ve used it a ton already! And that’s another reason why the middle of this room is open – to pull out the trundle without having to move anything out of the way. I added floor-to-ceiling curtains to make the beds feel like a hideout per the boys’ request. Each boy has their own reading light and book ledge. We recently added a small clip-on fan to the top bunk’s book ledge. It can get pretty hot up there on warm nights.

close look 5

This is the view from the play table looking over to the beds, dresser and door. If you look closely, you’ll see that the bunk sits in a little bump out ~8″ deep. Placing the largest piece of furniture here helps keep it from crowding precious floor space.

That’s it! The boys’ room in a nutshell. With the kids back in school, I want to put together a room-by-room tour of this house. Right now, the only tour under the “see my house” tab is of our previous house. For those of you who want a video tour, it’ll come but I really want to finish up a few larger projects before I share that. I hope you will stick around to see it.

For more details on the styling of the boys’ bookcases and pictures of a certain babygirl playing in the room, you can read this post I wrote for Wayfair.

close look 6

Bookcase sources: Warner bookshelf // work lamp spray painted with Rust-Oleum’s metallic gold // rattan baskets // colored slabs geometric art No.1 //colored slabs geometric art No.2 // step stool painted in Behr citrus zest, semi-gloss // sweater weather carpet tiles // Valspar dry riverbed on the walls

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



What lucky kiddos you have…such a fun room. You should totally spray paint the bunk bed ladder a fun bright pop of color :) Can’t wait to see a video tour of the rest of the rooms!


I love so many things about the room – I think I’m going to replace my daughter’s bi-fold closet doors with curtains. What kind of rod do you use? Do they slide open evenly? What about the bunk bed curtains – do they slide nicely on the track? That may be a good mounting system for us if it works well!

I’m curious about the picture frames on the bookcases. It just seems like an accident waiting to happen when they pull out a book that the frame overlaps, especially in a kids room. Heck, I feel like I would bump it myself! How has that worked out?


Hey Dana- Love the room and I believe the curtains used here are the same ones you used in your bedroom. I really liked them and decided to drive 2 hours to my local Ikea and purchase them. The RITVA in white. But when I got home and opened them they seem very creamy in color. Was this your experience and did they look more white after washing them? Thanks.


Crushing on those FLOR tiles! Bunks don’t look amazing but the extra floor/play room is worth it, and the curtains look great!


Ours were pretty white from the get-go. Not sure what the problem might be with yours??

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love the walls! and that Mabrey plays in there too. i have a 16 month old and getting her to play in any one area is a feat. having a table and chairs i think will do the trick. thanks for the tip!


Have you discussed the carpet squares that are together as a rug? I love the look of them.. do they wear nicely? Not sure if you’ve discussed this in a previous post. I’m a newish reader :)


The boys room is absolutely great. It’s fun, usable and mature enough to grow with them. For some reason I can’t stop wondering what it would look like if you spray painted the bed frame. Maybe oil rubbed bronze? Can the white tube part of the bunk beds be separated from the side boards for this kind of experimentation? Am I crazy?


If you’re crazy, I’m crazy. I’ve often dreamt of painting the bunk, too. I think it would be a huge project to paint the entire bed but am thinking I could easily detach the ladder and give it a few coats of something fun!


Painting just the ladder would be great. Maybe a grey-blue colour pulled from the geometric prints on the bookshelves? That would look great with the orange accents. That, or black. You can never go wrong with black.


Those bookshelves are exactly what I need in my kids room…. they are sold out :/


Your boys are so lucky. I wish I had a room like that when I was a kid. Then again, I wonder how long it’s going to stay tidy. My mom would always complain about my toys. They are all over the place.


Love this room! with two little boys myself, I am on always on the hunt for design that will grow up with them (my boys are 2 and 8 months) where did you find those awesome chairs? I scored a table at a yard sale but have been looking into getting some chairs and those would be awesome




Love your boys room!! Where did you purchase window shade?
Thanks- Joy


Hi dana!
Love reading your blog and keeping up with your projects! We’re working on my little boy’s “big boy” room and I’m interested in knowing how you like the ikea dresser your boys share? I’m leaning toward a possibly older, more sturdy piece that I could revamp but your boys’ dresser looks pretty fun! Can you comment on the quality? Thanks!


Some IKEA dressers are known to be flimsy but this one, while light in weight, is sturdier. We always use wood glue when assembling IKEA furniture and we attached the dresser to the wall with anti-toppling hardware. Those things make it even more rigid. We’ve had no problems with drawers getting stuck and there are absolutely no wobbles. I like the hardware-less feature – it’s easy for the kids to open/close the drawers without getting pinched.


Overstock! Search ‘petite rustique shade’ and look for the size you need. I’ve used these shades throughout our home and just purchased two more to finish up in the living room. They are totally functional {we draw the dining room shade in the evenings if we’re eating in there} but in our house they are mostly decorative.


This room is absolutely stunning! You did such an amazing job combining eclectic accents while keeping everything so clean & bright. I always have trouble mixing styles & keeping it looking pulled together, so this is just amazing to me!! Beautiful job, Dana!!


I love this shared boys bedroom. I really love the Bookshelf from World Plus Cost Market. FYI – it is currently on clearance for $82 in stores only not online. This design is just perfect for a boys/kids playroom. I am so happy that I found your blog!


You don’t have a link or source for the bunkbed reading lights, do you?




I just stumbled upon your website from Wayfair. I was looking for a bunkbed. Can you share where yours is from?




Hi Dana – I think I remember reading that the boys reading shelf was from ikea.. Is that true and what is it called? Thanks!


Yes, it’s the RIBBA picture ledge.


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I’m wondering where you got your ceiling light from? Thank you!


Lamps Plus!


Love the room. What color are the carpet tiles from Flor?


Yes, they are Flor tiles.


I have 3 little boys sharing a room in our house at the moment and I refer to the pictures of your boys room often in trying to pull together a fun space for our boys! We have 2 sets of the same bunkbeds in their room and I love how you have the reading lights for each if your guys! I’m sure it is very self explanatory but what did you do with the cords and how did you get the one on top to reach without having several extra visible cords (from extension cords..)? Thanks so much for your help!!


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