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09.30.13 / A Kitchen Rug

ebay 7

I jumped on the rug in the kitchen bandwagon.

ebay 4

It’s a wagon I’ve been wanting to jump on for some time but was holding out for the it rug.

ebay 3

Ideally, I wanted a vintage rug in a bold pattern and rich colors. And I didn’t want to spend a buh-zillion dollars. I found my it rug on ebay for $85. I’m happy I waited for the right rug to come along instead of spending money on a so-so place holder. I’m not always that patient. Just ask my husband.

ebay 5

For the space I needed something larger than a standard 2′ x 3′ but smaller than 3′ x 5′. Vintage rugs are perfect for not-your-average-sized-rug situations like this. They usually come in atypical sizes.

ebay 6

The persian rug is a bit bolder than my usual rug preferences of jute, sisal, sheepskin or seagrass. I’ve felt inspired lately to be more daring with some of my décor choices. Life is too short for a house full of jute rugs, am I right? It’s not hot pink or anything but it’s different enough to feel, well, different. But in a good way. A real good way.

ebay 9

I log many hours at the kitchen sink and this rug makes my time there feel a little more special. How can a rug do that?

I don’t know.

But I like it.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


I have been wanting a rug for my kitchen too. I think it will make the all the cold hard surfaces feel a bit warmer. But I keep changing my mind about what I want in there…
I love your kitchen more and more all the time. Every time I look at it I see something else that I love and gives me ideas about my house.


Cute! I love the way the rug brings in some warm neutrals. Random question, but your jeans are cute- where did you purchase them?


Love the new rug! And, your whole beautiful home! And, how about a post on your daily workout?! :-) Darn, girl – great pic! :-)


Love the rug. But how do you keep it clean? I have a toddler and a 10 month old crawling around. The hair, the crumbs, the stuff that collects makes me batty! I could shake it out every day, or vacuum it every day but that’s too much. How do you keep your floors clean? We like to go bare foot and I don’t like feeling crumbs so I’m constantly wiping the floor with a wet paper towel to keep it tidy. Are you a fanatic like me?


We have a rug in our kitchen and I love it! We spend so much time in there it makes sense. One day I’d love to get those cushioned pads if they ever look good!


It looks great! Makes the space feel warm and looks so good on those wood floors.


I’m in the same boat! (2 yr old and 10 month old boys) What’s worse is we have carpeting everywhere except kitchen and bathroom – I vacuum everyday and it’s still not enough ughhh


I love a colorful rug in the kitchen! I’m using FLOR tiles in my kitchen because they’re extremely durable. But I recently had some nice wool rugs professionally cleaned and was delighted to discover that it’s not that expensive. So, you know, let there be messes! (And here’s the FLOR in my kitchen as proof of colorful rug love: http://www.captaindapper.com/2013/09/dapper-home-sneak-peek-of-captain.html.


Stunning. Your home is quickly getting dog eared for my future dream home inspiration. What a wonderful mix of old and new.

You’re the queen of finding the perfect rug and I’m on the hunt–hopefully I am as lucky. Ps. Nice legs!!!


1) SMOKIN’ HOT mamacita in that last picture.

2) I love the painting/rug combo. It completely changed the vibe of your kitchen. I loved the kitchen before, but those two together took it to a whole new level.


I love the new rug and what it does for the kitchen. How do we relate to the rug over in the office area? Any chance we can see a picture of the two together?


Love everything about it! How does it look next to the other rug in there? Just curious since they are both sort of an oriental print. That’s where I am having trouble in my home- trying to make sure rugs don’t clash if you can see multiple ones from different views in the home. I try to keep them same color palette and think of them like throw pillows and the kinds of prints/patterns/textures you would throw together there but still have some trouble deciding what looks best.


um- cute jeans.

Did you put a mat under the rug to keep it in one place and add some padding? I feel like my rug moves all over my kitchen floor and I HAVE a mat! I’ve just been too lazy to get a better mat.


No pad yet but I’ll probably get one to hold it in place better.


The new kitchen rug and the rug at the kitchen desk look good together! Like you said, keeping them in the same color family helps. The kitchen rug has deeper hues while the desk rug has more muted tones of red, gold, gray, etc. The kitchen rug is persian and the desk rug is a kilim. They are far enough away from each other that they don’t need to be exactly the same colors or patterns and they define each area of the kitchen. I think they go a long way in making the kitchen feel warmer and livable.


I love that the rugs aren’t a perfect match. They are far enough away from each other that they don’t need to be exactly the same colors or patterns and they define each area of the kitchen. The only time they are seen in the same view is looking back towards the kitchen from the desk and v/v. I think they go a long way in making the kitchen feel warmer and livable.


I saw your FLOR tiles – love them!


With three kids in the house, NOTHING is kept 100% clean 100% of the time. I am a clean floor fanatic, too. We are barefoot most of the time and, like you, I can’t do crumbs on the soles of my feet. The crumbs would be there regardless of flooring or rug/no rug. Seeing as how I can’t get rid of the kids, I spot clean frequently – usually after every messy meal. Lately I’ve discovered it’s easiest to use the hose attachment on my vacuum for the inevitable crumb messes. Someday I’d like to invest in a smaller handheld option that I could keep in the kitchen.

In summary, crumbs happen. One day I’ll miss them but for now I’ll sweep ’em up.


They’re just plain ol’ Levi’s skinnies from Kohl’s last year.


I’ve been contemplating a workout post. I did one when I was pregnant because so many people asked. It was awkward and embarrassing but maybe it inspired one person? I am turning 35 next month and I’ve never felt better about my body. I think it’s a combination of my recent workout efforts {I changed my workout methods this year} and the fact that I truly appreciate what my body has done for me these last 35 years. Having that kind of respect for my body makes me want to treat it well so it will give me another good 35 years – at least!


Rugs are wonderfully personal! Just think about how many hours that someone put into making it.

My mother-in-law used to have a loom and made her own fabric. Oh, the stories her curtains would tell about how she made the fabric with her own hands before making them.

It’s completely natural, to me, that a rug would make your kitchen and your time there feel more special. There’s beauty in it and in the journey you took to bringing it home.


Happy rug hunting!


beautiful! I am really appreciating your approach to making a home a “home.” I love how you have kept your big items modern and neutral, and slowly you are adding pops of color.


You are on a rug roll. I love your bold rug color choices, especially after watching yours start out as more neutral. I tend to stick with super neutrals (literally all of my large rugs are some combo of gray/cream) and it is nice to see how some color really warms up the space.

And on another note, seeing as how I’ll be the big 3-5 in a couple of months myself, I’d love to hear some other mid-thirties moms share how they fit workout/self time into their busy lives – time to share Dana…

You find the best rugs! I love how it warms up the kitchen.


Hi! Can you share the eBay store name? I’m always on the hunt for reliable eBay rug dealers!

Looks like you got a gem of a persian!

I love that you went a little more bold, and I actually felt the same a few weeks ago and purchased two new rugs for our home. One is a fake over-dye turquoise rug and another is a bold black and white pattern. You are right…life is too short to not take risks!! :) Your rug looks absolutely perfect in your kitchen…beautiful choice!!

PS-I hope I can look half as good as you after I have even one child…you look amazing, Dana!!


awesome rug. so ihave a question off subject though. are those spice racks on your fridge? where did you get them? i tried to make myself something like that but sadly it was not strong enough. i really would love to know where they come from and whether they are magnetic or not


They are magnetic containers from IKEA. Great for dried herbs – not so great for spices as the lids become hard to open with gritty salts, spices, etc.


manhattanrugs was the ebay seller.


I was going to ask the same question! Super cute!
(And the rug looks good, too)


I am on the hunt for a large vintage rug. I know eBay is probably my best bet for finding an affordable option, but I don’t know how to go about the search. There are SO many rugs on eBay but most are not the style I want. What are some good search terms to use? I’d love a rug similar to either one of your kitchen/office rugs.


I’ve been reading your blog for a really long tine {back when you lived in a much bigger home} and continue to fall in love with your decorating style with each post. My husband and I struggle to find common decorating ground, which means that our home has recently gone untouched in the five years that we’ve lived here. BUT, thanks to your blog, your home is serving as inspiration because we both like it. I even painted an accent wall in our home charcoal gray, whereas before seeing your dark walls, I wouldn’t have been brave enough.

Love it!!! It is gorgeous and adds a perfect little pop in your amazing kitchen.


Love the rug! Yes please do an updated workout post :) Also I love the 2 tone kitchen colored cabinets and want to do similar – are you tired of yours yet or do you still love it? Love the white on top and dark on bottom (mainly because I have 2 rowdy boys and I couldn’t imagine white on the bottoms with the amount of spills that occur – anyway curious of your thoughts now that you’ve had them a bit!


Yes, the rug is great – awesome even, but I am dying to know where your jeans are from! Fantastic jeans.

After two kids, I am STILL struggling to find a pair of jeans that doesn’t make me look like I have a mom butt. Not that I was looking at your butt. Okay, I was, but totally in a “jeans-shopping” kinda way. :)

Another perfect addition to the Underdog Dana. I love it. I love rugs in darn near any space, especially the kitchen. As unfortunate and embarrassing as this is, I have no rugs in any room except the kitchen. They are the one design element I love most in spaces, yet they are the one design element my home lacks. I adore beautifully pattern vintage rugs the most. Hopefully Ill add some soon.


My jeans are Levi’s from Kohl’s. I have a short torso and finally realized that I need a low waistband to keep my butt from looking mom-ish.


i have a hard time keeping my rugs in place. even the rug runners don’t seem to work? i’d love to see a post on this topic and how to clean vintage rugs, too!


ok..we are soon doing a whole new IKEA kitchen. did you get your handles there? you bought all IKEA, right? is there some sort of molding at the very base of your cabs where they hit the floor?

how are they holding up?


Our kitchen handles are from IKEA as are the cabinet frames, cabinet doors / drawer fronts, dishwasher, fridge and gas range. The perimeter base cabinets stand on adjustable feet (from IKEA) and we built a wood base for the island’s cabinets. IKEA offers a snap-on toe kick (I believe they call it “plinth”) to hide the adjustable feet and that’s what we used around the bottom of the cabinets where they meet the floor. We used the same plinth around the bottom of the island, too, but it doesn’t snap on. The toe kick is holding up just fine nearly two years later. It’s definitely holding up better than the toe kick in our last house which had the average builder basic stuff. Hope that helps!


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Where did you purchase your floors?


Build Direct!

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We’ve been living in an apartment for the last 7 months ( after being homeowners for 39 years) while we are waiting for the completion of construction of our new home out of state. The kitchen is dismal beyond words…BUT to make the UGLY faux granite- looking Formica counters more attractive AND practical I placed ( just layedthem on top) 8 12″X12″ porcelain floor tiles ( A pretty creamy beige) on top of the small counter. Sonow, not only can I place hot pots and pans, dishes down without a second thought of burning the counter, it really brightened up the kitchen! (The cabinets are a VERY dark stained oak and have a very shiny varnish finish on them…eek!) and I also brought in a roller type 3 shelf cart and am using it as a freestanding island to make up for lack of counter space. I have my pretty kitchen towels hanging over the small handle and v’oila!….I was able to make lemonade out of a sour lemon temporary kitchen!