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Yesterday you caught a glimpse of what caught my eye on a recent antiquing adventure. Today I’m sharing what made it home with me. The bad news is I didn’t find what I was looking for. (More on that in a future post.) The good news is I did find a few things that didn’t break the bank.

vintage throw 2

First up is a vintage wool blanket ($35) in a color palette that had me at hello. Immediately, I thought it would be a fun color burst at the foot of our bed during this cold, cold winter.

vintage throw 3

The red-orange, deep coral and heathered brown color scheme ties in to other pieces in the room. Namely, the striped duvet, the embroidered pillow on the bed and the kilim pillow on the chair. It’s difficult to see in the pictures but there are thin mint / seafoam stripes in the blanket, too, that pick up on the wall color. The scraggly poms on the corners sealed the deal for me.

The blanket is HEAVY and warm. Steve asked why I bought a horse blanket. (He thinks he’s hilarious.) But guess who is pulling said horse blanket up over their down comforter when it’s, like, 0ºF at night and they’re shivering in the fetal position? Yeah, the funny guy.

vintage throw 4

Stripes on stripes are a-okay in my book. Gimme all the stripes!

vintage throw 1

Most likely, I will remove the wool blanket from our bed come summer when we don’t need extra layers to stay warm at night. But for now this brightly striped find is a welcome addition at the foot of our bed.

vintage spool 1

There are more new old things in our bedroom, too. I’ve been on the hunt for a porcelain glove mold for a while. They always look so pretty draped with necklaces and bracelets. I came across a few glove molds at the Heart of Ohio Antique Center but couldn’t justify the $45-$80 price tags. Imagine how happy I was when I found one at the Springfield Antique Center for just $12! I politely asked for a cash discount and ended up scoring it for $10. Bam. Mine.

It needs a good Magic Eraser cleaning session and I’ve yet to untangle my necklaces and put them on display but that should be a quick and easy styling project one day when boredom strikes.

vintage spool 2

The wooden spools came from the Springfield Antique Center as well. There was a booth full of them and I was drawn to all the different shapes, sizes and wood tones. At $1-$3 a pop, I thought they would make for some great inexpensive, kid-friendly tabletop decor. Seriously, my kids can’t hurt these. They’re cheap and they create a fun little vignette bunched up together. I feel a collecting habit coming on. Buddha heads and wooden spools are my jam?

vintage knobs 1

The Heart of Ohio Antique Center had bins upon bins of vintage hardware. Knobs, handles, hinges, door knockers, etc. You name it, they had it. From the minute we switched up the media cabinet, I’ve been wanting to dress it up with a pair of knobs or handles. I dug through dozens of knobs and was able to find a matching pair of mid century brass knobs ($1 each) that ended up being the perfect jewelry for the cabinet. They’re like little gold stud earrings! I love how they tie in to the gold task lamp and gold frame in this corner of our living room.

vintage knobs 2

The threading on them ended up being metric which threw us for a loop. But (I know I’ve mentioned this before) we could run a well-stocked hardware store from our garage. Wouldn’t you know Steve had metric screws on hand? Don’t ask.

The knobs show some patina and wear which I like. They give the new media cabinet some personality and life. Adding the knobs instantly upgraded the cabinet. Gotta love $2, 5-minute upgrades.

There you have it. The fruits of my cabin fever antiquing which rang in under $60 total. What have you been doing to curb cabin fever? (I’ve found chocolate no-bake cookies mighty comforting, too.)

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


I looove that blanket Dana. It looks awesome in your room. I never commented on it before, but I really love the jute rug in there as well. The knobs are just perfect for the media cabinet. They look original to the piece. Great finds!


Hi Dana, great finds!

Just wondered, have you featured a tour of your bedroom yet? I looked in the house tour section but don’t think I saw it and a couple of shots I have seen look great. Would love to see more of it…

Rebecca x

Great finds! Love the hand and the knobs. And the stripes on stripes totally work!


Where did you purchase your bedroom rug? And does it shed?


Isn’t it amazing what a simple hardware update can do to a piece! Fantastic.



So so good. I love it all. I am really appreciating the layers of textures and color. With these small additions I can see where you are going and I love it.


Lowe’s has metric machine screws. I know because I just needed some longer ones to replace in an IKEA step stool that I just made over. They have them in those blue metal bin drawers with specialty screws if you ever need some :)

Here is where I wrote about it:


You had way more luck than I did on my recent thrifting trip. I love the porcelain hand…so lovely and will look even more so when it’s all done up with your pretty accessories.

I love the blanket! Your bedding is fantastic :)


I LOVE that blanket. Gorgeous color and it makes a great addition to your bedroom. You have a great way of knowing what colors compliment each other!


Love your duvet cover, where is it from?


Love it all! I know this is a random little piece to your decor, but that gold frame. Can you tell me where that is from? And I know you’ve blogged before our your curtain rods. Where do you like to buy those? thanks!!

You found some great finishing touches! Nice work! And you are right those spools will make awesome kid-friendly decor pieces! Loved seeing what you got!


The frame was a custom job at JoAnn’s. I used birthday money to have the black and white photography framed. See more here…


For modestly sized curtain rods, I like Target. For extra long ones, I have better luck online – Amazon and Overstock.


It’s Dwell Studio’s ash draper stripe duvet. Read more about it here…



Our bedroom rug is from Overstock. It’s the most expensive rug we own and it shows. It’s thick and has a great chunky texture but doesn’t shed. (It shed just a little in the beginning.) Worth every penny!


Full house tour is coming this year…promise. Just gotta get rid of the kids for a weekend shoot!


Love the way the blanket makes the red stripe white pillow on your bed also pop. You have some fun color and pattern combos going on! Love it!
Home Style Love


Hi Dana —

If you’re ever looking for another purpose for those antique spools, my teenage son buys them and uses them to display his antique hat collection. Most older men’s hats are pretty stiff, and I worried that the spools would cause them to eventually get misshapen at the crown. But so far, so good!


so cozy and bright! and unfortunately, so necessary this cold cold winter.


Love it all! I’d like to know more details about the bed itself. And where are the lamps from?


Thanks for taking along as you browsed and shopped. Going through antique malls is my absolute favorite thing to do in real life, so please take us again with you when you can–it’s fun this way too! And wow, I love what you brought home. That blanket is truly amazing.



I LOVE your finds! I’m wondering where you got your swing arm lamp? It’s darling and not too feminine or masculine!


I love antiquing! Especially with a coffee on a Sunday morning with no other plans. Unfortunately we live near the city so prices are a bit inflated. I have to thrift if I want to find nice and affordable but it’s fun to just imagine sometimes too :)


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Hey Dana! I am wondering where you found that gorgeous blanket?! I’ve been looking for one exactly like it and would love to know where you found yours for such a great price and if it’s still available. Thanks!