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02.21.14 / Made Me Smile

atomic ranch

Many things made me smile this week. Here are a few…

*My sister-in-law gifted me a subscription to Atomic Ranch for my birthday and the first issue arrived. It happens to be the 10th anniversary issue and features one of the best split-level remodels I’ve seen. It doesn’t even look like the same house!

*Easy and inexpensive DIY “brass” and wood shelves.

*The Gap by Ira Glass. (Thanks for the link, Meg!)

*We’re starting on the kid / guest bathroom! (Again.)

*Steve and I usually skip right over Valentine’s Day but this year he surprised me with this photography idea book.

*One renter’s temporary solution for an ugly granite fireplace surround? Adhesive black paper!

*I finally finished The Thurber Carnival. It was so funny! I was happy to learn that the Thurber house is still a part of the Ohio community and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

*Insanity!! House*Tweaking is nominated in two categories (Best Home Project & DIY Blog + Best Home Design & Inspiration) for The Homies Awards over on Apartment Therapy. Honestly, just seeing House*Tweaking listed alongside my favorite blogs is reward enough but if you wanna help bump H*T up the list with a quick vote, that’s cool, too.

I hope you do something scary fun that makes you smile this weekend.

image: Dana Miller



Already voted ! And good luck for the bathroom renovation, it’s going to be gorgeous I’m sure :) Take care and have a great week-end.


I love, love, love Atomic Ranch!

So much good stuff this Friday Dana! Love Atomic Ranch, loved Kirsten’s home tour, love the bathroom tile and Im so excited for the reno, and you can bet I voted for you days ago! Have a happy weekend.


Thanks so much for sharing the Ira Glass video. It’s exactly the push I needed to keep going. ^_^

Happy Friday!


Thanks for sharing the link to The Gap video – it short and sweet, but really sums up a phase I feel as if I’m stuck in, ugh… I voted for you in both categories though :) I love your blog and your story is an inspiration to me! Good Luck!!


You should get your house published in Atomic Ranch – so fitting!

Funny, The Thurber Carnival is on my desk at home right now!


Def voting for you. Your site is eye candy for me. It is a nice part of my day to look at your website while getting a brake during nap time and work stuff. Loving your Friday posts!


I just subscribed to Atomic Ranch. Honestly, just two minutes ago. I feel like my birthday has come early!


Hi- First I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you! I know this isn’t the appropriate post of yours to be asking this question, but I’ve been curious about the rocker in the nursery. I’ve been eyeing this for awhile, and now, while pregnant with our first baby and living in a very small space, wondered about your thoughts on it. I love the look, cost, and how it takes up a small footprint, but as my husband always reminds me, will it be practical for our needs? Meaning, how is the comfort for all those feedings and nights comforting a new baby? Thank you again-


For feedings less than or equal to 15 minutes, the rocker was fine with a lumbar pillow. A floor pouf is nice, too. Anything longer than that isn’t going to be the most comfortable in this chair. Mabrey was always a quick eater so I never spent more than 15 minutes in the rocker for nighttime feedings. I didn’t have the rocker until Mabrey was a few months old. As a newborn, we co-slept. Congrats on your bebe!


I just voted for you, Homie! ;) I even had to sign-up to do it…which speaks volumes for this gal. Good luck, I love reading H* T’ Thanks for always keeping it real, you inspire me daily. I finally took a leap in faith and painted our fireplace white months ago’


I just voted for you. You have inspired me so much on how to organize an declutter a home.


Loving your list this week, especially the Ira Glass piece. Always enjoy your blog!


I bought the Beautiful Mess photography book because of you.