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pesto sandwich 2

When it’s cold outside, I like a hot sandwich and warm soup inside. Our next-door neighbors in our old ‘hood used to make this sandwich all the time when they entertained. (I miss having neighbors who feed us!) It’s perfect for parties or a quick meal.

pesto sandwich 1


*loaf of ciabatta bread
*¼ c. pesto
*1 lb. shaved ham, preferably uncured (I use Boar’s Head uncured, smoked ham.)
*a few slices of provolone cheese
*¼ c. dill pickles, sliced
*thin slices of red onion for topping

I’m guessing you know how to make a sandwich. If not…spread the pesto onto the top half of the cut ciabatta loaf. Layer meat and toppings. (I can’t believe I just typed instructions for making a sandwich. You’re welcome.)

pesto sandwich

Wrap the sandwich in foil and place it on a baking sheet. Bake at 350°F for 25-30 minutes or until heated through.

pesto sandwich 3

Cut the hot sandwich lengthwise then widthwise into 2″ finger sandwiches. Use toothpicks for easy serving.

pesto sandwich 4

Serve with kettle cooked chips, salad or soup of choice. Personally, I love it alongside Trader Joe’s organic tomato & roasted red pepper soup. (There’s a low sodium option, too.) YUM.

pesto sandwich 5

My kids aren’t fond of pesto so I usually forgo pesto on one end of the loaf when I make it for my family. This sandwich is super easy and super comforting. Enjoy!

Psst…easy chicken marbella is pretty comforting, too.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


I think this be nice on a panini press too!


I love the plates… where did you find them?


Uncommon Goods!


They were on my wish list. I received them as a gift for Christmas.


oh that looks good! and your photography is amazing!! the bread and soup really pop against your walls!!


Looks good! Is there a pesto brand you recommend? This summer I’d love to have a little herb garden and grow my own. Yum.


Confession: I’ve never made pesto from scratch. I’d rather paint something. Eeek! I just try to buy organic. I haven’t met a pesto I didn’t like!


This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing! Love your blog, Dana!


Easy chicken marbella is now part of the meal rotation around here. Thank you again! Once a Trader Joe’s finally opens in driving distance in May (a mere 50 minutes away), our meals will be ever so much easier and tastier. P.S. Homemade pesto is a breeze. Basil’s easy to grow, and all you need is a blender or food processor to make pesto and jars or freezer bags to store it. Nice to vary the recipe with fresh parsley–also incredibly easy to grow and loaded with nutrients (plus it overwinters and self-sows)–and different nuts in lieu of pine nuts.


Easy yummy homemade roasted tomato and red pepper soup: http://deliciouslyella.com/roasted-tomato-and-red-pepper-soup/

where did you find a loaf of ciabatta? it’s my fav, but not at my go to store, was it from TJ’s too?


any chance you will have another Joss and Main event soon?


Yep now I want a hot sandwich.


It was from the bakery section at my local grocery store, Kroger.


Sounds delicious! Will try this tomorrow for lunch! Thanks.

thanks, made it for dinner tonight…it was great, simple, and everybody liked it…a keeper.


thank you so much for this quick and delicious recipe post!! i made it last sunday after church complete with the TJ’s soup and it was a hit!! even a few of my picky eaters thought it was yummy. i cooked it on our pizza stone which i think gave it a nice crispiness. thanks for this simple goodness!! much appreciated!


Oooh, the pizza stone was a nice touch.


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