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03.07.14 / Made Me Smile


I’m not gonna lie. This week was rough. But finding a few smile-worthy things helped me realize that my bad weeks aren’t all that bad. Here are the *much needed* things that made me smile.

*My $4 pot of tulips bloomed! One question for any green thumbs out there: what do I do with it now? Can I transplant the bulbs outside? I’m clueless.

*Lulu’s modern princess mood board created by her awesome mommy using my Polyvore tutorial.

*This beautiful children’s book (my current fave) would make a great Easter basket gift.

*Boy meets art.

*A calming live-work apartment.

*I borrowed this Thom Filicia book from the library and now it’s on my wish list. In the book, Thom shares his personal story of finding, buying, renovating and decorating a lake house. (The foreword is by Tina Fey. How crazy is that?!)

*Lastly, somehow I stumbled upon the #sharemystyle hashtag. Australian residents are taking pictures of their personal spaces and posting them via twitter or instagram with the #sharemystyle hashtag for a chance to win a featured spot in Inside Out magazine. Warning: the real life eye candy is addicting. (I’m not sure whether to say “you’re welcome” or “I’m sorry” for sharing this with you.) See my favorites below.

share my style faves

See what I mean?! Gah.

I hope you’re able to find some smile-worthy moments this weekend. It’s going to be sunny and mild today so I’m taking the kids to the park after school. I can hardly wait!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Inside Out magazine



Thanks, Dana, for the little nod to my Modern Princess Mood Board! Made my day!

I love these posts on Fridays. I look forward to them each week

Those tulips are gorgeous and definitely made me smile. I hate rough weeks! Hope you will be able to get out and do something fun this weekend or just catch up on some much needed sleep!!! By the way your hair looks amazing in this picture. If you are ever up for it I’d love a tutorial on how you got that lovely loose curl.


I just stumbled upon your mood board tutorial; it was very helpful! I have been trying my hand at them (in order to release all my ideas and make more room in my brain) in photoshop, but mine seem more…cluttered? than yours. I’ll have to keep playing around!

Definitely checking out #sharemystyle! I love how minimalistic the rooms all are. I’m starting to think I have OCD, haha!


Since you live where you get 6 weeks of freezing temps, I think you can plant in the tulips outside and they might bloom next spring.

I love getting Tulips of this shade and putting them in my celadon green ceramic water pitcher! They always make me smile too!


For the tulips – you should be able to replant them, however you will want to wait until the blooms and greenery have dried out/died and the bulb has gone dormant. This will likely take a few months. While the leaves remain, keep the bulbs in an area where they can get sunlight and get semi-frequent moisture, as the leaves help the bulb store energy to survive the winter/dormant period. Once the bulbs are dormant (when the leaves naturally dry out/die off), carefully remove the contents from the pot. The roots will probably be intertwined – it would be best to not try to separate them, though if you do they will likely be just fine. If the roots are all tangled/looping around the sides of the soil, where the pot was, cut them vertically along the sides to get new roots to grow outwards. Plant in an area with an appropriate amount of sun (for tulips, most likely some part-sun, full sun can dry them out).


Rough few weeks here too – husband away, working extra evenings & weekends, an extended bout with norovirus, throw up on the carseat (!), broken washing machine (!!) – c’mon spring. I’m at a low ebb after this crazy winter. Need to catch up on everything, especially being outside!


What is it with Australians having such impeccable home style. <3


I was once a single mother with three boys. I feel you… :)
I love the variety of links on Friday. Off to take in some eye candy now! Thanks!


Love these lists, too! Hope your rough week gets better with the warmer weather!


I love the color of your tulips! I planted ours outside, after they were done blooming and looked dead. Unfortunately for me, I have a squirrel living close by that loves to dig up the bulbs and eat them. We’ll see in a few weeks how many have survived both the squirrel and snow. I hope you and the kids had fun outside today, we sure enjoyed the fresh air!


I know! It’s enough to make me want to move there in the hopes that all their design savvy would rub off on me!!


Thank you for this! I will try.


A hair tutorial is officially on the future post list! (Even though I might embarrass myself.)


Yay, I’m excited!

OMG those homes are incredibly addicting! Thanks so much for sharing:)


I grew up on the lake where Thom Felicia redid his lake house featured in the book. Beautiful book and even more beautiful lake! Still one of my favorite places to be.




Tulip is the embodiment of spring, new beginnings, beauty and many other inspiring things. I can perfectly understand your positive feelings because spring flowers make me happy and full of new emotions. My garden is full of them! It is really beautiful!


Oh Dana I love your outfit. Where did you get your shirt and watch ?


Shirt is from Kohl’s a few years back. My watch is Fossil but, again, I bought it several years ago. So, I guess it’s literally a “fossil.” Haha.

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