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noir hex grout 1

The bathroom floor has grout! The grouting process went smoothly and was a welcome “easy” step after the tiling fiasco. Steve says he would install tile all day long if the only thing involved was grouting.

I took some pictures to share with you. They’re under artificial lighting because it’s (big surprise) extremely dark and gloomy here today. We’re going to DIY a boat soon. KIDDING. I thought about waiting to shoot on a sunny day but I couldn’t! Still, these images are pretty spot-on for what the floor looks like in real life. It has some variation and variegation which gives it a natural, organic vibe. Just try to imagine white subway tile on the walls instead of that garish pink-red and be aware that almost everything has a pinkish / purplish tint to it from said walls.

noir hex grout 2

That’s the view from the hall looking in at the bathroom floor. The plumbing fixtures on the floor (left-hand side of this image) are for a claw foot tub. The rectangular hole is a heating / cooling register and you can see the toilet drain.

noir hex grout 3

And that’s the view looking back towards the hall. The plumbing fixtures on the wall are for the sink vanity. As you can see, there is a short hall that juts off from the main hallway and leads to a linen closet and this kid / guest bathroom. The door to the bathroom has been leaning against the wall waiting to be hung for over a year!

noir hex grout 4

This close-up shows the little imperfections in each tile. They look old and worn. I think they’re beautiful.

I’m not going to go into great detail about the grouting. There are enough resources out there on the inter webs and I don’t think I’d be saying anything that hasn’t been said already. A few things about our grout though…

Steve and I were at odds when it came to choosing a grout color. He was leaning towards medium to dark while I wanted something lighter to contrast with the noir hex. But I didn’t want white since I knew it wouldn’t stay white for long. So, of course, we googled a bunch of images of “black hexagon tile” for inspiration. We ended up choosing sanded grout in whisper grey. The grout lines are ~1/8″ as predetermined by the mesh sheets of tile. The tile is travertine – the same material as our mudroom / dining room floor – and requires sealing BEFORE grouting. This is a critical step which keeps the porous tile from absorbing the grout and it also helps with grout clean-up.

noir hex grout 5

We used a sealer specifically for travertine that we had leftover from tiling the mudroom floor. Steve rolled it on with a foam roller then buffed it lightly with a terry cloth to avoid pooling. It had to dry for an hour before grouting.

Once the sealer was dry, it was grout time. Instead of mixing up the grout with water, we used a flexible grout admixture. (We’ve actually used it for most of the grout in our house but I don’t think I’ve mentioned it.) Supposedly, the admixture prevents shrinking & cracking and improves strength, bonding, color and stain resistance. Since we used this technique in our master bathroom and the grout is still going strong with no cracks or stains 2+ years in, we figured it couldn’t hurt to use it here, too.

I think the sealer did help with clean-up afterwards. We didn’t have to use a grout haze remover – just water – to clean up. It took about five rounds of sponging with a clean, wet sponge to remove the grout residue.

We still need to seal the entire floor now that the grout is in. That will probably happen this week.

noir hex grout 6

Steve and I both LOVE how the black hexagon floor turned out. Yes, it was such a pain to lay and in the heat of the moment we may have questioned our choice of tile but…BUT!…we are so glad we stuck with it. The final result is just as dreamy as I had envisioned. My favorite part is that it looks old but it isn’t.

What do you think? I can’t say a black hexagon floor is something I’ve always wanted in my house. But now that it’s here I don’t know why I never thought about one before!

We partnered with The Tile Shop for the bathroom floor. They kindly gave us the tile of our choice and necessary tiling supplies. All labor, opinions, images and mishaps are our own.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Travertine? Ha! I would never have guessed, but yes, I love how it looks weathered a bit. Really looking forward to the final reveal–as I’m sure you are as well! ;)


Looking good! I love hexagon tile. I ended up using the carrara marble hex tile for my bathroom recently. It’s classic yet modern. I have the same layout as your bathrrom. It must have been that 1950s plan as my house is a ranch of that era too. Thanks for the inspiration.


Looks good can’t wait to see it all come together. I’d love an updated current house tour. Unless I’m missing something I only see your old house. Also it’d be awesome to see a full house layout.


Ooooooooo ahhhhhhhh

Love the floor!! It looks awesome! I thought the mood board looked great but was a little nervous about the dark floor, but it turned out fabulous!


I absolutely love it!

The floor looks great! I love your mood board for this room! It’s going to be awesome! Good job persevering thru the setbacks!:-)


The grey grout goes great! : ) And Noir Hex has a fantastic ring to it, which sort of makes sense, given all of that black magic happening with these new, old style tiles.

I can’t wait to see the final space!



Looks great! You must be thrilled.


love it! can’t wait to see it with the white subway tile. :)

I’m in love with that tile. I would’ve skipped right over it too in the store but now that I see it in this context, it’s on my dream home bucket list!


Thanks for the cheerleading!!


it looks great ! can’t wait to see the whole room come together (i bet you do too …). take care !

Swoooooooon!! I think it’s fantastic!!


never underestimate the power of grout–the tile looks completely different now. I think it was a good choice to go lighter (but not white), it looks great!

Dana it’s gorgeous!!!!! You guys rock. It’s going to look so amazing in there. I just know it!


You’re welcome, Dana. Anytime!


I LOVE how it turned out! I am doing the same noir hex on my shower floor! In fact, I have my tile guy here today working on it. This lighter grout is really stunning!
I am curious what color grout you are going to use for the white subway tile. I’m putting white subway on my shower walls and can’t decide between gray or white. I’d love to know what you think!


I love this tile! This is looking great so far and I can’t wait to see the room finished.


I love that floor! We had a similar frustrating tile experience with our subway tile shower in our old house. We were given tile (not from the Tile Shop!) that was slightly varied in size and it threw us into a tizzy.
(My son just looked over my shoulder while I was reading your blog and he thought I was reading “House Twerking”. I told him I was trying to up my dancing game… :o)


The floor looks amazing!


Holy smokes. That is gorgeous and well worth the effort! I’d have never considered a dark tile like this but I guess I’ve been crazy not to. It’s a real show stopper! Nice job!

I love it! I was having tile-laying flashbacks when you posted about your problems but it turned out great. I can’t wait to see the rest of the room :)


They turned out beautifully, Dana. I love love love this look. Great work!


We’ll be using a white grout on the walls along with white subway tile. The bathroom is pretty small (about 5′ x 7′) and I was afraid a colored grout on the walls would look way too busy in such a small room – especially with a busy pattern on the floor already. Does that makes sense?


I know! Grout took it from good to WOW.

They turned out amazing! I want them soooo bad! Great job!


It looks so awesome!!


Hi Dana! We are going to install the noir hex in our master bath main floor and shower floor. When I showed the tile sample to my stone guy he said I should be concerned with etching/lightening of the tile when it contacts water (particularly in the shower area).
Have you experienced anything like that? I know our situation is a little different than yours since we’re using it on the shower floor where it’ll be wet a majority of the time, but would love to know how the tile has worked out for you. He made me nervous! Thanks :)


Even with three kids who tend to splash water out of the tub on a regular basis, we haven’t had any problems with the tile etching or lightening. Proper sealing would be essential…and since it’s in the shower area that may need to happen more frequently??? I would advise you to ask The Tile Shop about using it in a shower area. I’ve seen it done many times so it has to be possible, I would think. All that being said, I LOVE the noir hex. It makes the room and with light gray grout has proven to be super family-friendly. Good luck!