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DIY dream catcher 7

Today I’m shooting the front entry for the reveal which will be featured later this month or early next. Over the weekend I had fun creating some hanging art for the entry. Wall hangings / fiber art / hanging art…whatever you prefer to call ’em…are super hot right now. I thought something on a smaller scale would dress up the non-existent entry. (It’s just a door that opens into the living room.) I didn’t follow any DIY’s but, instead, made things up as I went. As mentioned in a previous post, this was my inspiration. Here’s what went down.

DIY dream catcher supplies

First, I gathered supplies. I picked up three gold rings (6″- 5″- 3″), leather lace and five wooden beads at JoAnn’s for less than $8. I had white string on hand which I found in the garage. (I think it’s for gardening?) The only tools required were my gold scissors and hands.

DIY dream catcher 2

1 – I tied the gold rings together with a strip of leather lace.

2 – I cut twenty-two strands of 24″ long string. Then I folded one 24″ string in half and looped it around the smallest gold ring so the cut ends were furthest from the ring.

3 – I pulled the loose ends of the string through the loop…

4 – …and continued pulling until the string was tightly secured around the ring.

5 – One by one, I added all twenty-two strings to the 3″ ring.

6 – I threaded five wooden beads onto the strings and knotted them in place at varying heights to create a “V” shape. (Each bead is threaded onto to two loose string ends which are knotted.)

DIY dream catcher 3

I hung the entire piece on a hook to trim the strings into a “V” shape that corresponded with the placement of the beads. (Be careful not to cut the strings holding beads above the beads!)

DIY dream catcher 4

I added another loop of leather lace at the top to display the hanging art on some wood knobs near the front door. Ta-da! This project was super easy, super cheap.

DIY dream catcher 5

I especially love the fact that this hanging art incorporates four of my favorite things: gold, white, leather and wood. I like to think of it as a modern day dream catcher and I associate the five wooden beads with my family of five. It’s a stretch and I’m nuts, I know.

DIY dream catcher 6

Steve got a kick out of watching me DIY the hanging art.

“Are you making earrings?”

“It’s like bling for the entry.”

“I’ve got some ideas for post titles: DIY Dangly Balls, Hang Your Balls at the Door and (my personal favorite) Nothing Says Welcome Home Like My Balls.”

I could go on and on. We were both in tears by the time it was all said and done. Our sixteen-year-old sense of humor has saved our marriage more than once. Laughter is good.

Anyhow, there’s a snippet of the entry. I can’t wait to show you the rest! It’s nothing over the top but it’s functional and stylish which is really all I need it to be.

Now, tell me. What are your title ideas for this post? Have fun with it. My sixteen-year-old sense of humor won’t judge.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking


Bahahahahaha….I’m DYING at your post title ideas! I guess we enjoy the same types of humor. ;)

And your DIY art piece is amazing! :)


Oh god that’s great, none will beat “Nothing Says Home Like My Balls” (giggle giggle).


I love your blog, and I love your house, but you really ought to credit http://themerrythought.com/diy/fiber-wall-art/…. it is almost identical.


Actually, it is somewhat reminiscent of a modern dreamcatcher. I might just have to make one to hang in each of the kids’ rooms :) Definitely less Western and more clean lines.


Seriously, you didn’t follow a DIY??



Hahaha……laughing so hard right now “nothing says welcome home like my balls” how about don’t let my balls hit you on your way out? Haha




No but if you saw my mood board for the entry, you will see that fiber art was my inspiration. I purposefully didn’t read the directions though because I didn’t it to be a straight up copy. Love the fiber art!!


If you saw my mood board (here) you will see that the fiber art was my inspiration. I purposefully didn’t read the directions because I didn’t want it to be a straight up copy. Love the fiber art!! It’s amazing!!


Glad we are not the only ones who giggle at silly, childish things like that. Phew! My marriage is normal! LOL.


Turned out great! I love the leather!
Also – the post title ideas are too good. Ha!


aww, man, sorry! You totally did mention it and link to her page… my apologies. I bought two of of those Target woven benches and put them end to end at the foot of my bed after seeing your new bench in the bedroom. I love them and caught them on sale after stalking them.


also glad you set me straight because otherwise I would’ve missed that really great planter!


LMAO! Nice balls ya got there.


No worries!


Oh Lord, I just died. “Nothing says welcome home like my balls”! Why are husbands so obnoxious when we are trying to be creative? (And so hilarious.) Glad you two can laugh together, and that his comments didn’t deter you from hanging your balls! :) Now for some reason, in my head, I’m hearing that old song, “Do your ears hang low…” as, “Do your balls hang low do they wobble to and fro…”

Good ones! And because I can’t resist, here are a few more:
– we let our balls hang out here
– home, where balls hang freely
– dare to dangle free
I could go all day. But now to start acting 35 again…


Love it….I am going to make one this weekend!
Hahaha, love the names. This is something my husband and I would have joked about, too!
How about “Dreamy Balls” or “Your Balls are Dreamy” since it does look like a modern day dream catcher :) Thanks for the laugh!!


“Balls to the Wall”


Dear Dana,
i just wanted to say thank you for the NatureBox giveaway! we are happily enjoying out snacks. We are very grateful. Thank you, thank you many times! XO


balls to the wall


Also, just thought you should know that you totes stole this idea from that other blog that you definitely didn’t previously reference as inspiration. You horrible, horrible idea thief. 8}


Can’t wait to see what else you’ve done for the reveal! More inside? Or just outside? The weather in New England is finally improving so I’m looking for outdoor inspiration!
Are any of these projects for your design class work?


Oh yes!


Thank NatureBox! We will be ordering more for ourselves over here. It was that good.




Steve is going to love those titles.




I will be showing the interior and exterior of the front entry. Probably in two separate posts because I took a ridiculous number of pictures. The biggest project for this space was just getting the front door functioning! We conquered that a few months ago but it was time to dress things up. The rest of the stuff is pretty simple and straightforward…hanging stuff, planting stuff, etc. Those little things have really made the entry fit in with the rest of our space. I’m no longer embarrassed when the UPS man makes deliveries or when the kids’ friends come over to play.


“Strung up by the Balls”? :)

If it was Christmas time a good title would be “Deck the Halls with Hanging Baalls” (Fa la la la la la a la la) :-)

bwahahahahhahahah! Good One! See what you’ve started Dana!

OMG the post titles are hilarious! Love this quick DIY. Totally reminds me of a dream catcher. Love the modern take on it. Hmmm lemme see if I can come up with a few. How bout
“Who Let the Balls Out”
“How’s it Hangin”

That’s all ive got….for now;)


Dee’s nuts are made for walkin’… Out da door :)

I love how crafty you’ve been lately! Nate Berkus has gold scissors at Target and I’ve been stalking them ever since I found them. Waitin on that red sticker!


EXACTLY what I thought, too.


Little late to the game.. “Come and knock on our balls” to the tune of Three is company, too theme song.

Love the other ones, almost spit out my coffee from laughing!


Love this. Ever since you first posted the inspiration one I have been dreaming of making one!

Love these titles.

To the window…to the wall! I just hung up my balls!

I don’t know, that’s all I got.


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