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04.18.14 / Made Me Smile

hey you're awesome

How was your week? I felt like mine was full of busyness but I have nothing to show for it. Oh well. There’s always next week, right?

A few smile-worthy things to take you into the weekend…

*A DIY kitchen makeover that looks way more expensive than its $500 price tag.

*A modern, family-friendly deck.

*My new hanging planter arrived. You can never have too many houseplants, can you? The correct answer is no. No, you can’t.

*Long live the library! And one man’s photographic essay of interesting American libraries. (We visit our local library weekly. It’s such a huge part of our lives!)

*My favorite movie of 2013 is now available on DVD. It’s also one of my fave movies of all-time.

*On a similar note, if movies were written by kidsWarning: they’re snort-milk-through-your-nose HILARIOUS.

*Proud mom moment.

*The coolest video on instagram this week.

Have a very hoppy weekend! ;) And hey, you’re awesome.

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



hey girl! thanks for sharing our deck. i feel like we have really similar taste. :) have a great weekend!


I LOVE those kid written movies! I spent way too long watching them when I first discovered them. Job interview is my favorite


Love you, your style, and your home Lesley! xoxo


I love that Justine Ma “Hey you’re awesome” print you got from Christine, Just Bella! How fun has this Favorite Things exchange been?! Have a lovely Easter weekend!

I can’t believe that kitchen remodel only cost $500. I am working on my kitchen remodel budget right now and am feeling put to shame by how much they did on how little. Getting inspired to do more of it myself!


OMG – that was the funniest video I have seen in a long time. Just wanted to say thanks for making my Friday so much funnier!


aw ditto!! have a great weekend sweet lady! xx

I’ve had a similar week…busy but nothing to show for it. Looks like Layne inherited his Mom’s mad writing skills:-). Happy Easter to you and your family!


Great links this week. And thanks for sharing Lesley’s amazing deck! The before looked just like my old house– I wanted some sore of pergola, but could never figure out what to do. I pinned it for inspiration for the next (hopefully someday soon) house!


Hi Dana, I have been reading for over two years and love your blog.
Just wanted to let you know how inspiring you are and that I really love these Friday posts.
Thanks for being you


The KId Snippet video you linked to? Yeah, my husband and I know EVERY. WORD. “Heeeee’s my next door neighmor.” Oh my, that one just never gets old :)


“Ground control to Major Tom”… Yes! :)

Love that kitchen! And I can’t wait to see that movie- we’re redbox kinda people so we always have to wait.


Beautiful new plant hanger! I definitely need more plants around the house and I don’t have a lot of horizontal space near windows. Thanks for sharing her shop!


Right there with you on Walter Mitty – loved it!!


Hi Dana. I have a couple questions for you! How is your design class going (Shefields I think you mentioned) any feedback would be appreciated. Also how about your design services you advertised a while ago– how is that coming along?

wishing you the best.


Have you checked your local library? Ours always has the latest releases for free!


Thanks for reading!


It’s been so fun!


I really need to write an updated post on those!

They don’t get new movies very often. It’s kind of the middle of nowhere so it isnt very large. But they have an obscene collection of audiobooks for some reason!

OMG that $500 kitchen remodel totally made me smile!! Great list, as usual Dana:)


I love that your family visit the library once a week! As a librarian, I’m really appreciative of families who make this a priority. :)