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05.09.14 / Made Me Smile

HT travel

It was another whirlwind of a week! Normally, I’m a homebody and don’t travel much but this year I’ve been itching to visit new places. I’ve been away the last two weekends and will be traveling yet again this weekend. WHO AM I? Anyway, it feels good but I am looking forward to hanging out at home and tackling some projects next week. Until then, a few smile-worthy things…

*Saving Mies van der Rohe’s weekend retreat.

*Boys’ room inspiration.

*I’ve seen plenty of herringbone patterns indoors but this herringbone exterior¬†was a first for me.

*House poor = lack of freedom. Our decision to downsize has definitely given us more freedom in almost every aspect of our lives.

*My sister made Trader Joe’s asteroid naan bread pizza for dinner last weekend while I was visiting and it was SO GOOD.

*The most comfortable dress for traveling. *BONUS* – it’s available in petite sizes.

*I WAS WIFE-NAPPED! (…which explains my absence online this week.)

*Of course I want a design book for Mother’s Day.

Have a good one! And to all the mother’s out there, I’m wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day and twelve hours of sleep Saturday night :)

image: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



You make Old Navy look beautiful. I’m going to have to give them another shot.


I love traveling in a maxi dress… only downside, without fail, every. single. time. I get pulled at airport security for extra checking. They must think I’m hiding a big weapon of some kind under my dress!


I loved that article about being “house poor.” I think about you and your decision to downsize daily as we live in a small space as well. Now ours is truly at its limit of being too small as we have two great danes and a growing daughter, and have plans to move soon but that article struck a cord with me. As tempting as it is to buy the biggest house you can afford it is important to remember to live. Right now because our rent is low we have freedom which we love, which we will try to maintain as best we can when we finally “upsize.” I often think of your daughter Mabrey’s nursery, as my daughter’s room is quite small as well 7×9! I have been following your blog for years and absolutely love how your home has come along and your style evolved.

xo Annie

PS here is a link to my daughter’s room which is horribly hard to photograph but you get the picture: http://www.allthingsbigandsmallblog.com/2014/04/how-we-do-it-raising-baby-in-small-space.html

That herringbone exterior is killing it. Obsessed. PS – I love the subtle Mother’s Day hint! ;)


What has made you smile has now made me smile!!
Ive been following your blog for a long time now and its still as brilliant as ever!! Plus you are super witty!! Keep up the good work!!
Have a wonderful Mothers Day!!
Best wishes all the way from Luxembourg,
Nat B


You good beautiful! I like those sandels too!

My oh my I love a good maxi dress. I’m completely in love with the inspiration room for the boys. Love the dark wall and shelving system. Thanks so much for sharing the house poor article. I can’t even begin to explain how freeing it’s been to downsize. We are at the very beginning of our journey, but it’s been the best decision we’ve ever made. You’re such an inspiration.


You definitely have some good links above. You are a pretty lady, but you have taken selfies to a whole other level. It’s too staged; it’s like a try-hard photo.


I really love that you include pictures of yourself in these posts. So often we readers just see the house and not the people that live in it and make it a home. And it’s great to have a face to put with a name (and ~cough~ the voice in my head (the one I hear when I read your posts)), too! Also, your hair is awesome.


I’ll second Annmarie and say your hair is awesome. Styling tips please! I’d love to see a post on your beauty routine and how you shop for yourself. You always look as cool and effortless as your home.


Thank you. I’m not totally comfortable in front of the camera (I’d rather be behind it) but I’ve had more requests for pictures of me. On the other hand, I get some “enough with the selfies” too. I can’t please everyone and, for me, anything with photography takes practice, practice, practice. I hope to overcome the awkwardness. Personally, I like seeing the people behind blogs. Maybe not every day but regularly, yes. Hair post is on the to-do list!


Hi! I’m new to your blog..love it and love your boys room. I’d love to know where you purchased the rug in their room. Also, that maxi looks really cute on you


The rug is made of Flor tiles. They are the Sweater Weather style in grey.


Old Navy?! I did not see that one coming. The dress looks great on you.


I know. Me neither. That’s why I had to share.



This dress looks so really good on you – I went out and bought one. Thanks for the great idea. Perfect summer Maxi dress. I love you blog :)


I love these “Made Me Smile” posts! And you (and your home) look like you belong in a magazine! I’m swooning over your mirror – mind sharing where it’s from?


Joss & Main!