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05.16.14 / Made Me Smile


It was gray and rainy most of the week but I kinda enjoyed it. The days felt longer and it forced me to put a few projects on hold and just be with my littles. I’m pretty sure ten years from now I’m going to look back and wish I would have spent more time with them anyway – not painted or blogged or emailed more. They make me smile. So do these…

*The perfect mix of masculine and feminine in Erin’s loft.

*A quiz that suggests what type of house you should live in. (I got farmhouse.)

*The big shrink.

*Pledging to bring back the midcentury modern mailbox. (I really did pledge and the project creator is the homeowner featured in “the big shrink.”)

*Did you see the painted versions of these book boxes in Martha Stewart Living? Could be a cool project for the boys’ room.

*Jazz cows.

*Everett & Mabrey love notes.

Have a great weekend! Steve is bringing home Dewey’s for dinner and I borrowed this movie from the library to watch after the kids are in bed. We haven’t seen it but everyone keeps telling us we need to. I love Fridays.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



We loved that movie! It was hilarious and an excellent date-night movie. Hope you enjoy it just as much!


I was with ya on that big shrink link until the last paragraph when they said they got rid of the dog. REALLY?!?!? 1300sq isn’t big enough for a dog? That’s why you take dogs for a walk for an hour everyday and play with them in the yard. Hope the house doesn’t suddenly seem too small for one of their kids. LOL.


After reading Rachael’s comment, I had to read the article to see if there was an explanation — but no. They spent $300k on renovations, AND fenced the yard, but couldn’t hire a dog walker? What wretched people.


I agree re the dog….I read it and thought WHAT?! This is similar to those people who get rid of their animals because they don’t go with their decor. Something fishy there. Poor doggy! Watch out kids, when you are fully grown…they might turf you out too!


Thank you for jazz cows today. I liked how a few cows would turn to their neighbor cow as if saying “will you get a load of that”. Made me smile.

PS. Great laugh out loud movie full of inappropriate humor. Perfect.


Apparently, I should love in a farmhouse, too. I’m a bit surprised but the description sounds about right. You learn something new everyday!


We’re in a 1200 sq feet ranch right now as well. Though not as nice as the one in the article. We have to move however, and I’ve been looking at houses in the new area. I want a newer house, but they all come with a “formal living room”, which we have no use for. The people who come into our house, have to accept that we have a 2 and a 4 year old, and that there will be some toys around. And those who don’t, oh well, they won’t come over often. :P Maybe making the living room into an office might work? We’ll see when we get there…


We lived in Maineville for 5 yrs… Our family still talks about Dewey’s and the flour throwing pizza cooks. We heart their pizza and the good beer :).


They didn’t keep the dog? For some reason, that’s really upsetting. Loved the cows. Thanks for that.


When those cows saw all the people gathered near them, I’ll bet they were expecting a tasty treat — of the food (not musical) variety. It seems kind of a cruel trick to disappoint them, just to take some more videos to clog up the internet.


Yeah, I missed that bit. We live in a house that size with a 65 lbs dog. No issues. Our friends, similar house, 75 lb dog.


Where are the pendant lights from in the photos with your kids?

Loved Erins loft tour this week too. Just beautiful. Downsizing stories are my jam, although i do think its sad about the dog… Maybe theres a valid reason. I also got farmhouse, but i was totally on the fence about a few questions so i went back a retook it with the alternate answer and got bungalow, which iis my absolute fav home style! Enjoy your movie:)


Fun post! I can’t decide which is my favorite link. I watched the Jazz Cows and reposted it on Facebook for my friend who is vegan and an Animal Rights Activist; I was surprised to find out I should live in a cottage style house even though I’m drawn to Midcentury modern; and I’m about to order the pine box that looks like a book because those are two of my favorite things. Thanks for making me smile.


West Elm!


Happy Monday (reading these at my desk as I drink my cuppa)! Took the quiz, got Cottage, hmmm. I have 3 small kids so don’t know how I can be a loner and introvert!? Hee hee. Loved the pics of Erin’s loft as well. Clean lines, open concept, TONS of light, right up my alley. By the by, how’s Figgy doing? Just got myself a fiddle this weekend, calling him “Leaf Garrett” and he’s moved 3 times since Saturday, can’t decide where he’ll get the most filtered light. Now to get him a nice decorative pot and a rolling tray!


I really enjoyed the article about downsizing. What a coincidence that my husband and I have been having the same conversation AND we also live in Raleigh, NC :-). Downsizing is tricky, because normally when you’re thinking about it, you’re currently living in the house that you assumed you’d raise your family in (and in our case, we’ve only owned for 3 years). It’s difficult to admit that you may have been wrong when you were so sure that you’d need all that extra space. It’s also difficult to imagine leaving the house you brought your babies home to from the hospital…


Loved this article until I got to that paragraph and my jaw dropped! I just can’t believe it.


Where did that little girl come from??! She’s so grown up already.

I also got the “Farmhouse”. Which is incredibly fitting. We spent this past week dreaming of moving to a small farm in Washington state to get away from these Northern California heat waves that keep coming.

Mabrey is too big! I can’t believe it! Those pictures are adorable!


Love it! And when did Mabrey become such a little girl-no-longer-baby?


I got that I should live in a Victorian house… which I love the explanation they give for why, but Victorian is not so much my style.

I can’t resist a quiz!


i got a bungalow, which happens to be what i live in. no wonder i feel completely settled here. :)