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06.15.14 / Made Me Smile

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I’m feeling very grateful that my kids know their great-grandparents. My grandma and grandpa have lived in Florida since I was four years old but, even with the many miles between us, we’ve always been close. The kids and I spent the last two weeks visiting them. How many Gigi’s go swimming with their great-grandkids two months after a knee replacement?! That’s the kind of people they are. They refuse to act their age and I love it. I wanna be them when I grow up.

More things that had me smiling this week…

*Fishing baskets on the wall are pretty storage for toys and magazines.

*Surprise! Nate Berkus loves him some DQ…and other stuff.

*Another bathroom with moss penny round tile on the floor.

*And that concludes the Whoorl home tour. (You must check out the rest.)

*Have you ever noticed the ads between my posts sometimes? Well, TripleLift is behind them and now I have a workspace to put with the name.

house house

*The house-shaped doorways, cutouts and niches in this Japanese house are so unusual and echo the home’s overall architecture.

*Two architecture-related books I’d like to get my hands on: A Field Guide to American Houses and The Neutras Then & Later.

*Remember the San Fran house shown in the opening of every Full House episode? It sold for a cool $3.1 million. Have mercy.

I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend! The kids are so excited to see their dad after being away for two weeks.

images: 1) Dana Miller 2) ALTS Design Office



I know that its basically against the law for me to say this, but I LOVE seeing a tan grandma. Or great-grandma. It just shows so much life,. It shows that she is enjoying herself, getting outside and being active. Its the best.


(By “illegal” I mean that everyone is really serious about sunscreen and feel that tans should come from a bottle. Not the sun.)


My grandma has earned that tan! She goes to an outdoor pool every morning Mon-Fri with friends to do water aerobics for 1.5 – 2 hrs. I love that she is active (and tan!) and works out regularly…with her friends. Like I said, I wanna be her when I grow up.


This post made me tear up. I was not fortunate to meet my great-grandparents and last my grandparent, my mom’s mom, passed away five years ago. Your granmother reminds me of her so much. She worked out all the time, lived in her own flat in our hometown of Spain by the Mediterranean Sea, she had a tan all the time from walking down to the beach and swimming in the ocean, was the first to get up and dance when music came on, spoke amd made friends with stranger in the street, and traveled on her own all the time to visit her children and granchildren all over Spain and here in the US. She had so much energy and life that even in her 80’s men in her neighboorhood 20 years her junior would flirt with her and ask her out! She passed away on New Year’s day, and the evening before she was dancing and drinking champagne welcoming the the New Year with family. I miss her every day and aspire to be an woman like her when I’m her age. I have so many memories of her and cherish every miment I spent with her.

It was wonderful to see this photo you posted and hope your children (and you) will have many wonderful memories of their great granparents to last them a lifetime.


So cute! I love active grandparents!