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06.30.14 / Made Me Smile

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If you follow me on instagram then you probably already know that Steve underwent an emergency appendectomy on Friday. He’s home now and resting but the recovery has been much more difficult than either of us were expecting. Obviously, our priorities have completely shifted. The kids have been good about bringing Steve water and snacks and reserving their aggressive hugs for when he’s feeling better. Mabrey is keeping us stocked up on groceries ;)

I wasn’t able to post my regular “Made Me Smile” links but there were too many good ones not to. I thought you might enjoy seeing them even though it’s Monday.

*I don’t know about you but I can’t think about appendectomies without thinking of Madeline.

*A $22,000 dream house…on wheels. (Steve and I are inspired by the couple’s desire to live mortgage-free.)

*One of the best nursery reveals I’ve seen. I love the mix of old, new and handmade.

*A young family is just beginning the decorating adventure in their newly constructed home. Damn good start if you ask me.

*Who wouldn’t want to stay at the Lombardi House?

*The mom behind the popular General Store.

*Coming to bookshelves in the fall of 2015: A Field Guide to Decorating.

*Daddy’s kitchen.

*Mabrey’s shopping cart.

Happy Monday, friends!



We too had a surprise appendectomy in our house … on Father’s Day no less. Glad Steve is feeling better — take it easy!


oh, no–best wishes for a speedy recovery! we went through this with our oldest when he was a preschooler, not fun.

make sure he doesn’t overdo it once he’s feeling a little better–I’m sure he’ll be tempted!


Goodness! Wishing Steve a speedy recovery. Our neighbor just had hers out so we’ve been minding her kids (same age as mine so they are all having a ball!). Good news is you only get appendicitis once, but it ain’t fun. Lots of rest


Dying over the planks and ceiling in that nursery!


Oops! Pressed submit too soon! Hope your hubby has a quick recovery! I’m sure it’s hard on both of you!


Wow, I hope you have a speedy recovery Steve. Dana where and how do you come across all these things?

I love that nursery.


I just finished watching a documentary on Netflix called ‘Tiny: A Story About Living Small’. If you have Netflix and a spare moment, you should check it out. It’s the story of a man who decided to build his own tiny house (on wheels), and it interviews others who have downsized to tiny houses as they reevaluate what is important to them in life. It reminded me of your link above.


I just watched a documentary on Netflix called Tiny that showed the movement. That house you featured is amazingly beautiful! We’re house searching and it brought up a lot of great questions about what we want a home to be like and how much space we really need. Interesting stuff! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon!


Feel better, Steve!

I had an emergency appendectomy last year and it was not fun at all. Wishing Steve a speedy recovery.

Steve, go back to health :) and be strong it is never nice and easy
We will wait for you


Thanks for including our nursery in your favorites this week, Dana! xo

So sorry to hear of the operation – get well soon!


LOVE Ryan’s nursery!


Oooooh, I gotta see it. Since downsizing, I’m slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with living small. I am completely fascinated with and inspired by people who live tiny and dream big.