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07.26.14 / Made Me Smile

me and the kiddos

It was one of those weeks where I feel like I was a good mom but not a very good blogger. (I rarely feel like I’m good at both simultaneously.) Steve was out of town. The kids and I visited family and friends, hosted a sleepover, went on nature walks, took in a live performance of Mary Poppins, picnicked on the deck and spent time at my dad’s catching frogs by the pond and finishing up the clubhouse. (The reveal is next week!) Needless to say, by the time Friday night rolled around I was DONE. Then Mabrey ate mulch.

Besides the kids’ bedtime, here’s what else had me smiling this week ;)

*I am having so much fun watching Paula revamp her rental home. She’s still in the early stages of decorating but it looks great already!

modern home in dayton, ohio

*Sometimes it feels as if all the good design takes place on the coasts and we middle states are left with nothing but recliners and microfiber. But that’s so not true. There is noteworthy design right under my nose.

*Thanks to my girl, Freckles Chick, I finally picked up my first issue of House & Home. I’m totally gifting myself a subscription as a consolation prize for making it through the week.

*A husband speaks up for his blogger wife. (Why do women chastise their own gender so much? Surely, it isn’t getting us anywhere.)

*Thoughts on (not) potty training.

*After the third kid, people stop congratulating you. (In my own experience, this happened after the second.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am visiting my sister’s new place to take measurements and come up with a design plan for her. In return, she’s keeping the boys overnight. Yesssss.

images: 1) Dana Miller 2) Juliana Sohn



Where do some people get the idea that just because they have a strong opinion, that they MUST share it? If you no longer like someone’s blog, just don’t read it! What’s with the dramatic exit? Oh, and the sexism, which the husband quite rightly pointed out.


Regarding the mommy guilt. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Let me encourage you to put your family first and if you have to slow down your posts it is OK. I have a feeling the majority of your audience understands where you are coming from so just do you. BTW, from where I live your area of the country is somewhere I would love to live with so much access to the outdoors that does not require SPF 100. I live in the south… like 10 mins from Mexico and it is HOT but we are still outdoors or out the door for activities daily. I don’t want to many times but I am trying to cultivate active outdoor kids so they will be active outdoor adults. We will see if it works in 15 – 20 years. If it doesn’t then I will have mommy guilt to remind me of it ;-P


Such a sweet family photo. Now that’s getting real in the best way (looking forward to the clubhouse reveal). And Canadian House & Home is the only shelter magazine subscription I still keep. Love it, along with the Monday afternoon weekly TV spots on the website (houseandhome.com) and some of the editors’ blogs on the H&H site.


First kid: baby shower(s)! Gifts! Meals! Offers to hold the baby while you go nap!
Second kid: Girls Night Out to celebrate, and a few meals.
Third kid: What’s his name, again?
Fourth kid: *crickets*

That’s my experience, anyway:)


That video on kids was so funny!! I have 4 myself and so I could relate to what he was saying. Thanks for sharing it! Enjoy your weekend.


9 children. No baby showers. Always many congratulations! My oldest son got married when I was 8 months pregnant with his youngest sister (finding a gown was a challenge). Lots of congratulations!

The easiest toilet training among my kids was son #4. He was two months short of his third birthday and I needed to go buy more diapers. I told him we had run out and he’d need to use the toilet. He did. It was proven successful the next day when he and his father went on a trip to the zoo.

Don’t get me started about thumbs vs. pacifiers!


Hi Dana, I know this comment is unrelated to your post, sorry. First of all, I love your home! It’s amazing and really inspired me to make similar changes in my 1950s ranch, so thank you! Without your blog, I’d probably be frustrated with my own house, but you give me hope! The functionality of your home has inspired me the most! The changes you’ve made to optimize your space is great. Anyways, I was browsing through your first home tour and WOW what a change in style you’ve made! Someday will you blog about what inspired such a dramatic change (maybe you already have and will share the link)?


Thank you so much for the blog love! Also way to be a super mom! That’s the most important anyhow. I feel like I am lacking in all areas currently. Boo. LOVE the pic most. So sweet.


Canadian House and Home! Whoot Whoot! I never miss an issue and love that it represents a variety of stylish interiors in Canadian homes. Im all for anything that demystifies the beliefs that we Canadians are only log cabin- living moose hunters. The mag is a fabulous source of design inspiration. Glad you discovered it. Your blog is also a fabulous source of design inspiration, Dana.


Yes, a post all about how my style has changed / evolved is on the to-do list!


Saw your feature on Remodelista the AM. Woot Woot for you! :)


Isn’t it crazy?!


What’s interesting about the house you picture here is that I could have sworn it was in the Netherlands as soon as I saw it. It looks like almost all the newer housing I ever saw while living over there.

I loved the article from Decor8…what a perfect response! Thanks for sharing!


Unfortunately, if your blog is monetized I don’t think you can complain about getting a negative comment. The Decor8 situation was not a case of “women bashing women”. Bloggers need to get a thicker skin if they are running their blog as a business–which both you and Decor8 are doing. I think it’s naïve to think you can have it both ways. And to the commenter above that said “just quit reading”, I agree, there is no need to be nasty, but sometimes a reader may assume that a blogger would like feedback letting them know why the reader will no longer be giving the blogger their business.


Tell Mabrey I ate mulch once but it was college & we were all into experimenting & I’ve already said too much. What I’m trying to say is there are other ways to get your fiber :-)

Thanks for the link love, gal! Here I was wondering why I suddenly had lovely new readers/IG followers & just thought my 2 blog posts/month schedule really must be impressing people. Seriously though, House & Home makes me want to cancel my other shelter mag subscriptions. It’s so good.

PS. As someone who solo parents a lot, I feel you girl. Blogging, potty training, all of it. And I only have the one kid! #drinkallthewine



Before Steve leaves on a work trip, I always check our toilet paper and adult beverage inventories ;)

Such a cute pic Dana. So glad you finally checked out H&H. Its one of my favs. Its one of those that never disappoints. Hope you had a happy weekend. Ive been loving seeing snippets of your life via IG:)