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08.16.14 / Made Me Smile

first day 1st grade

Everett started first grade this week. We did the obligatory “first day of ___” photos while waiting for the bus then Layne asked, “Why don’t we take a picture of dad on his first day of work on Everett’s first day of 1st grade? Wouldn’t that be funny?” Why, yes, yes that would be hilariously funny. Luckily, Steve was game so I think we’ve started a new tradition. #firstdaydads

More things that had me smiling this week…

*Are you following this DIY kitchen reno? Oh, the power of paint never gets old.

*An ingenious idea for concealing trash and recycling bins. (Thanks for the inspiration, Amber!)

*Project #5 in this roundup of bathrooms features black hex tile and Ikea kitchen cabinets fashioned into a vanity. LOVE IT.

schoolhouse electric & supply co house tour

*The house tour of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.’s owner is pretty amazing.

*An Ohio guy dreams big. You guys, PotatoStock 2014 is happening.

*Can’t wait to read this book which addresses the princess problem.

*#RIPRobinWilliams (Smiling with a few tears in my eyes.)

Have a lovely weekend. Make someone laugh.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Jeremy Bittermann



I love the idea of taking pictures on the first day!! also is that a magnolia tree behind the boys?


I only have boys but I love the idea of the Princess Problem book. I may have to buy one for a few friends who have expressed concern over this problem with their girls. And those bathrooms! Yum!


So cute!

Ok, I just have to share my first day of school post because my 8 year-old daughter did the same thing to my husband. He is usually out the door before 5:00 a.m. but stuck around for their first day at the new school. So in the midst of picture-taking, she snuck one of her Dad.



I love it that you made them both the same height!


I love the kitchen remodel you linked to, they are doing a beautiful job. But, I have to say, it would have also been nice to see the beautiful grain of those cabinets. I like painted cabinets, and I know it said the cabinets were sticky, but the grain was gorgeous. Am I the only one?


Reminds me of when my children first went to school … I hope Everett has an amazing journey through school – starting from now


That is indeed really funny… I love the pic and Steve´s face is like it was really his first day!


I don’t understand the Princess Problem. Why is it a problem? Little girls like princesses. Seeing how there is nothing wrong with little girls, I don’t see why it’s a problem for them to like what they like.


Thank you for that house tour at The NYTimes. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, but that house is basically my dream. I am green with envy right now.


I know, right?!


I love how unabashed they were about enjoying a house for themselves. A large, beautiful, inviting home that they don’t use to entertain; no one ever admits to that! That Scandinavian, pared down aesthetic (translated for Americans) really appeals to me.


Drooling over the Faherty’s home. His sister is a good friend of mine…. :) Love seeing beautiful Portland homes.


I love the paint color in the nursery! Would you mind telling me what paint color it is? Thanks! I recently stumbled upon your site and am currently loving it!


The walls in Mabrey’s room are Benjamin Moore dark pewter.