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09.23.14 / DIY Lavender Sachet

DIY lavender sachet 1

I had a small scrap of fabric leftover from the Hmong pillows I made a few weeks ago. I’m trying not to let too much time pass between sewing projects (my sewing machine has sat unused for too long) so I brainstormed another easy DIY for the scrap…lavender sachets!

DIY lavender sachet supplies

Assuming you have a sewing machine, scissors, needle, thread and paper on hand, this project requires only a few supplies: fabric, leather lace and dried lavender flowers. As I mentioned, the fabric was leftover from a previous project. It was roughly 12″ x 11″. I found the leather lace at JoAnn’s for less than $3 on sale. (It’s with the jewelry supplies.) The bag of organic lavender was $19 from Amazon but it looks like it isn’t available directly right now so the price is screwy. Maybe check it in a few days or weeks and see if Amazon has it back in stock. Or this looks like a similar alternative. Of course, you could always opt for a difference scent if you wanted, too.

I ended up making two sachets (with plenty of leather lace and lavender leftover for future sachets). Here’s what I did…

DIY lavender sachet 3

1. I cut two 11″ strips of leather lace to create hanging loops for the two sachets.

2. I cut my scrap fabric into four equal “squares.” (With my scrap, this equated to four pieces that measured roughly 6″ x 5.5″. They weren’t perfect squares.) I layered two squares on top of each other – wrong sides facing out – and repeated with the other two fabric squares.

3. I folded a leather strip in half and placed it between two layered squares leaving ~½” of the loose ends sticking out past the fabric. I placed the leather loop about an inch or so away from the top right corner. I repeated this with the other strip of leather lace and remaining fabric squares.

4. Starting at the leather loose ends, I sewed around the squares in a clockwise manner but stopped about 2″ shy of my starting point to leave an opening.

DIY lavender sachet 4

5. This is how the inside-out sachets looked after sewing and leaving a small opening at the top. I trimmed the excess fabric around the edges then turned the sachets right side out.

6. I used the eraser end of a pencil to help push out the corners.

DIY lavender sachet 5

7. I made a makeshift paper funnel and used it to fill the sachet with lavender. I filled each sachet with about 1 cup of lavender.

8. I closed up the small opening at the top of each sachet using a blind stitch.

DIY lavender sachet 6

Voila! A super simple sachet that smells pretty amazing. As you can see, I switched up the fabric so one sachet has solid fabric showing and the other has patterned fabric showing. I like them both! The leather loops allow me to hang them up almost anywhere. The possibilities are endless.

DIY lavender sachet 2

Try one on a hook near the front door so guests are greeted with a gentle waft of lavender.

DIY lavender sachet 7

Hang one on a bathroom doorknob to keep things smelling fresh. *BONUS* – Steamy showers will help release the scent even more.

DIY lavender sachet 9

Instead of wearing perfume, loop a sachet over a hanger in the closet to scent clothes for a special occasion.

DIY lavender sachet 8

If you own thrifted or vintage furniture pieces, try tossing one in a drawer to ward off musty odors.

DIY lavender sachet 10

Sachets aren’t just for the home. Hang one from the rearview mirror in your car.

DIY lavender sachet 11

Handmade sachets are a great gift idea, too. Personally, I like giving gifts that are one part bought and one part handmade. Pair a handmade sachet with a pretty scarf or sweater for a more thoughtful gift. Seeing as how I have a bag of lavender leftover from this project, I can’t wait to hit up some local fabric stores for discounted scraps to make more sachets. Wouldn’t they make cute teacher gifts for the holidays?

Anyway, these were a lot of fun to put together and I’m happy I used up all the Hmong fabric. Two sewing projects in two months?! My sewing machine doesn’t know what to think.

images: Dana Miller fro House*Tweaking



LOVE THIS!! How is it possible for one to be so crafty?


Will be begging my sister to make me these for Christmas, because I’m certainly not taking up sewing anytime soon! Look great :)


Great idea! Did you use up one package of lavender per sachet?


Great idea to use up scrap material.

But as for hanging it from your rearview mirror, in some states, that is a moving violation and you’ll receive a ticket.


I used about 1 cup of lavender per sachet. I still have a lot of lavender left in the bag I bought!


I love these!!! My mother-in-law always buys the disposable lavender pouches at Ross but I think these are so much cuter to look at AND they can be reused! also, where did you get the hooks that sit next to your door?


You should really consider selling your homemade projects on etsy. They totally rock, girlfriend!


It’s from West Elm ;)


Can I hire you to answer all the source questions that pop up in the comments section? ;)


I would LOVE to design, make and sell home-related items!


I accept your offer


This is such a great idea! It would be perfect for Christmas gifts. I may steal your idea because I have lots of scrap fabric. Thanks!


Your darling lavender sachets will be nice bedside to help you rest. You could throw them in the dryer with your bedsheets too. Try making essential oil infused rice sachets for other uses. Peppermint and rosemary or basil to stay alert, maybe in the car or office.


Oh, and if your drawers are musty, try filling them with charcoal briquettes or cedar shavings. Of course, that wouldn’t make a lovely gift like the lavender, and I’m guessing your drawers aren’t musty at all.


I love this fabric and am a bit of a lavender junkie. I have been inspired! Please tell me where I can find that front door lever.


Never mind about the door hardware, I searched it out on your blog. :)


Ooh, must make me some of those!


Simple & beautiful! Love the leather lace!

My sister made something similar for all the girls in our family one Christmas. She used rice & lavender to make a “heating pack” for a sore neck or cramps, etc. I just throw it in the microwave for a minute or so and the scent & warmth are so soothing! (Plus she used a super soft, almost velvety fabric!)

So there’s another idea to use up that bag o’ lavender :)


These are awesome! I have a ton of lavender left over from our wedding and if I can ever bust out my sewing machine I’ll whip some up. Thanks!


Love this idea! I’m definitly going to try some homemade gifts this year for Christmas so this is great!

I’m a novice sewer as well and after many throw pillows I read a tip somewhere (probably on Pintrest LOL) to clip your corners before you turn the square/rectangle right side out. Then use a pencil eraser like you did. I didn’t think it would make much difference but it really did. I can get actual pointy corners now! Just wanted to share because I wish I would have known that sooner.


I like this idea too!


I was just going to suggest clipping your corners but I see someone else had the same thought! It definitely makes a difference if you want to get neat corners. I am also a firm believer in ironing EVERYTHING I sew. Nothing says professional like crisp corners and seams.


Excellent idea! We can hang this in our entryway, our bedrooms, bathrooms and all over the place for all the grand kids that come in from practice or from playing out side. I hope it stop the odors!


Adorable and a great pet/kid-friendly alternative to chemical air fresheners and candles. Might even attempt these for holiday and hostess gifts this year!


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Great tip! I remembered that trick after I had already turned it right side out (it’s been a while since I sewed regularly) and was too lazy to go back and fix it. You’re so right though…you get more shapely corners that way!


It’s from Emtek!


Excellent idea! Thank you for sharing a great alternative to chemical laden air fresheners. Now I’m looking at my fabric stash with new eyes.


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Where did you get the hook/shelf?

Fabulous idea. Love your site.


West Elm!


For those who don’t have access to a sewing machine, Dwell sells something almost identical to these.

Dana, is that where you got the idea?


Actually, no! I had no idea Dwell offered sachets. They’re cute!


I have lots of lavender bushes around my house –
can I dry and use that type of lavender???
Or is the packaged kind much better?
Thank you


I don’t see any reason why you can’t use what you have!

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