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10.18.14 / Made Me Smile

grow grass grow

A few weeks ago, we reseeded the lawn around the new driveway. Thanks to a rainy fall, the grass is coming in nicely. We’re getting so close to not being embarrassed by our home’s curb appearance. Grow grass, grow!

A few links to carry you through the weekend…

*Which international city should you live in? (I got Austin, TX. Because I’m “outdoorsy, health-focused and a little weird.”)

*This house was in our Top 3 when we were looking to downsize over three years ago. We nixed it because the only bathroom was on the second floor and the house didn’t feel like that big of a project. Note to self: next time buy the house that doesn’t feel like that big of a project. Idiots. Anyway, the house is up for sale again. We aren’t buying but I do think it would be fun to walk through the house just to see how it feels to us now, three years later.

*We don’t have a basement, but if we did

*An amazing DIY kitchen makeover!

copper bathroom

*Copper penny tile and reclaimed oak make for one warm and cozy bathroom.

*I gifted this colorful cookbook to my sister-in-law for her birthday.

*A tub sneak peek. Spoiler alert: it’s in! Not plumbed, but in!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. We’re celebrating my dad’s birthday and staring at our new tub (!) until the plumber comes to hook it up next week.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Geremia Design



Whoa! It is shocking how much more affordable real estate is in Ohio compared to Portland, OR. I think here you’d be lucky to get a 1 bedroom condo for $125,000.

Also, as a blog reader, I am glad you got the project house! I love your style and enjoy seeing all the projects you’ve taken on.


Thanks for the share, that was an awesome surprise for this new blogger! I can’t wait to see how your bathroom turns out, that tub looks amazing!


Austin is the greatest! Come visit sometime! PS: it doesn’t snow here! ;)


I’ve been waiting for that tub reveal since the early saga of how it (finally) came to be yours. We’ve now made our cross-country move and are gathering ideas for our next house. A cradled tub could be a winner. :) Thanks for the inspiration.


Your house is way better! I just can’t picture your style in that house. The ranch gave you a much more versatile blank slate.
Can’t wait to see the tub. The cradle looks pretty!


You made the right choice. Love your rancher! Makes me sad that we can’t even buy an apartment for the list price of that home you featured. Vancouver, BC us astronomical! !!


Love the outside of yours sooo much more!


I’m with Lisa above – I’m in Brisbane, Australia, and you can’t even buy a 2 bedroom apartment for as much as that listed house. I feel sick at the thought of what my future mortgage will be. We’re looking at at least 400 grand, and that’s 25 kilometres from the city! Ridiculous.
So glad you went with the house you have – can’t imagine you in the other one!


That oakwood house is adorable. Love it. Your house is like the popular kid in school: stylin’ and crazy cool. Such an amazing reno!
Love the cap hill house. I live 25 min north of there now, but my sis and I went to college on the hill. The houses/architecture are incredible and budget busty. Such a cool part of Seattle. The vibe, the shops, ya.

I pinned that basement reno (drool. drool. drool. because we DO have a basement in serious need. Great links this week, Dana; they made me smile too.

ps. I got London. ;) “You love art, culture, and history. You don’t mind gray days and bundling up for winter. You appreciate timeless interiors, and you’re respectful of tradition. You’re also keen to explore other cultures and cuisines” …all true except the winter part!

I got Austin. Coincidence? I think not ;)

I’ve always wondered if you had a basement and now I know! We don’t have one either. People always ask us where we put our stuff and I simply answer that we decides to unload the clutter when we moved. Our last basement was only used to house things we forgot we even owned. No basement for us means a simpler load. We only hold on to keepsakes and essentials we can store in our attic above the garage.


Loved the links! I got London, which I totally LOVE and miss, can’t believe I visited for my 20th birthday (20 years ago, yikes!!) and I am dying to go back. Drooling over the DC basement reno, holy schnikes!! And I somehow cannot picture you and your family in the house that’s for sale; the rancher you are in now is so totally “you” although it would be interesting to see what you would have done to transform that place…


$125k in Oakwood? Wow. That’s pretty good but you def made the right choice. I love all of the space you have with your lot. Oakwood is a cool little area but the houses are so close. Btw, I’m pretty sure my sister-in-law and her husband at the time owned that house about 10 years ago. Isn’t that crazy? Your house is way cooler than this one anyway and it def made for cooler, more inspiring blog entries. =)


Oh wow, I can’t even believe that house was a contender against the one you chose! The location looks horrible from the pictures. Your lot seems so much more private and in a nicer neighborhood.


It was on a crazy busy street, too.


So true! The basement in our previous house was nearly as big as our current home! It was nothing but a dumping ground. Having no basement keeps us honest.


Well, we’re nowhere near a beach if that makes you feel any better.


No snow? I’m in.


Congrats on your “new” kitchen!


I got Austin too- I live in Dallas so it’s close by! ;)

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Haha! Ok, it makes me feel a tiny bit better ;-)


Here’s a fun post idea. Tell us or better yet show us (could you photoshop it?) what you would have done with the house you didn’t buy. You must have had some ideas or you wouldn’t have considered buying it. I can’t imagine that house being decorated the same way as the house you currently live in.


I’ve had a few requests for “what would Dana do?” posts – whether they’re houses we’ve considered buying or houses I find while perusing realtor.com (a time-wasting hobby of mine). If there’s interest, I would love to feature these types of posts!

$125,000! Seriously?! #notincali! I got London first, then Rio. Im totally ok with both. Although, if I had to choose itd be London all the way!


I’ve never been to London although it’s always been a dream of mine to visit. Take me with you!


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