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thanksgiving 2

I recently partnered with Wayfair to create a Thanksgiving tablescape. The idea was to show how you can pair splurge-worthy reusable items (fine china, flatware, cloth napkins, candelabras, etc.) with easy, inexpensive DIYs to create a festive but not too literal look. I’ve always loved natural garland lining the center of a table so that was my jumping off point. I removed the wishbone chairs from the ends of the table and brought in two chairs from our outdoor dining patio to sit between the tulip chairs. This provided seating for six and allowed the table runner and greenery to spill over the ends of the table.

thanksgiving 11

I sewed a custom table runner out of vintage batik fabric and pom trim.

thanksgiving 6

I’ve found that most ready-made runners look too narrow on our chunky table so I created a wider one. It measures ~20″ wide.

thanksgiving 5

I bought a few $3 bunches of eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s and placed them on the runner along the center of the table for a natural, organic vibe. Not only do I love the look, but the greenery is more conducive to conversation versus traditional centerpieces. It makes for a casual but intimate dining experience. (And it smells divine!) I sprinkled in mini pumpkins and candles. A few of the orange pumpkins weren’t meshing with the color scheme so I spray painted them gold.

thanksgiving 10

The geometric candelabras were originally black. I spray painted them gold, too. Spray all the things gold! I melted purple and indigo crayons then rolled the bases of taper candles in the wax.

thanksgiving 3

I love how the candelabras turned out. They’re so, so pretty.

thanksgiving 4

I kept the place settings simple. Silver banded china (a wedding gift twelve years ago!), sleek gold flatware and linen napkins are quality staples with longevity that can be used year-round for special occasions. Instead of using napkin rings, I tied leather laces around the napkins and tucked in eucalyptus sprigs.

thanksgiving 14

I carried the eucalyptus and pumpkins over on to the floating credenza and threw in roses from a local grocer.

thanksgiving 9

I used wood letters, wood stain, hot glue and jute string to create a “give thanks” banner. (The craft store was out of stock on T’s so I had to improvise with an L and I.)

thanksgiving 13

I strung the two banners across the window and secured them with clear 3M cord clips. I like the way the wood letters tie in with the bench and woven shade.

thanksgiving 1

thanksgiving 12

thanksgiving 7

thanksgiving 8

I think my favorite aspect of the decor is that it doesn’t scream Thanksgiving (aside from the “give thanks” banner) and it doesn’t stray too far from our home’s everyday vibe. The gold, white, green and indigo color scheme works well in our dining room but still feels autumnal.

You can read more about my Thanksgiving tablescape over on Wayfair. Find the source list below. If you have any questions, just ask!


china – wedding gift, JCPenney
gold flatware – West Elm
wine glasses – family heirloom
linen napkins with midnight border – Coyuchi, Wayfair
leather cord – Realeather lace
batik fabric – etsy
pom trim – JoAnn’s
geometric candelabra – Wayfair
eucalyptus, pumpkins – Trader Joe’s
gold spray paint – Design Master 24 karat pure gold (It’s a wonderful warm gold with copper undertones – perfect for fall!)
wood craft letters – JoAnn’s
wood stain – Minwax special walnut

Psssst – We’re having THE BEST time on our family vacation! We’re already dreading leaving what feels like paradise. I wish everyone could experience this place.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



This is beautiful! I love what you did with the candles, especially – I never would have thought of that, but it makes them just that much more interesting. I love the low centerpiece-runner combo, too, but I guess you’d have to dish everyone up in the kitchen instead of having the dishes on the table? In any case, gorgeous, and thank you for sharing! You’re such an inspiration to me. I hope you guys are having a great time on your family vacation!

Wow, Dana, looks straight out of a magazine! I’m so impressed! Gorgeous job!!


Wow! Amazing job! I love the natural elements. And the candles dipped in melted crayon?! Genius!


Love this! I just bought some of that eucalyptus at Trader Joe’s today and put it in a vase on our mantel. I might steal a few of your ideas and add it to my Thanksgiving table. Oh and you’re killing me with that batik…soo pretty! Thanks for sharing!


I was wondering the same thing. I can’t stand buffet style, but this would be pretty until its time to eat.


I couldn’t do this, because I put the food in pretty bowls and platters on the Thanksgiving table. I just like it when everyone can stay seated and eat together. This is probably the most nontraditional Thanksgiving tablescape I have seen, and that’s a compliment. I love the handmade touches and natural feel. Thumbs up!


I really love the dipped candles, I’ve never seen that before but it makes them look so unique and special!


Liking the eucalyptus (which I apparently have no idea how to spell)

Last year, my mom was bemoaning needing to go out to get some flowers on Thanksgiving morning. I told her to sit tight and went outside to take trimmings from some of the plants in our yard — witch hazel branches (feathery yellow flowers), hawthorne branches (bright red berries), and dogwood bush branches (deep red bark, interestingly straight shape).

Perhaps inspired by you (I really don’t recall, but there’s a good chance), I also sprayed a couple of larger fallen branches gold to fill out the arrangement and add some height. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out.

Love the Give Thanks in the window. Looks beautiful with the light behind it!


Very pretty. My concern would be the smell of eucalyptus. Yes, it smells wonderful, but it is very strong, and I think it would compete with the smell of the all the wonderful Thanksgiving food that you worked hard to prepare. My brother and sister-in-law used eucalyptus in their wedding and I still remember how the smell permeated the venue.


It’s wonderful how you decorated the space, so peaceful! Personally I love working with pom pom, my cushions are laced with them, my curtains are with pom pom and a lot of other things at my hope are decorated with pom pom.
I love your choice of eucalyptus, a daring one for sure. Taking lessons from you :)


Love it! The dipped candles are my favorite touch but I have what’s maybe a stupid question … how do you get rid of the left over melted crayon for your dish?


I checked the internet — eucalyptus is poisonous to cats. The main worry is ingesting it, or brushing up against it, then licking the oils off when cleaning themselves. They also say cats don’t like the smell, so Cheetah may start avoiding the “everything room”, including her litter box.


Seconding Sharon, For anyone who has pets, please always check whether the plants/leaves/flowers you’re thinking of are toxic to them. Like eucalyptus. I have two cats and am constantly checking google first. https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/animal-poison-control/toxic-and-non-toxic-plants/eucalyptus

Oh, the same goes for human children – check first before bringing plants indoors!


The whole table setting is beautiful, simple but elegant. I love the table runner and the pom poms add a nice touch.

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I love everything about this! I have been following you for awhile now, and I think the best thing about this setting is that it exudes you, your syle and your easy going family. I am also very impressed and excited to see this tablescape just a few weeks before Thanksgiving instead of before Halloween. Thank you for being real and not trying to rush the blogospere through the holidays in and ambush of busy-ness. Keep being real it is greatly appreciated!!


I put the glass cup in the freezer overnight and then it just popped out!


Not to worry. Cheetah isn’t allowed on the table and I supervised her while the tablescape was set up. The fragrance didn’t seem to bother her at all. She didn’t avoid her food, water or litter box. Thanks for thinking of her!


Thanks Lisa. We usually set up the desk area in the kitchen and / or the fauxdenza as a serving buffet. There isn’t enough room on the table for all the food we eat!


Thanks for the kind words, Casey!


Spray all the things gold! haha. Your branch display sounds lovely.


So glad you like it. Thanks for your kind words.

Absolutely love the nontraditional feel of this space. The batik and pom pom combo is fab, and I love the bed of garland. I love that you kept your centerpiece primarily flat and linear. It would be easy to move the candles and pumpkins around a bit and actually place your food directly on the bed of garland in simple white serving platters and bowls, if you wanted a more traditional set up. The natural feel of this is just lovely.


I love this simple design yet full design! Your personal small touches (gold pumpkins and candle sticks) are my favorite! I also love the improvise, sometimes little imperfections allow room for extra creativity and make a place feel more like home. Absolutely beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving!


That’s great – and it’s always a good reminder to any pet owner (or someone with young children) to first check whether a plant is as safe as it is beautiful before bringing into the home….way too many vet and pedi visits due to accidental ingestion of dangerous plants.

But……I think you may find that cats, especially, go where they will and there’s no such thing as ‘not allowed’…more just waiting til mom is gone. I’ve found my tiny six pound 12 year old girl cat on top of my fridge, and my boy on top of the china cabinet. For me, it’s easier to ‘baby-proof’ my home than take the chance of kitty nibbling on something they shouldn’t.

Thanks for the reply, and best wishes to your family during the holiday season.


So BEAUTIFUL! I may have missed this but where did you get your light over the table. It compliments so well with your table! Everything is lovely!


It’s the Hoyne pendant from Crate & Barrel. It casts the prettiest shadows on the ceiling at night!


Lovely! I’m curious about the table itself – can you provide details? Thanks!


It’s the boerum dining table in natural from West Elm!

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