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01.26.15 / Made Me Smile

mabrey watercolor

It’s only Monday and this week is already feeling a bit “off.” Steve is out of town for work and our schedule is all over the place. We woke up to snow (nothing close to blizzard proportions) and Mabrey and I spent the better half of the morning clearing the front walk and driveway. We managed to squeeze in some creative time. Mabrey is really into watercolors at the moment. (They’re 90% water, 10% color. Hehe.) I am crazy grateful for these little people who remind me daily that life offline is so important. It makes me a better everything.

So I’m writing this post after having put the kids to bed. I’m in my pajamas. Cheetah is curled up at my side. I’m half-listening to her nose whistle and half-watching the Australia Open, trying to stay warm. It feels like home.

A few home-related links in case you’re cooped up trying to stay warm too…

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*A thoroughly satisfying junk drawer before & after.

*A writer’s cozy retreat.

*How to paint stripes on a concrete floor.

ikea kitchen raw

*The successful juxtaposition of sleek Ikea cabinets against raw materials.

*A unique garage conversion.

*Things empty nesters want parents of little ones to know.

To my friends down under, happy Australia Day! To my friends in the northeast, be safe.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Dustin Aksland


The results on that kitchen are amazing! I really like way it turned out. Those cabinets can come off as cheap but they look super expensive here.


You sound a bit like you have the winter blues. I am sorry you live where the weather can be so harsh. And going it alone with three children is tough too. Keep your chin up. And cheers to the 365 day a year home, that’s the way it should be.


hey! just wanted to say I’ve loved the little Aussie remarks lately. From an Australian in the UK, thanks for reminding me of home :) x


That painting looks pretty enough to frame!


Hi Dana! I think this is my first comment on your blog, but I’ve been following for a while now and you’re somewhat of a style-icon to me, haha :) Do you ever do look-at-this-poor-readers-design-dilemma-heres-what-i-would-do posts? I would love your input on a weird wall-mounted air conditioner in our master bedroom. Thanks for your time!


Mabrey’s watercolor definitely made me smile. As did the AT article. Functional homes people. They sre always in style. Have a great week Dana.


I agree with Rose, I would frame the masterpiece!
The empty nesters’ advice gave me chills. I am NOT doing most of these things, though they are so simple to do. Just never occurred to me to record simple daily stuff, but it is what make a family.


Feel free to send it my way! Sounds like a fun idea for a post series.


Don’t they?! I love seeing how different people incorporate Ikea into their spaces and am amazed at how upscale Ikea pieces can look in the right setting.