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Ikea debuted their new kitchen system, SEKTION, earlier this week. Mabrey and I took a field trip to check it out. I brought along my camera to document the things that caught my attention and I thought I would share them with you. There’s one caveat: the pictures aren’t the best quality. I was in a time crunch and chasing a toddler so…yeah…my focus and white balance are all over the place. But, whatever. I have pictures!

sektion 20

sektion 16

The first thing I noticed right off the bat were the drawers – specifically the drawers inside drawers. I like this option because the outside appearance doesn’t dictate the storage inside. You can have several drawers behind one drawer front for a uniform look. And you have the option of drawers that pull out all the way or only ¾ of the way if they’re layered over another pullout. The drawers themselves are available in several widths and depths that weren’t offered in the previous AKURUM line. I saw the widest, most shallow drawers I’ve ever witnessed in a kitchen in that island above. They would be perfect for flatware and servingware. Fortunately, the soft-closing hardware is still available with the SEKTION line.

Drawer lights (seen above) that turn on when the drawer is opened were an oooh-ahhh feature but from what I could tell they only lit the top drawers. I’m not sure how practical they would be for our household. Don’t people usually turn lights on anyway? I hear the new SEKTION line also features USB outlets, electrical outlets and remote-controlled dimming / power but I didn’t see this on display.

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Both upper and lower cabinet frames are available in more sizes (width, depth, height) which I see as an improvement over the AKURUM line. When we were designing our kitchen there were a few places in the layout where we didn’t have much of choice when it came to cabinet size. It wasn’t a deal breaker but it would have been nice to have more options. Also, in the AKURUM line a 15″ cabinet wasn’t really 15″ wide. It was something like 14 5/8″ which made things a little confusing.

The new SEKTION line measurements are true measurements. That means a 15″ cabinet is really 15″ wide. This also means the two lines aren’t compatible or interchangeable. I asked an Ikea kitchen specialist about how Ikea was handling customers needing AKURUM parts. She said AKURUM parts would be available until October 2015. After that, only if there was a warranty issue, Ikea would work to get the customer something comparable. I don’t quite know what that means though, seeing as how the new system isn’t compatible. (I’m hoping we never need to replace anything!) I did see where SemiHandmade will continue making doors / drawer fronts for the AKURUM line so AKURUM owners will be able to switch out their fronts if they want to.

The new sizes allow for an array of configurations. The hutch-like setup shown above was a unique feature that felt somewhat custom as far as Ikea goes. (Notice the shallow, short drawers at the bottom of the upper cabinet.) With the new system, the base and upper cabinets can be installed via a wall rail whereas with the old AKURUM line, only the upper cabinetry had the option of a wall rail. I’m guessing this will help DIYers (and professionals alike) who may be installing on their own or in a home with uneven walls or floors. We used the upper rails so Steve could install the wall cabinets on his own (I was preggo at the time) and they worked out really well for us.

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The one feature I’m so, so happy to see (and a little jealous of, quite frankly) is the brown wood lookalike color option for the cabinet frames. I was surprised this wasn’t an option when we were designing our kitchen. Slivers of the white cabinet frames are barely noticeable in between a few black drawer fronts / doors on our base cabinets. Guests say they don’t notice, but it’s the one thing I would change about our current setup if I could. I’ve contemplated painting those areas black or applying strips of black veneer. No need to worry about that with the new system though. As seen above, the “wood effect brown” frames work well with darker colored drawer fronts and doors. They look less cheap when opened, too. No white box staring you in the face.

sektion 9

sektion 11

I noticed a few other interesting design elements like open shelf base cabinets and freestanding units made up of cabinets + legs. I think both of these could help lighten a room visually.

sektion 4

sektion 5

One new option I didn’t like was this undersink pullout. It’s made to look like two drawers from the front but it felt flimsy because the front panel is so tall. Plus, I don’t think it’s very practical. What if one person is washing dishes and another person needs to grab something from under the sink? You can’t move to one side like you can with two doors.

sektion 30

sektion 29

As far as aesthetics go, many of the “new” drawer fronts and doors look a lot like the “old” options. There are a few new finishes in the mix including glossy yellow and glossy green if that floats your boat. I really wish Ikea offered an unfinished wood option that would be less expensive than the ready-to-hang designs and could be painted any color of the rainbow for a truly custom look. Ikea, are you listening?!

sektion 21

sektion 1

I totally understand that Ikea caters to the masses but I do wish they would push the envelope a bit more when it comes to their kitchen displays. It was nice to see an island sporting a waterfall edge and a herringbone backsplash.

sektion 32

I didn’t get a chance to scout the countertop and hardware selection but I did see a walnut butcher block! On a fauxdenza no less! Ikea must read blogs. They’re on to us. Update: it appears the walnut butcher block is actually solid wood veneer over particleboard.

Some more drawer-in-drawer action because I couldn’t get enough…

sektion 8

sektion 23

In conclusion, I’m pretty impressed with the new system. I was a little afraid Ikea would veer off course with the SEKTION line but I feel like they made smart improvements upon the old system that was so popular. Here are my take it / leave it suggestions in case you’re interested.


*varied selection of new true cabinet sizes
*drawer-in-drawer action
*dark wood lookalike cabinet frame option for darker fronts
*freestanding units / open base cabinets


*integrated drawer lighting
*undersink pullout

Have you checked out the new SEKTION line in person? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts. If not, you should make a day of it and go open & close a bunch of drawers and doors. You know, if that’s your thing. (It’s my thing.)

P.S. – A great write-up on the new SEKTION line.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



My husband and I did more than check it out in person on Monday (at the West Chester store which is where you went, I assume?), we actually bought our kitchen. I am still so giddy and exhausted from the trip, since it took eight hours to seal the deal and load the truck.

Also, I just showed your pic to my husband and he swears that he saw you at the store. He tells me that you were there with a “taller gentleman with a black vest.” Not you, right?


I bought our Ikea kitchen in early 2014 and we are only getting ready to install it in the next month, so I am glad to hear they will still carry the product until Oct 15, just in case I need a filler or any other item. I’m in Canada and the Domsjo single bowl sink was out of stock for months and months so I never had the chance to buy it, but it looks like it’s back in stock since the kitchen change over… so happy about that cause I bought the cabinet to match already. Any recommendations for sink faucets from Ikea?


Love these pictures! Can’t wait to go check out our store. I, too, wish they had an unfinished cabinet. Would make it easier!


My husband and I just went on Monday to buy new countertops. We wanted to replace our old Lagan countertops with the oak butcher block but they’ve changed them. They still carry the oak, birch, and beech butcher block but they are only 1″ thick. This helped us because its the same thickness as the Lagan countertops that they used to carry but I was looking forward to thicker butcher block. I think they look a little nicer. Unfortunately the walnut butcher block is just a vaneer.


I like the new options in the new line, especially the drawers inside the drawers! My husband is a contractor so he’s installed quite a few IKEA cabinets in the past and has nothing nice to say about that single rail wall mount. He’s interested to see how this dual system installs. We were there today – I keep my eye out in case you might be meandering about! LOL!


Thanks for the rundown! I have always loved the thought of an IKEA kitchen with custom doors/drawer fronts. The best I have seen is Faith’s kitchen from thekitchn: http://www.thekitchn.com/faiths-kitchen-renovation-the-final-result-renovation-diary-faiths-budget-luxe-kitchen-188022

I have been loving your real IKEA kitchens, keep them coming!


Loooooove Faith’s kitchen! I’m guessing SemiHandmade will cater to the new cabinet sizes?


We used the wall rail for our upper cabinets and liked it. It allowed Steve to hang the cabinets by himself. (I was preggo at the time.) We did install on new drywall so maybe that was an advantage.

Please say Hi! if you see me at Ikea!


Thanks for bringing the walnut veneer to my attention! I’m updating the post to reflect that nuance. I quickly walked by and noticed it but didn’t realize it was veneer. It passed from a few feet away! It looks pretty realistic but maybe it wouldn’t be such a great choice near a sink. It’s great for a fauxdenza.


We bought the faucets for our current and previous kitchen sinks via Overstock so I’m afraid I don’t have any personal experience with Ikea faucets.


Nope, not me. I was with the little rascal in pigtails and light-up shoes ;) Congrats on your kitchen! So exciting!


OMG Dana our review and observations are so so similar. My post goes live tomorrow and it will feature many of the same photos you took actually! Probably the biggest takeaways for me are the drawer options. So many great options there. The drawer in drawer and the large 36″ single drawer as opposed to the two 18 inch drawers that came with the previous system are great. Also loved the darker interior finish. I actually painted all my frames black because I couldn’t deal with the white showing, but then again I only have like 4 cabinets so it wasn’t that big of a deal for me to do. So glad you got a chance to get in to see it.


I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Sektion. A friend and I checked it out Monday night.

My husband and I installed an Adel White kitchen in 2007. I don’t recall having any issues with the Akurum sizing at the time, but the new sizing system sounds great. My husband said that having a rail for the base cabinets is a great improvement (he was the installer, I was the assembler.) I’m curious how easy the new planner is to use.

The two big functional differences my friend and I noted were the in-drawer lighting and the drawers within drawers. In regard to the new lighting, neither of us saw a benefit worth the cost (I think in one kitchen it was an approximately +$800 upgrade.) I’ve never wished for more light inside my cabinets. It’s interesting that you and commenters like the drawer-within-a-drawer option. We didn’t like the inefficiency of having to open two drawers to get to your stuff and so I’ve been wondering what others’ take on that is.

I enjoyed our Ikea Akurum Adel White cabinets for the 7 years we lived with them and I do think our kitchen helped get our house sold in record time. However, we won’t be going this route in our new house. I gave Sektion a chance, but for us we just don’t want to put our money into particle board cabs since we hope this is our forever house. When we sold our house, there were a couple spots where our cabinets were starting to delaminate.

We decided to order ready to assemble cabinets from Barker Cabinets for our kitchens and bathrooms. Barker uses the same hardware as Ikea, but their construction is solid wood and 3/4″ plywood–they’re very nice DIY cabinets. Plus they come in customizable sizes at one inch increments. If anyone is looking into RTA cabinets, it’s worth checking them out.

If we were planning to stay in our house for less than ten years I would totally install Sektion, though.


About that drawer under the sink – I believe is meant for trash. This is a very common feature in european kitchens, but I really haven’t really noticed it much on american blogs. The drawer is so high, so that you can put in several trash bins for easyer sorting of the trash (paper, containers, misc.).


It’s hard to tell online, I’ll have to see them in person, but I’m a little disappointed with the white cabinet offerings. Maybe they look better in person, but on my screen all of the “off-white” options are seem very very yellow, which is more noticeable since they are on stark white cabinet boxes.


Hi Dana,
I live in Germany and it is common here the pull-out drawer under the sink. Normally people put trash cans there. In my city we sort our trash in 5 types (plastic, paper, organic, glass and non-reciclable). I like that this way I have al least some cans hiden.
It is a bit annoying when other person is using the sink, but not a big deal. My undersink gabinet is just 60 cm wide (23 inches?!) two door would look silly. All my low counters are drawers, I love that I do not need to knee to see what is in there.
We installed a non Ikea kitchen. We wanted a stone countertop and I was 8 mounths preggo (funny word) that time, I was just easier to get everything in one store and do not need to install by ourselves (we skypped a new dish washer for the time and everything fitted the budget). Anyway I do remmember that Ikea already had this undersink pullout and the drawer in drawer stuff 1,5 year ago here in Germany.
Your master bathroom post in AT brought me here and since then I am waiting for your 2. bathroom reveal post. So nice that it IS comming :D

I certainly like them. I like the drawers and that the style is very transitional so it could work in a lot of spaces nicely. Hardware will drastically change the look of them.


I haven’t shopped at IKEA in a while (thank you Habitat, H&M Home, Zara Home), but it was refreshing to see what’s new in the kitchen line. I can see how some things are yay, and some nay. But the undersink pullout isn’t as bad as one would think. As Ursa mentioned, it’s very popular in European kitchens (hello, same person who lives in frigid Sweden), and the construction isn’t flimsy or impractical whatsoever. It’s designated for trash and recycling bins, but I also use it to place cleaning products and shopping bags. There have been many times when I’m at the sink and my husband needs to throw something in the bin, but you can still move to the side and allow access. It really isnt as bad as you’d imagine. :)


Can’t wait for Sektion to arrive in Australia – June/July!!


This post was so interesting and helpful. We are debating about our kitchen. How big is the reno going to be and what kind of cabinets. Currently weighing about a million options!


Hi from Germany.
I have the old system and over here it also had that pull out option, I got it and use it for trash (everyone in Germany knows to find the kitchen trash under the sink in every household…) and it works great for that…


“We didn’t like the inefficiency of having to open two drawers to get to your stuff and so I’ve been wondering what others’ take on that is.”

I don’t understand the point of opening two drawers either! I think I would get annoyed really fast, but I guess other people like the idea!


I have been planning an Ikea kitchen remodel and I am… Very disappointed in SEKTION. They took away several options I was considering for my kitchen, and the heights for above-the-stove and above-the-fridge cabinets are maximum 20″ instead of 24″, meaning that I can’t accommodate my existing stove fan/vent situation without having an awkward 4″ gap at the top, and lose 4″ of vertical storage above the fridge.

Aside from that, there are no more full-depth 12″ wide base cabinets, of any configuration. You can get 12″ base cabinets in a 15″ depth, but that doesn’t fit into the island I was planning… And there are no 25″ high doors for base cabinets, meaning it isn’t possible to have a single shallow drawer with a door underneath. And there is no corner pull-out cabinet with a drawer.

Thanks to one of the commenters above, I am now pricing out Barker Cabinets… Definitely a step up price-wise from Ikea, but they at least have the options that would maximize storage in my tiny, awkward kitchen.

If Ikea had kept a corner pull-out with a drawer, and the 24″ high over-appliance cabinets for stove fan/refrigerators, I could make do with the lack of a 12″ wide base cabinet. But all of those together have me in serious doubt of going with Ikea for such a big renovation.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the new IKEA system. We just finished our kitchen remodel this past November and I was a little frustrated to find out about the new system at first, wondering if the changes would be worth the wait. All in all, I am glad with how everything turned out using the old system and am happy with the flexibility we had when designing our kitchen.


I thought the same thing about the under sink pull outs!


I hit the West Chester store Sunday to help family load up a few things – I snuck behind a LOT of plastic dividers that were up then since it hadn’t technically launched yet! I love the new system and I’ve been pulling to rip the kitchen out of this 1980’s hellhole ever since we bought it 9 months ago. My biggest dissapointment was no real “white” except the glossy flatfront ones that scream “IKEA” – the bodbyn comes in off white, but next to our trim color, it comes off almost yellow.

So now we may do the bodbyn gray kitchen, but I worry that gray is a fad and doesn’t have the staying power a white kitchen would. Decisions, decisions! Either way I’m super excited. I don’t care for the in-drawer lighting either, but I’m in love with nearly everything else.


That’s the exact problem I’m having – and I saw the cabinets in person. Our trim is fairly off-white/cream (SW Downy), but I took a piece of trim in and the cabinets definitely come off super yellow next to that.


So glad you did an in-person investigation, Dana. Thanks for sharing!

What are your thoughts on the off-white options? Do they look as “yellow” in person as they do online? I was sure that they’d offer some truer white options with this line (in particular, felt a Ramsjo-look wood option in a true-er white would be part of the release), so would love to hear what you think of the colour having seen it in person. Thanks!

To Elle Marie: the lack of a full-depth 12″ wide base is a big hit to me in my kitchen plan as well. I don’t know if we can even make it work anymore. :(


I noticed the above-the-fridge / above-the-stove cabinets too. In some of the displays there was an awkward gap between the top of the fridge and the cabinet above. It looked like they tried to fill the gap with a length of plinth but it wasn’t always a snug fit. My dad recently helped my grandparents renovate their kitchen with Ikea cabinetry and installed his own (non-Ikea) trim in a few areas to give it a more polished, custom look. He had paint color-matched to the gray Ikea cabinets and painted the custom trim to match. You can’t even tell the difference. It was more work but the results were great.

We have a 12″ wide base cabinet that functions as a trash pull-out next to our fridge so we wouldn’t have been able to do that with the new system. We also have a few 25″ height doors on base cabinets with single drawers above – in the desk area of our kitchen. We stash the printer in one and have a little charging station set up for cordless drills and such in the other one. But in the actual kitchen part of our space we’ve found that, functionally, we prefer the big, deep drawers (as opposed to doors) with smaller drawers above. We don’t have a corner pullout with a drawer – just a plain old lazy susan.

Every kitchen has its own unique obstacles. I hope you find what you’re looking for – whether it’s Ikea or not. I’d love to hear your experience with Barker Cabinets if you end up going that route. Best of luck!


This is the reason why I wouldn’t use Ikea. I wish that they would use “white” instead of off white for their white cabinets.


So the aversion to the undersink pullout might be an American thing! (or just a personal thing) We have a smaller 12″ wide pullout next to the fridge for trash and recycling. It’s easily accessible from the sink but not under the sink. The display kitchen featured a much wider sink cabinet than what you have so I could see yours not being as inconvenient to slide out of the way. Thanks for sharing!


This has been the case for a while. All the more reason I’d love to see unfinished wood options that you could color-match to your existing trim, etc.


I think the reason I like the drawer-in-drawer option is mostly due to aesthetics – not function. I just like the more uniform look it provides from the exterior.

I’m so glad you mentioned Barker Cabinets. I hadn’t heard of them before. Sounds like a good quality option for someone willing to spend a little more for solid wood frames and more custom options. I’d love to hear your feedback once they’re installed and you’ve had the chance to live with them for a while.

Thanks so much for your comment, Sarah! Lots of good info here.


Can’t wait to read your post. You painted your frames! What did you use and how are they holding up?


Keep the comments coming! I love hearing how the new system works / doesn’t work for you and why. It seems like everyone is focused on different options according to their kitchen needs and it’s really helpful to hear feedback from so many of you. Any little tidbits you want to offer up might help someone else make a decision on their own kitchen reno – whether they end up with Ikea or not. Share, share!


This has been the case with Ikea cabinets for a while…the “white” cabinets appearing more yellow / cream in real life when butted up against truer white finishes in a room. I didn’t notice any new difference in the whites but I didn’t have any paint swatches with me to hold up against them either. Once again, I reallyreallyREALLY wish Ikea would offer an unfinished wood option that could be painted any shade of white (or any other color)!


I actually really like this option. It would help with accessing everything under the sink — our compost bin and cleaning products are all currently stuffed in there, and the things at the very back are out of reach and kind of a mystery to me (part of me actually doesn’t want to know what’s back there!). I could see this being a better option than reaching to the back of the cabinet on my hands and knees.


That IS a great idea! I hope they’re listening!!!


If you have a garbage disposal or a reverse osmosis unit that is housed under the sink than this feature won’t work for garbage cans as well.


That’s what I thought. Hubby needs glasses.
I haven’t gotten into putting the kitchen together yet. We’re getting our rough inspections for water, electric, and framing in 20 minutes. I am nervous!


Yes I did paint them. When I painted out the cabinet doors and open shelving boxes I went ahead and painted the frames of the other ones too. Its held up really well with no chipping at all except for on the areas where the 36″ cabinet drawers meet the 30″ open shelving boxes, BUT that’s totally our fault because Ive yet to install hardware on the doors yet (pesky little project) so we grab to open the drawers from the side and naturally our nails scrape the edges. Once I do Ill touch up and we wont have that issue anymore. I used Zinsser BIN 123 primer and Ben Moore Aura for paint. I used that primer when I painted our laminate floors in the last house so Im a fan of it. I definitely would’ve gone with the Kilz High Adhesion primer though if I didn’t already have the Zinsser on hand.





Thanks! If I ever decide to paint, I’m referencing this.


Going through Ikea and pretending I live in their kitchens is totally up my alley… We actually inherited a nicely redone (though not to our tastes) kitchen in our home when we purchased it 2 years ago. I really enjoy going into the kitchen planner and trying to make my kitchen and dining room look like Courtney Adamo’s, haha… Have you heard of Semihandmade? Your comment about wanting unfinished doors made me think of them…. I don’t know that you can get unfinished doors, but they specialize in “aftermarket” doors (for lack of a better term) and drawer fronts for Ikea kitchens. They have some beautiful colors and options… and you might actually be able to get them unfinished, now that I think about it. Anyway, they’re worth checking out if you haven’t gotten the chance yet! :)


Yes! I mentioned SemiHandmade in the post. They will continue making fronts / doors for the AKURUM line. I believe they do offer an unfinished wood option. You would think Ikea would pick up on this consumer need / desire!


Ack! So you did. I’m sorry – that’s what happens when I read and comment while nursing. Sorry about that!

And yes, that would be wonderful if Ikea picked up on the desire for unfinished drawer and cabinet fronts!


We installed our Akurum kitchen over the summer, and we do have one drawer that is a pull out with three drawers (very similar to the drawer in drawers from the new Sektion Line). It is next to the stove, and we use the two top drawers for spices, and the bottom deeper drawer (attached to the door) for oil, etc. I think this option was only available for narrow base cabinets, like 12 or 15″.

For me, it is only a tiny bit annoying to open the outer drawer, then the small drawer, but not that bad – what’s worst is that I almost never closer the inner drawers! I always just use the main drawer/door and push the small doors closed with that one… which may end up damaging the door over time (but we will see!)


Haha! I laughed when you said you don’t like the undersink pullout. We have it in our Idea kitchen (UK, and the old system, called FAKTUM over here) and we have our bins (trash) in it; one for recycling and the other for garbage. It works fantastically because you don’t have bins on view, and actually the fake drawer front has never proved too flimsy. The only downside is when we have visitors who have to scour the kitchen for the bin, before giving up and having to ask!


No worries!! I’m amazed you stay awake while nursing…I always drifted off ;)


We considered buying the door/drawer front style that is lacquered solid birch with birch veneer (/BJÖRKET) and painting them a true white that blends with our preferred white appliances. A while back I had done several google searches to try to find out if anyone had painted the Akurum version of this door style (Orsa?) and I came up empty.

I don’t have any experience painting cabinets, but for any readers who are wishing for a paintable Ikea door, maybe you could buy a small BJÖRKET door and give it a try. And report back to Dana because I’ve always wondered :-)

I didn’t see a link to the Sektion brochure, so here it is in case it’s useful to others: http://www.ikea.com/ms/en_US/pdf/buying_guides_fy15/sektion/FY15_SEKTION_Brochure.pdf


We have something similar next to our fridge. It’s a 12″ wide pullout where we keep trash and recycling bins. There are two drawers up top (within the same single pullout front) where I stash foil, wax paper, plastic wrap + reusable and disposable sandwich bags for the kids’ lunches. I find myself closing the main front shut before closing the inner drawers sometimes when I’m in a hurry. So far, so good!


We spent 5 hours at IKEA yesterday and now our living room is full of boxes for the kitchen reno that we’re starting at our place in March. I love the pull out drawers. Love. Just waiting on the counter top to get delivered this evening.


Absolutely – IKEA kitchens are best installed on nice flat, 90 degree angle walls! My poor husband has done battle with wonky walls and that single rail! LOL!

I’m pretty sure I could serve as a docent at IKEA so if I ever see you, I promise, I’ll say HI. It may or may not be after I’ve stared at you as stealthy as I can to make sure you are you! ;)


Haha! If I’m chasing around a fiery toddler and looking frazzled, it’s probably me ;)


So exciting! Can’t wait to see it.


Yes, I too was hoping IKEA would offer a unpainted options (or at least a true-white), which could be customized with paint.


BIG NEWS !!! The woman at ikea told me yesterday that they are in fact coming out with TWO more white door options !… There are two pairs of the old harlig flat planel and glossy don’t know the new names and she said there are four now bc two are place holders for the new styles .. She had no idea when there coming and I’m at a loss bc we we’re going to spray the birch white now I’m afraid I should wait !!


I snuck off to IKEA this afternoon with the little one in tow after reading this post – and my store still hasn’t finished their kitchens! The first two were done, but other than that we’re still being rerouted to the dinning section. Additionally all of the kitchens in the apartments set ups through the store were still closed off. Very disappointing.


My husband actually took the day off work Monday so we can go check out the new system! We were pretty excited. We redid our kitchen with Adel in 2011 (I submitted ours to you last April hoping you would feature it) and love it. But we purchased a new (well new to us) home and it has got an awful, outdated, wallpaper covered, tiny kitchen so we are planning on using the new Ikea system to update it. I love the lighting in the drawers and thought the drawer in drawers look great, but don’t see the point. Especially for something you use a lot like the utensils drawers. I think it would get annoying after a while. I was very happy to see the new system basically kept the Adel fronts (just renaming them). I never thought of them as off white or yellow though like some of the others. I also like the grey colored cabinets. My husband is thinking maybe we can tweak a cabinet door and make an appliance garage too. We like the way they show some of the cabinets going all the way down to the countertop too. I’m really sad to leave my current kitchen but excited to do another one with Ikea.


Oh no! Procrastinators.


Interesting…can’t wait to see / hear more!


My sister purchased the birch Adel cabinets about a year and a half ago. She had them painted gray by a professional. They were lightly sanded, primed and painted with a Sherwin Williams paint. They have held up very well. http://instagram.com/p/xZS-W5xZ2Q/?modal=true


Whoa. Mind. Blown. Amazing kitchen!

[…] you checked out the new Ikea kitchen system […]


I haven’t stepped foot in an IKEA store since….hmmm…..2007? 2008? It’s been a while. I used to live 15 minutes from one and then I moved to Northern Virginia where the closest one was 2 hours away on a good day! I’m very excited that Columbus, OH is finally going to get an IKEA store in 2017. Maybe by then I’ll have enough saved up that I can finally gut my kitchen and put in a pretty little IKEA kitchen! And maybe by then, they’ll have perfected this new kitchen system :)


AWESOME! So glad to see someone’s real pics. I am extremely ready to redo my kitchen, just saving up some money and fiddling around with the damn IKEA kitchen planner for a while. I want to make a trip to my 1.5 hour away nearest IKEA but also want to wait to go on a weekday so seeing these is helping me feel like I can wait a little longer before venturing that way!


Very disappointed with the Butcherblock countertop changes! I mean, I know they have to cut cost somewhere to keep the same pricing; and I’m glad they still offer real ones (HAMMARP) instead of veneer over particleboard. But I rather pay more for the old 1.5″ thick NUMERAR.

How are the cabinet frames? I read they are gonna be thinner than Akurum’s frames, but maybe that’s just the EU version. And do they still use the excellent BLUM hinges and drawer rails?

I also notice they only have 1 style of wall ovens now. The older ones (DATID) look much nicer imo. I also wish they would bring back the 36″ range… so I don’t have to be jealous of Dana’s. :P


There is a base cab with 12W x 24D config. (If 24″ is full depth)

But the one with shelves are the only 12″W option available. No more 12″ pull-outs. But maybe you can remove the shelves and use some non-IKEA pullouts.


I believe the hinges are a different version but still work like the old ones. The drawer rails are different also – not metal like in the AKURUM line. Shavonda has a bunch of pictures of the new system on her blog…


I’m not sure about the thickness of the frames??? And I didn’t get a chance to scope out the appliances. I kinda wish we were designing a kitchen right now so I could really delve into the all the little nuances between the AKURUM and SEKTION lines.


We’ve been waiting and waiting for SEKTION to come out. All our kitchen reno plans went on hold months ago when we learned they were coming out with the new line. We spent hours yesterday planning out our new Ikea kitchen, only to end the evening disappointed! We were really frustrated with the available cabinet options, styles, and sizes. And, though I do like drawers and pullouts, there were just too many! Sometimes you just want that standard base cabinet with a drawer above. And the option just wasn’t there in some of the sizes we absolutely need. I mean, what do I do without a utensil drawer next to my stove? Where do my cooking utensils go? And I don’t want to have to open a door to then open a drawer. We were also frustrated by the options for corner-base cabinets. They were bigger, by several inches, than what we currently have. And in a small kitchen, and with very limited cabinet size options, those inches are everything. Overall, we’re just SO disappointed and will definitely not be using IKEA for our kitchen. Boo.


Here’s a three part series on someone planning, assembling and installing a Sektion kitchen in case anyone is looking for those details…



We’ve been holding our kitchen reno plans for the release of the new Sektion options. While I think the functional changes they’ve made to the system are wonderful, I was very underwhelmed with the door front options. I had my heart set on them adding something similar to the Hyttan (metod) door but nope. Super boring traditional american style is still in full swing for us. I was so surprised by the lack of flat panel oak colored option. Looks like we may be stuck with the Brokhult. I’m not crazy about it and feels like we’re settling. Sadly we don’t have time to wait for rumored new door introductions.


planning a remodel of a 10yr old standard builders kitchen to something more modern. i HATE using their online software. Architect by trade, so i need to get some basic overall dims of the cabinets and can’t find that info anywhere. they in the past had a kitchen planner paper handout that listed the overall dims so someone could do a proper cabinet layout. is that available yet in stores?


Oh, thanks for the link! Love the unique design which incorporates open and closed cabinetry.


I am extremely disappointed with the choices available in SEKTION. Maybe the online planner tool hasn’t been configured properly but SEKTION is too restrictive and doesn’t provide enough options for small kitchens. Try out the planner…. it’s awful. I hope it is just a fluke and they are not finished loading all of the cabinets into it.

I will also have an issue with the above the fridge cabinets being 20″ instead of 24″.

I thought IKEA was geared towards a smaller, more functional lifestyle, maximizing the space you have. It seems as though they are moving away from that model.


[…] all started with this post. I mentioned my thoughts on Ikea missing the mark by not offering an unfinished wood cabinet door / […]


I have questions about the hardware and the construction materials including the thickness of the paneling for sides and toe kicks. At first glance, ALL are concerning me. As a kitchen designer I have used the Akurum line several times and I’m feeling seperation anxiety. I will be interested in hearing about the installation challenges and the durability of the cabinetry. Thanks for being such an honest place to talk about these things.


I used to drool over just about every display kitchen at my local Ikea–the Akurum kitchens. I was so excited to see the new Sektion line, but was rather disappointed. Thought all the designs looked sort of clinical. With all the narrow horizontal drawers, they looked more like a doctor’s examining room. I hope that Ikea will tweak the door styles/finishes going forward–because I would be hard pressed to say I like the look of any of them.

(We are putting the finishing touches on an Akurum Stat kitchen we did for a family member. Everyone loves it and cannot believe it is Ikea. We are so glad we got all the Stat pieces we needed before the change-over.)

@CAROL – I looked closely at the kitchen displays today. The sides of the cabinets still look to be 3/4 inch thick. The filler/side panels were 1/2 inch. The trim seems to offer a couple of styles that are 1 1/8 inch thick and more that are about 11/16.

It looks like the installation would be pretty much the same. (I think I would still use a ledger-board to install base cabinets–although I don’t know if the new base cabinets have the protruding lip that upper cabinets had to accommodate installing on a rail.)

Except for being white in color, drawer and pull-out hardware look almost exactly the same as the Akurum. Ikea is now offering “garbage cans” that pair up better with the pullouts. (I might swap-out some make-due cans I put in the 2 Akurum pull-outs we installed.)


Thanks for your insight! I, too, wish Ikea would amp up the door / drawer front / hardware selection.


I was able to create a 12″ pullout 24″ deep cabinet through the IKEA kitchen planner. You just have to remove the shelves and switch the drawer type to pull-out.


Thanks for sharing this, Sarah!


I’m in complete agreement with most of the comments and observations of the Sekton cabinets, especially the white door selection. The European system does offer a white shaker style door. Hopefully, it will be available here soon.
I disagree about the lights in the drawers. As I’ve gotten older (45+ gulp!!) I’ve noticed I need more light to see well. I think this is going to be a great addition for the aging population going forward.
I also think it’s worth the extra money to use one of the independent professional IKEA kitchen planners available. They know tips, tricks and work arounds.

[…] did away with the old AKRUM line and introduced a new set of cabinets called the SEKTION line. (Here’s a great write up about it.) You saw in our last post, we picked up their Bodbyn off-white cabinets […]


@House tweaking: Definitely agree, Zinsser’s Bullseye 1-2-3 Primer is the BEST! Have used it on so many things that it has become my ‘go-to’ primer for everything. Provided that the surface is in good condition (requires no repairs); just a cleaning to remove dirt ‘n grime is all that is needed with absolutely no sanding. (Repeat …. absolutely no sanding! ☺) -Brenda-
P.S: I am not affiliated with Zinsser’s in any way.


Very informative post! (Thank you.) Took a trip through Ikea last week and was impressed with the new Sektion however like yourself wish they offered the units ‘unfinished’ and their lower base cabinets were designed to integrate a pull-out cutting board of some kind. That said, did not care for any of their ‘whites’ as to me not to offend those who may have chosen them; they looked very cheap but then again it could have been from the showroom lighting. (IMHO, the finish is far too glossy for traditional or transitional aesthetics.)
For those living in Canada who may wish upgrading cabinet doors/drawers (for Aukurum or Sektion) and live in Ontario; check out Allstyle.com (in Mississauga Ont.) who have a large selection of both at reasonable prices. They sell to contractors as well as DIYers and for an extra cost will paint them for you. -Brenda-
P.S: I am not a spokesperson for Ikea or the latter.


Interesting observations. Our first home had a fantastic kitchen that I never thought to change. I didn’t realize or notice it, because it did it’s job very well. This house, we needed a specific neighbourhood and to afford it, we had to get the cheapest one here. Considering it’s the cheapest, it has been okay. I was worried it was cheap because it would be a money pit. But after fixing the things that were on the home inspection (all cheap things to fix), we haven’t had further problems. Just functional and aesthetics. The aesthetics have been annoying my husband and the functionality has been driving me up the wall. Every thing works. Technically.

After saving up to do the kitchen, we finally took the leap and planned a kitchen. We went to a bunch of stores but ended up at Ikea. I wasn’t pleased with three things. Appliances, flooring and countertops. We settled on getting a contractor to help us pick out and install flooring and countertops. And we bought the appliances somewhere else. (Yeah, we’re taking out the entire kitchen.)

I didn’t see the point of the drawer in drawer. We passed on those. And I see a lot of houses around here (Canada) keep their garbage under the sink unless they have a garborator. I’ve never seen the Akurum kitchens because I don’t look at stuff until I have the money to buy. Otherwise there’s a risk I’d break down and use credit. I do like the doors opening up for the upper cabinets. I’m just at the height that when vertical doors are left open, I turn around and smack my head all the time. I just don’t learn. With the horizontal doors, I’m not at risk of hitting my head. The salesperson suggested getting darker cabinet boxes or whatever they’re called because the doors for the lower cabinets are dark. I had no idea what she was talking about but didn’t see a problem with it. Reading above posts, some people had a problem with white peaking out. I suppose bonus? I’m just not a detail oriented person.

One of the stand-out reasons I liked the Ikea option was that I was less dependent on the person in the store to design it. Requiring help from the person in the store to help design the kitchen, my attention span wanes during the process. I stop really looking after two or three ideas. With the online planner, I got to try out one layout, get up and go do something else and come back to it hours later or on a different day and look at another options. I’m not a fan of the planning process. My short attention span in situations like this can annoy my (detail oriented) husband and others, but it seems wise to admit to my limits than to get something I’ll regret later. We planned it out at a pace I was happy with, went to the store and asked for help with the details and then ordered the kitchen. To me, that’s an ideal scenario.

Anyway, it’s a big project, as it includes some major demolition and a support beam. I’m really hoping that taking time off work, we’ll be able to get it done all in one shot or at least most of it. We’ve done work before, but nothing this big. It’s a bit overwhelming. A couple of times during the planning stage, I was ready to throw in the towel. I’m pleased I’ve made it this far, but not looking forward to installation. “Tell me again why we can’t get the contractor to do the whole thing for us?”


Continued…. Not to nitpick; but notice where the drawer pulls on the Shaker style cabinets are. Perhaps it is just me, but I find it odd as usually they are positioned in the center of the panel but maybe there is a reason for it.


Lindsy, is there any way you can announce that news when you hear more? Do you have a blog? I would love to know more about this! Hope you see this.


Actually, Dana, trash under the sink is extremely common here in St. Louis, MO. That is until Simple Human came out with their stainless step pedal opening cans. They were suddenly everywhere, whereas before a plastic can that would fit under the sink or even just a paper grocery bag was used by everyone I knew while I was growing up. Now everything is hidden. People used to have toasters, coffee pots, mixers, etc all out and within sight. Then came appliance garages. I guess it was the plethora of small appliances that ate up so much counter space.

I am in the process of using a company called IKD to help me plan my Ikea kitchen. So far, I am having a good experience with them. I have learned a lot by working with them that I wouldn’t have known if I had done it on my own even though I’ve read hundreds of Ikea kitchen renos. Thanks for all the ones you post. Love em!


P.S. Can you tell me which of the above photos would you say is the absolute closest of the Bodbyn Gray, since that is the color we are going with and I have not seen it in person. Ike is 5 hours away until they open here next fall. We are trying to get there to see for ourselves, but we need to get our order in before the sale ends this month. Thanks. And if you ever hear of a color match for the Bodbyn gray, please post it. Thanks again.


Wow, Megan! I agree. Gorgeous. I absolutely love that style of door and they do still have one available in maple? I think, but after paying so much money for cabinets, the last thing I want to do is repaint them, especially if I have to pay more money to have it done. I wish I could afford it, but I was so disappointed when they discontinued the shaker style in “white”. I would have gone with it even though it’s not a true white. White, gray…..decisions.


Same here. Some of the pieces still aren’t available in US stores.


I also noticed that on the base cabinets of the black/brown display, the drawer pulls do not line up vertically. Whoever installed their handles desperately needs a refresher course. As a former preferred IKEA cabinet installer and designer, the layout of all handles is discussed in depth with the client prior to installation of the handles once all cabinets and doors are in place. Right or wrong, IKEA has a formula for handle placement for their cabinet displays.


@Carol, the panel materials are the same as they were however the toe kicks are vastly different. They are made out of plastic in a kind of corrugated sense (from the profile). Should they get wet no liquid will wick into the material. Now for the bad. They have a very cheesy solution to finish the end. They have a plastic cap that fits into the cut end of the toe kick. It is supposed to fit and stay put but it requires a little bit or Krazy glue or Gorilla glue to hold it in place. Also, the colour coding on the style that looks like the old Sofilund (the door style that looked like unfinished walnut) was not even a close match. It was a plain tan colour and the toe kick looked grey/brown. The toe kick looks great if it is a straight run that terminates between 2 walls.


n.b. the first post was actually for MRSBEN.


Hi Karen — I just saw on another blog that the Bodbyn gray color match is Benjamin Moore’s “Cinder.” I haven’t used it myself, so I can’t vouch, but I’m hoping it’s true! We’re trying to finish up our small kitchen, but our Ikea is (and has been) out of the cover panels and plinths, so I’m trying to think of a work-around. Hope this helps!


We currently have an Ikea kitchen. And we love it! Mind you it’s the akurum style one. I glad I did not wait a year and install this new type of style kitchen (sektion)- the hubby and I went to check it out and boy what a dissapointment. Yes I know Ikea is trying to cut costs, save trees ( I mean they do cut more than most companies) and so and so, but back to the new line- the cabinets were flimsy and cheap, you had to open a drawer inside another drawer just to get a fork. And the trash under the sink? How is someone whos washing the dishes supposed to make room for another family member trying to get into the garbage. Like I said, I am very glad I installed the Akurum, it is sturdier and more practical. The nee line is like Legos, fun to build but impractical in the real world.


Terrible experience. Just had my new IKEA kitchen installed. Design plan that I paid over 400$ for didnt fit the bill at all, 22 parts backordered which I’ve been treasure hunting for since Week 2 of the sale and flimsy plastic legs. On top of having my contractor here to install it, we had to bring in a cabinet maker to reinforce it and make the side pannels look proper around our massive island. IKEA has a ton of kinks to work out with the new line-their associates will speak freely to you about it-but have done nothing to fix the issue. I would have expected this to be one of the last companies that I would have problems with, but I’ll never step foot in one of their stores again, aside from going in to return all of the extra pieces they sold me. 15 store visits for one kitchen bc of wrong or mising parts isn’t a good use of anyone’s time…


I have been waiting two months for my countertops and multiple other items, but just heard they won’t be available for another three months. Without the counters I can’t install the sink, or any of the tall cabinets which rest on the counter top. One of the worst retail experiences of my life. On top of that, we were told to call “every day” to track down the 29 different out of stock items, which we then had to drive to the store to pick up. (After we paid the shipping fee when we ordered the kitchen.) If I were to go back, I don’t think I would purchase my kitchen from IKEA. It’s not worth the headache.


I am with you Sharon. Terrible experience we would not repeat. We ordered our kitchen back in April. I’ve lost track of the number times we’ve had to return to Ikea to pick-up out-of stock items. 2.5 months later we are still waiting for cabinet doors to arrive and IKEA is not even able to provide an expected arrival date. When the installer came we found 1/3 of the cabinet doors were damaged in some way and had to be returned. Like most people you get attracted by what you see in the store. Anybody out there thinking of buying an IKEA kitchen be warned. Buying and installing a kitchen is nothing like buying a piece of furniture. Be ready for a lot of frustration and many return trips to the store.


Lauren, I have had the same issue. I am in the final days of a 34 cabinet install and still missing parts. I started with 5 pages of items and now down to one page. It has been Exhausting. The kitchen looks outstanding and I am very happy with it, just not the process that it took to get there. There is no support from the IKEA process for backordered parts. The website stock amounts are never accurate to the store. Calling and speaking to a person in the store is impossible. I have made as many as 15 2 hour round trips to the store.


The new Sektion toe kicks are really poor quality, just cheap plastic and a severe drop in quality from the former Akurum product toe kicks.


I’m glad to hear that I am not alone. We are in the middle of our kitchen remodel, and it looks like we will be in the middle of our remodel for some time because of IKEA not having enough product for us to complete. We ordered our kitchen in March, was told that not everything was in stock but was expected to be only another two or three weeks. The last I heard was that it was going to be September before I have all my doors :(. On the bright side, they did say they would ship the missing parts for free, thanks IKEA that makes everything perfect. Looking back I don’t think I would have went the IKEA route, I love the look, but the hassle is just not worth it.


We just installed the Bodbyn grey cabinets. Yes, the tracking down of pieces and parts not in stock was a pain, but not terrible. We live about 10 minutes away and I met a young couple who were driving down from Columbus every week trying to get their pieces. We are still waiting for the cornice pieces. I priced out a very similar Martha Stewart thermafoil cabinet kitchen and it was thousands more. We saved 5 grand by doing a bit more work and we are thrilled with the result. The cabinets are easy to assemble, the hinges/hardware are so adaptable that you can customize everything. I never used the previous system so I can only speak to sektion. Work slowly, check the instructions, don’t use power tools. These are meant to go together and come apart with a screwdriver and a human hand. Also, pay attention to the instructions…they read like one of those choose your own adventure books from our childhood “if Timmy should go in the cave, turn to page 63, if Timmy should go for help, turn to page 42″…if it’s a top drawer go to page 13, if it’s a bottom drawer go to page 9 etc.


I’m so relieved to hear other people are having similar horror stories with the new IKEA kitchen because every other website I have found seems to say it’s amazing. We ordered in April and still don’t have all the parts, with no deadline for when they will arrive. We had many parts missing from the delivery, and we have now made 13 trips in person and at least twice that many phone calls to see if the parts have come in. We have also repeatedly been given the wrong part and have had to return it and get a new one. No one has offered to ship anything for free. The best I could get was the direct line to my local IKEA kitchen department so that I wouldn’t have to go through the 1-800 number.

We even hired IKEA’s recommended installer, Traemand, because even as experienced DIY’ers, it was so complicated, it wasn’t worth the time and energy. The installation has been extremely difficult and has taken longer than expected. Fun fact: IKEA sales people told me the instructions have been minimized to make it extremely difficult to install yourself. For example, they used to do demos and provide a DVD. None of that is provided anymore. What they have been told is to push IKEA certified installers because the installation is so difficult to get correct that DIY installations don’t come out well, which then reflects poorly on the IKEA brand. Whereas if you hire someone to install it and just walk into a finished kitche, you’re more likely to think the IKEA brand is superior.

The cabinets look nice, yes, but we are also having quality issues with the white backing showing through between the Bodbyn gray cabinet doors. We are being told this can’t always be fixed, but what’s the point of interchangeable colored doors if you see the white plastic looking cabinet on the edges? This isn’t an issue with wood cabinets (even if the base or interior is not solid wood) because they just stain the outer edges so you can’t see the small misalignment. In this case, I hope IKEA has some Bodbyn gray veneer or paint that can be used to cover the edges.

We thought the trash/recycling drawer with the upgraded Utrusta electric close/opener was brilliant. But the drawer itself is designed the same whether the drawer front is 10″ tall or 30″ tall, so I have no idea how the installation team is going to make sure the top of the 30″ drawer front will stay flush with the cabinet when it is only secured at the very bottom. This is a serious design flaw. The side supports for that drawer need to come up much higher to provide support for the top of the drawer front.

Bottom line: What little money we saved wasn’t worth it. I will have to make 2 more trips to IKEA to pick up missing items and return wrong or unused items. That will be the last time I ever go to IKEA again. I wish I could post a warning on every website not to buy this product.


Technically, an under sink option wasn’t available here before, but we could easily customize the old Ikea kitchens; I remember contemplating a drawer under my sink. It turned out better to put the trash/recycle/compost in the corner of the island instead (so we wouldn’t have so much bumping into while one was at the sink/one chopping/ one throwing out or taking out trash.

I did a few custom changes to my kitchen thanks to our carpenter/builder and it is a dream. After over a year with the ikea spray /pull down faucet, it is doing a great job. I had wanted a black pull-down faucet, but couldn’t justify the price when the ikea faucet was so inexpensive.

The only problem I have with the new Ikea kitchens: the scale of the cabinets feels “off” to me. In an unsettling way.



You hit the nail on the head with just about everything. Ikea does want you to use their installers. They are often extremely competent teams, but the volume dictates its hard to maintain quality. I think in the long run they will finish the jobs and home owners will be extremely happy if patient to a point.

The stock issue has been terribly difficult to navigate and is still a problem to this day but it is getting better. They canceled the last sale because stock was such an issue.

If you are looking for custom IKEA doors, Painted shaker, DIY doors, natural woods contact dendra doors they do a fantastic job and they did a beautiful job on my doors. Dendra Doors Painted Shaker Ikea Doors

I think it is money well spent especially if you do the DIY boxes and installations. They do come with the best hardware around.


I am in need of a 12″ wide base or tall cabinet that best matches the color/finish of my white Applad kitchen. Is there a color I can choose from the new line of cabinets that replaces the white Applad? Thank you


BEWARE IKEA Kitchens are NOT Designed to be in the Kitchen as per my experience today dealing with IKEA After Sale Department of 151 NW 136th Ave, Sunrise Florida 33325, IKEA’s Warranty Representative Yesenia Cruz and I guess Jason Longberry (He was CC on my claim for some reason) mentioned their kitchen could not be exposed to HEAT, Humidity, Normal Cleaning or near any water source, If exposed to any of these elements YOUR WARRANTY WILL BE DENIED. PERIOD, If you plan to buy a kitchen from IKEA make sure you install it in your bedroom and buy a REAL KITCHEN SOMEWHERE ELSE, because IKEA Kitchen might not look bad but KISS YOUR WARRANTY GOODBY if you use your kitchen like a kitchen, Oh and make SURE your kitchen will not be DISCONTINUED soon because that also mean YOUR WARRANTY IS DENIED. PERIOD, if you get them on a good day they might listen to you but a day like today they DO NOT GIVE A DAMM ABOUT THE CUSTOMER because they already got their MONEY!


The IKEA Planner for my kitchen made a mistake on a base cabinet (24″ x 21″) and put in a three drawer with cabinet door instead of 3 drawer fronts (BODBYN-Gray). We didn’t catch it. I want to remove the door and replace blank door fronts with BODBYN-Gray Drawer Fronts, 21×10. However, I don’t see that BODBYN makes a 21″ drawer front, Do they?


Hi!! I’m wondering how I can re-create your fauxdenza with this new line!! Help!! :)


Did you see how Amber DIY’d a version using above-fridge cabinets from the new SEKTION line? Might be a possibility! See it here…



I’ll check it out! Thank you!!!!!


I was wondwring if you know what the closest matching door color is to the dark frame?? There are multiple colors of ‘brown doors’ to choose from… is there a door colour that’s an exact match to the frame?


The darker frames don’t match any of the door/drawer fronts exactly but it’s meant to be used with darker fronts. Only teeny slivers of the frames are visible so they don’t need to match perfectly to be inconspicuous. We have white frames with dark lowers in our kitchen (the darker frames weren’t available when we bought our kitchen) and there are obvious white slivers peeking through in places. I used the dark frames in my studio with fronts painted a moody green-gray and the frames aren’t noticeable at all. I wish they had been offered when we were purchasing our kitchen.


So I guess you still need to purchase side panels for cabinets that start or stop in open space (not against a wall)


do you have any photos of your newly installed kitchen? Which fronts did you choose?
We bought ours in Pittsburgh, and we’ve been waiting to get it installed for months now into a house that we’ve been renovating for the last year. The space for it is 13 x 17 – so it’s quite large.
Thanks for the response.


Here it is 1 year later :) You said you feel like you’re settling – Did you end up with it or find some thing else instead?
We bought, but have not yet installed Brikhult – I love it. :)


Major issue with Ikea cabinets. Model we bought is now discontinued and when I went to install in the laundry room, the doors on the 24″ wide cabinet a different color/shade that those on the 30″ wide cabinets. The boxes say that the 24″ doors made in Italy while the 30″ doors made in Sweden. Same color code on the boxes but not even close. Bright white versus off white. So far, Ikea has done nothing.


Hi just installing bodbyn kitchen love it such neat ideas. I live a long ways away but got this kitchen home with out damaging anything. It looks amazing very happy customer.


We’ve had fairly good luck with our Ikea kitchen but cannot figure out or find information on how to attach the side trim to the pantry side. Can you tell me what you did for large pieces of trim?