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02.09.15 / Made Me Smile

cool cat

How was your weekend? We had decent weather. Decent weather = >40ºF + no snow + sunshine. Isn’t it crazy how warm 45ºF feels mid-winter as opposed to early fall?! We couldn’t bear to stay inside another minute on Saturday, so we took the kids to the park for a few hours then went out for a late lunch. Cheetah held down the fort lying on a floor register…next to the fireplace…in a ray of sunshine. It’s her Trifecta of Happiness.

More happiness…

*All my blog friends are making renovation plans! I love living vicariously through them…and them.

*The designer who inspired the wood cradle base in our bathroom has new biz digs and some pretty amazing projects in the works.

*What white paint, open shelving and a vintage rug can do for a kitchen.

*Have you ever wondered what Ikea’s birch cabinets look like painted?

*How to make coconut whipped cream.

modern rustic cabin 1

modern rustic cabin 3

modern rustic cabin 2

*The cabin of my dreams has casement windows, heated brick floors, a clever walk-in closet, a cheeky porthole window in the floor and a bed on casters with the option to sleep under the stars. *BONUS* – It’s a vacation rental!

*Here’s a little Grammy-related trivia for you: Rosanne Cash‘s daughter is the mastermind behind this renovated ranch in Nashville. (Read more about the project here.)

Keep on the sunny side, friends.

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2-4) Jean Longpré



coconut whipped cream!!!! yay! thank you for the recipe


Same here! I have shared that recipe with a bunch of friends already. Thank you!


Not taking anything away from the recipe (it looks delish!), but did you know that you can buy coconut whipped cream? Like, the kind in a can? I found it at the grocery store the other day and it’s AMAZING. Seriously.. thought I’d gone to heaven. (I even blogged about it here: http://thesweetestdigs.com/2015/02/10/sweet-find-coconut-whipped-cream/)


Even. Better. Forget the recipe ;)


You had me at heated brick floors! Also, can’t wait to make that coconut whipped cream!



Hey Dana! We have chatted via Instagram a few times about ikea and not having white wood shaker or unfinished wood option… How did you find this girl that painted her ikea cabs!? I haven’t found anyone that has done it! I hope she shares sooo exciting… We bought the birch and plan on spraying them and I can’t wait to share also!


A little birdie told me about her! I have since contacted her about doing a feature on her experience with painted Ikea cabinets. Hopefully, it comes to fruition.


The coconut whipped cream looks wonderful. Would it be overkill on top of the coconut cream pie?
But what’s with all the dietary restrictions? Seems like the list of what people don’t eat keeps growing and growing, must be so daunting to keep track of that.


I just really like coconut. We haven’t bought dairy milk in years. It’s either coconut or almond.