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03.16.15 / Made Me Smile

spring 2015

We had a few nice days over the past week and took full advantage of them by hitting up our favorite parks and opening the windows. (Mabrey laughs hysterically every time I give her an “unnerdoggie” on the swings. Pure happiness.) I almost forgot what it was like to breathe fresh air. It looks like we will survive another winter after all. Spring is so close! We are so ready!

A few links that stuck with me…

*Goodbye garbage house. H-E-L-L-O dream house. (I love all the well-placed windows.)

*A unique space that feels stylish yet not overdone.

*Note to self: an amazing loft studio makeover.

*Haven magazine volume one is now available! The print is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and all volume one profits go to Freeset, an organization in Kolkata, India, helping women who have left or escaped sex trafficking.

*How to take successful interior photos, part 1 and part 2. (Thanks for sharing your secrets, Alison!)

be here now // Mary Lauren

*Be here now.

*The most practical travel makeup bag. (I use a similar, larger version for the kids’ Legos.)

*Esther’s perfectly imperfect parenting confession:

I find myself comparing to other mothers who are so productive and “successful” doing so many things while having even more kids than I have, although I know it’s okay to do less and live slower but sometimes I just feel “lazy.”

I can relate.

T minus 4 days until spring!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Mary Lauren


Baah! You are too good to me with all that link sharing and whatnots. Thanks again. Also, that studio inspiration you shared is pretty great. I’m really excited to see what you do to that space and what you make in it!


Thanks for the great links (as usual :) ) and the photography tips especially. If you have not already, would you consider doing a post on the camera, lens and accessories you use?


Sometime within the last few years I ran across your blog and was intrigued because we share the same name and live in the same city. I’ve stuck around and keep checking back for everything you have to share. I love your style, both in regards to design and writing, and appreciate what you share with your readers. I especially love the IKEA kitchens features because I hope to have my own IKEA kitchen one day soon and will be looking back on those for inspiration and tips.


I wrote one last year…


…but I did upgrade my camera body a few months after that post. I may be upgrading my lens this year. Maybe an update is in order?


That studio is amazeballs.


omg Mabrey’s face is just pure joy! So so many good ones in this made me smile Dana. I loved Allison’s tips, the AT house tour, the garbage house turned awesome…all of it. Just so good.

Thank you for originally reaching out to Allison about photography tips! I just read through and bookmarked both posts! I am anxious to try a few things out.


Saw your Cheetah box solution on my Remodelista feed. Go you!


Her photography is stellar. I had to know her secrets! She was kind enough to give me a few tips and I suggested she create a blog post discussing them because they were so helpful. I can’t wait to try Photoshop for the first time ever after reading her tutorial.