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weekend wishing

The weekend brought lots of good news which we welcomed with open arms. It didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect, too. Steve worked on tidying the garage. The boys played with the neighbor kids. And I taught Mabrey how to wish upon dandelions – a necessary life skill ;)

A few things…

*The mama behind one of my favorite homes.

*A DIY closet-turned-pantry.

*A young family’s renovation of an old farmhouse. (It’s <1,000 square feet!)

*Use an apple slinky to make curly fries. Genius!

little lenzi bedroom

*I want to shrink myself and live inside this adorable dollhouse.

*My favorite read so far this year. Have you read it?

*And, finally, since so many of you asked…that helmet. Please measure appropriately for a proper fit. You can read the review my sister wrote right here. (Steve emailed the company to tell them Everett’s story and thank them for making a quality product. The company sent Everett a replacement at no charge.)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) LittleLinzi



Everett’s accident really hit close to home for me. In January, my 73-year old dad was hit by a semi-truck while he was out cycling. A helmet saved his life, too. Can’t sing the praises enough – wear a helmet, people! Very thankful your son and my dad are OK!

I want to do that to my pantry. Love the wood shelves


Thank you for sharing the helmet info! I can’t believe how reasonably priced it it, too! No excuse not to get one! My son wiped out on his bike on Sunday, lots of scrapes and bruises, but the helmet kept him safe. I am upset that my 18 year old son now seems to think he doesn’t need to wear one anymore!


Read that book on my honeymoon almost two years ago! Couldn’t put it down!!

Thanks so much for the book suggestion! I just finished one and was looking for the next!


I just want to echo Karin’s sentiments… thank you so much for posting the info about the helmet. I was expecting it to be a $100 helmet (which I would still gladly pay for if it means protecting my little guy’s noggin). I cannot believe how reasonably priced it is! It’s already in my shopping cart. So glad you guys are getting some good news lately… you deserve it!


I have read your blog religiously for a long time now and never seem to comment! I love your style, in terms of fashion, home decor and your writing style too. I cried real tears when I heard about what happened to your sweet boy and it makes me happy that you had good news this weekend that made life seem a little sweeter after a tough bout. I read Beautiful Ruins last year while on vacation and I absolutely loved it! Share more of your favorites!


LOVED that book. I could not put it down!


I agree with Beautiful Ruins — such a great read. My favorite reads from previous summers (for anyone who hasn’t read them yet): Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I gave Me Before You a bit of side eye before reading it (the cover was daring me not to take it seriously), but the characters and their voices were perfection.


Beautiful Ruins is one of my favs! Loved JoJo Moyes The Girl You Left Behind plus The Goldfinch and The Girl on The Train – two of my recent favorites.


I have not read the book, but it has been on my radar. I go on vacation next week, and I’ve been trying to decide which book to get for my trip. I think I will check this one out since you and your commenters all have good things to say about it:) Thanks for the suggestion!

So glad you were able to have a great weekend…you guys both need and deserve it!! That pantry is fantastic! I love seeing before and afters. I’ve been posting a series of them showing our home then and now on the blog and it’s so fun to see how far we all come with our projects and homes! Thanks for sharing! :)


Your sister’s review actually made me cry. So glad Everett is fine!!!!


Oooh, thanks for the books recs! They’re going on my wish list.


I’ll have to check them out!


Yes! Please wear helmets!! Even if they’re hot and itchy. Even if they give you helmet hair. Even if you are the most careful rider. DO IT.


so glad to hear that your Dad is okay Sheryl. 73 and cycling – wow!!


Like many of your other readers, I also checked out the helmet. I’d love to snag one up tomorrow. But my question is this – I’m in MI and it has turned HOT here already (86 today). Did Everett feel hot with that helmet on? Just wearing a regular bike helmet my youngest comes in with the nastiest sweat head. So just wondering. I told him about your son and how important that helmet was! I wish I could get my almost 13 year old to listen to me. It’s just not “cool” to wear a helmet at his age. And we’ve had plenty of stand offs about it.


It was in the 80s here last week and Everett didn’t complain about his helmet once. Not that he would…he loves that thing. I’m guessing it’s hotter than a regular bike helmet / no helmet but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.