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main bathroom after 19

Remember when we finished the main bathroom? Yeah, that was fun. I am so grateful for that second bathroom. It’s been a game changer. There was just one teensy, weensy issue with the room. Where do we put the toilet paper? After all the work that went into making the bathroom, we didn’t have the heart cajones to drill into the subway tile or the wood vanity to hang a toilet paper holder. I tossed a few rolls in a basket under the sink and called it a day. Except Mabrey (and all of her three-year-old spunk) was having trouble reaching the basket from the toilet. #toddlerproblems

Enter Sugru. The instant I was introduced to the moldable, 3D glue, I had an a-ha! moment.

sugru toilet paper holder 1

sugru toilet paper holder 2

Because Sugru is waterproof and stable at high temperatures, it’s ideal for bathrooms. I used white Sugru to adhere the backplate of this toilet paper holder to the wall near the toilet. Then I waited 24 hours for the dough-like substance to harden into a strong rubber-like adhesive. In the meantime, I spray painted the holder flat black to mesh with the bathroom’s other finishes.

sugru toilet paper holder 3

Once the backplate was secure, I mounted the paper holder. I took advice from my lovely friend, Belinda, and rotated the holder 90º. (Traditionally, toilet paper holders are installed horizontally.) The vertical installation keeps the paper roll from falling off so easily – especially useful if children are using the facilities! I like the way it looks, too. Simple and modern. The black picks up on other black elements (pencil liner, tub exterior, hex floor tile, etc.) in the room. I love the way it turned out but, more importantly, Mabrey can reach the toilet paper now. Should I tire of it (not likely), Sugru is removable with a little elbow grease.

sugru 1

After my first successful Sugru project, I started looking around the house for other potential uses.

sugru lamp 1

Over a year ago, the kids knocked over my favorite lamp while horsing around in the living room. The cap that keeps the lampshade in place was cracked and I’ve been straightening the annoying thing ever since. I even resorted to duct tape at one point but it didn’t hold up. The crooked lampshade was driving me bonkers!

sugru lamp 2

I fixed it with black Sugru. Did I mention Sugru comes in different colors for discreet applications?

sugru lamp 3

No more crooked lampshade, but the kids are still horsing around in the living room.

sugru chair 1

They like to run and jump onto the gray chair. The chair legs are constantly twisting out of place. Again, me = bonkers.

sugru chair 2

I removed the chair legs and added a bit of Sugru for stability.

sugru chair 3

I screwed the legs back in and removed the excess adhesive with a small piece of tissue paper. Then the hard part came…keeping the kids off the chair for 24 hours while the Sugru cured.

sugru chair 4

It worked like a charm! We’re one week in and I haven’t had to readjust the legs once.

sugru footstool 1

So, naturally, I used Sugru to shore up a wobbly leg on the vintage footstool in the boys’ bedroom.

sugru footstool 2

Awesome. Are you noticing a theme here? If you have kids, go get ye some Sugru.

sugru shade 1

We’ve always had problems with the roller blind in Mabrey’s window. It tends to jump out of the mounting hardware when recoiling which causes it to come crashing down which nicks up the drywall which makes more little work for me which infuriates me more than it should. Many a four-letter-word has been muttered in the name of that effing shade. (It’s just that one…all the others work great.) I used a little Sugru to create a bumper of sorts around the mounting bracket. It still allows the shade to roll up and down but doesn’t let it fly off the bracket. It’s glorious.

sugru shade 2

And it’s completely undetectable behind the woven shades.

I officially added Sugru to our junk drawer last week. It’s one of those fix-it things that comes in handy in a pinch. The possibilities are endless. See my favorite tutorials here. I know you’re already brainstorming things you could fix with it. Luckily, Sugru is now available at Target stores nationwide. Find your nearest store to add Sugru to your DIY arsenal for quick and easy fixes. (It would make a great gift for grads and dads, too!)

*This post sponsored in part by Sugru. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Oh man!!! Would this work to put up a shelf in the shower to hold the shampoo bottles and soap?!?! Because if it would my life would be more than a teensy bit better today!


thank you for this! i’ve been trying to figure out how we’re going to do the new toilet holder in *our* (much needed) second bathroom when we get to it later this year so that it a) doesn’t twist and scratch the paint and drywall away as has been happening in the main (only) bathroom right now. i think you’ve solved it for me: Suguru + tiled wall + rotated toilet roll holder!


I work at The Container Store and we also carry Sugru. I’ve used it on a phone charger and an extension cord whose wires were exposed. It’s great but I’d never thought of these other uses. I will definitely remember this when a customer asks me whether it works or not.


I have the same problem with the same lamp, except mine was caused by moving. I would love to replace the clear packing tape with something more stable and discreet. Great idea!


Genius! I have not one but two bathrooms that need toilet paper roll holders. Definitely going to give sugru a try. Thanks for the post!


I love Sugru for fixing stuff around the house! Just wanted to add another option for adhering to tiles: silicone caulking. I’ve used it in rentals for various hangers/hooks/shelves in the kitchen and bathroom, and the silicone is easy to remove from tiles if you ever want to remove the fixture. Just be sure to secure the bracket in place with some tape while the silicone is curing.


i need this for the same exact use! to mount our toilet paper holder – I seriously don’t want to drill into the tile or vanity…


Thanks for mentioning another option!


Is Sugru effective when used on heated surfaces? I’m looking for something to secure the handle back on my Crock Pot, but everything I try works.. until I plug it in and the lid heats up. This could be the perfect solution!

ps: love the Hudson’s Bay blanket :)


Sugru can be used to make heat-resistant handles on metal pans so I think it should work on your Crockpot. It’s stable at temps up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit.


sounds like great stuff, and I am still in awe of the square potty!

Hey Dana!

I just have to say that your home is one of the most beautiful I’ve come across on this giant space of internet. And believe me, I have looked at a LOT! It’s just the perfect blend of style & comfort and can really appreciate the two working well together. I have done a search on your site looking for the source for the longhorn/steer photograph you have over the coat rack by the door & cant find it. Is it somewhere to be purchased or did you take it yourself? Thank you & keep killing it!



I discovered Sugru in a Better Homes & Garden Innovation issue a couple of years ago and gave it away as stocking stuffers. I believe that once you open a packet, you should keep it in the fridge. I tossed a few unopened packs in the fridge over a year ago and it seems to have extended the shelf life.

Can I tell you that I am the greatest Auntie because I Sugru’d a 4 year old’s favorite toy dinosaur tail back on?


This is awesome. I have the same problem with my favorite lamp and couldn’t think of any way to fix it! I’m totally trying this.

Totally getting this… thanks for the tip!


i haven’t heard of this stuff before! I love their tag line- fixing the future. Thanks for the info! I think anyone with kids has a lamp casualty. Ours finally had a nonrepairable crash and I’m dying to make one to replace it!


I am a fan of this stuff, and I actually used it to fix two crooked lampshades that would never stay straight. Worked like a charm! Until I wanted to remove and change out the lamp shades a few years later. I could not get them off! So the lamps ended up being goners. Still though, the stuff works!


Fascinating product, will be giving it a try!

While we’re on the subject of bathrooms, how amazing is it to have two again?!?! We went 6 years with one, and this past year with two has been GLORIOUS! Hooray for bathroom privacy ;)


LIST ME! I am known as the list queen by all my friends and family. My husband is going to love this product. I wonder if it is available in Canada?


It is glorious. I don’t even mind cleaning a second bathroom because of the convenience it adds to our everyday life.


Yes, refrigeration extends the life of Sugru! And what a great idea to gift it as a stocking stuffer?! Way to go on the dino tail, Auntie.


The framed print is from Minted. I wrote a little about here in a post on the entry…


Hope that helps! I love that print.


Awesome ideas here! I knew someone who did the vertical toilet paper trick like this – was a bit eye opening of how different it could be to just do it that way! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Dana! I have a non-Sugru related question for you. Can you tell me the brand and model of the dollhouse in the last picture? We are thinking of getting our daughter a dollhouse for her 3rd birthday and Mabrey’s looks simple and fun. Does she like it? Is it heavy? Are the lower level rooms dark? Thanks!


Totally gotta get my hands on some of this stuff. I also still gotta get my hands on those awesome chair leg floor protectors you blogged about sometime ago. The cheapie felt ones with the adhesive that don’t stick and said adhesive gets all over my damn floors in driving me just a tad crazy…cant you tell!;) Love all your product recommendations


Eight months later we still LOVE our flexi-felt covers! No issues whatsoever…and no adhesive on the floor.


Read all about it here…


Mabrey loves it! It isn’t heavy. I carry it out to the living usually once a week for her to play with on the coffee table. In her room, the lower levels are a bit dark but not out in the living room. Since buying it and tweaking it, Mabrey has added some Doc McStuffins figurines to it ;)


Thanks Dana! The little figures for the dollhouse are adorable.


How have I never heard of this before? Scrolling through your post I thought of at least three things I could fix with this stuff! Must go find some now…


GENIUS–we’re about to move and now feels like the perfect time to get some for my toolkit.

An unrelated question, where did you get that amazing gray chair in your living room? I remember reading about it ages ago but I can’t find your original post.


It’s from Thrive Furnishings. I wrote about it here…


…and reading that post now makes me cringe a little. Still LOVE the chair though.


random question-what spray paint brand and color did you use? I just did all black fixtures in my bathroom and the drain doesn’t come in black:( the one I bought doesn’t work with the tub I purchased.

Thank you!


It’s Rustoleum flat enamel in black.


Oh my gosh, THANK YOU for the Sugru tip! I have that same lamp and it tipped over and cracked in the same spot! :( I have it “stabilized” with clear packing tape for now.

I’m going to be moving soon and will purge some things and I was so bummed I’d have to get rid of it. Gonna go get some Sugru and fix ‘er right up.