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studio progress

“Just paint it” was my motto last week. I spray painted the radiator at the studio (and, oops, my hair) white. I know that won’t sit well with some of you but I like the way it lets the windows take center stage. I also tackled the floor. It’s hard to tell in the pic above but I used a putty gray in gloss. I’m hoping it will hide dirty warehouse footprints and mop up easily. I’ll share more later this week. FYI – Painting with kids in tow takes 3x longer and requires 10x the patience. There *might* be floor paint handprints on the walls. It’s nothing a little touchup won’t fix but…grrrr.

Some things I found when I wasn’t painting…

*10 built-in Ikea hacks to try.

*I love how this bedroom is shaping up. Further proof that these things take time.

*600 square feet of big style. (see “boho retreat”)

*The real life, family-friendly renovation of a tiny house.

*After all these years, Steve is most proud of seeing our home pop up on The Chive. (I’m not. We weren’t credited properly, and the caption isn’t even funny or spelled / punctuated correctly.)

room for tuesday patio

*All the patio vibezzz.

*As a bibliophile, I love these book pouches.

*Really looking forward to seeing a collection of interiors designed for slow living.

*I finally donated the mismatched, hand-me-down plastic measuring cups I’ve had since college and invested in a stainless steel set. I feel so grown up and slightly embarrassed for waiting so long.

*Since some of you asked…the ab workout I’m trying this summer. (I substitute tennis for the Tabata drills.)

Happy first week of summer!

images: 1) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 2) Sarah Gibson and Jacqueline Brown via Room for Tuesday



I love love love the bedroom you posted about today. Gray with mid century (type) furniture has totally been my jam lately. We’re buying a house so I’m sourcing vintage and new pieces to save some $$$ and I’m shocked that Target(!?!) actually has some decent pieces.


I know what you mean about not correctly sourcing. Our porch makeover was featured on Country Living, which was awesome, but they got half of the info wrong. Not to mention that I was in no way informed about this feature…I actually found out because someone tweeted it and tagged me. CL put the feature on all their social networks, but not once did they tag me, let alone ask my permission. Maybe I should just stop bitching and say thank you. Who knows?!


I only knew about The Chive thing because a reader emailed me the link ;)


Great links as usual. I got lost reading the tiny house blog, very inspirational. Happy Wednesday to you.


Thanks for the feature, Dana! We are excited to work together soon. :-)


what did you decide about wallpaper in the hall?


I like the painted radiator! Before, it was a black hole, now it contributes a stripey texture to the room that feels very “you.”


Can’t wait!


Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your finds. I was wondering if you could clarify something on the ab workout. I’m clear on what to do for weeks 1 and 2, but not so much after that. Are you supposed to do moves 1-4 for weeks 1&2 and then moves 6-9 for weeks 3&4. Maybe I’m missing something or maybe the instructions did not translate from print to digital version. Thanks!


I originally found the workout in the magazine and tore out the sheets for reference. You’re right, the online instructions are a little confusing. For weeks 1-2, do moves 1-4. For week 3, do moves 5-7 PLUS the balance chop and sit-back twist from weeks 1 & 2. For week 4, do the same as week 3 PLUS add moves 8-9. Does that make sense? Essentially, you’re adding moves and intensity over the 4-week period. I’ve seen good results so far.


Great! Thanks for clarifying. Looks like a very effective workout.


UGH, The Chive, while often funny and/or interesting (when it’s not being excessively disrespectful to women) is TERRIBLE for photo sourcing. As a photographer myself, this really really REALLY irks me. They just take stuff from anywhere and everywhere.