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summer fun

breakfast tacos

balayage lob

With only two weeks until school starts (?!), we’re trying to soak up what’s left of summer. Last week we cooled off at the pool, hosted a sleepover, met up with old friends, took slow family walks, slept in, lounged on the back deck, caught fireflies and harvested two cucumbers from our garden (if you can call it that). Our breakfasts and dinners have been later than usual. Breakfast tacos are on heavy rotation because they’re so easy and no one whines. On a whim, I had six inches of hot, sweaty hair lopped off. And after a year of teasing from my dad (oh, have you been painting stuff white again?), I had my grays colored. I’ve never really had a hairstyle per say. It’s been long – too long – for years. And I’ve never done more than subtle highlights every few years. So this new lob + root color + balayage combo is quite the change but I LOVE IT. I think I’ll actually keep it around for a while…and maybe even go shorter next time.

More things to love…

*A DIY garage door before-and-after. Yowsas!

*A 5-month renovation. The white cork flooring is a unique yet practical choice.

*This amazing family home. (Final reveal by Amber Interiors coming soon.)

*American-made warm LED work surface lighting.

*Please tell me you’ve already seen this.

makehaus kitchen

makehaus kitchen 1

*I will never tire of small space renovations. (Note the top shelf extending above the sink window.)

*A hilarious account of taking your kids with you to the gynecologist. It’s been more than 4 years since I survived a very similar experience. One day I’ll share but I’m not there yet.

*The magic of not trying so hard is a very real kind of magic. (Psst…Holly is writing a new book!)

*This adorable book light is saving my marriage.

*My hair stylist recommended using this dry shampoo to stretch the time in between washings and preserve my new color. So far, so good.

I hope your week is off to a great start!

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4 & 5) Heather Jennings for Make+Haus



only 2 weeks left?!?! When did your kids summer vacation start? We’ve been off for 5 and still have 6 more to go. And today it is super hot so we are going to a water park this afternoon to cool off. Long live summer!

Ugh, I can’t believe summer is almost over already. We JUST got patio furniture! I’m gonna be the girl in a winter coat shivering out on our deck out of defiance in November.


I love these posts. Thanks for sharing! Oh, and what are on those delicious looking tacos? I think I could eat those everyday!!…


I love this series and all the links. The gynecologist story? Hil.ar.ious! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and love the new ‘do. Happy (what’s left of) Summer!


love the new haircut and colour (am I the only one who had to look up balayage? :)

it’s *finally* feeling like summer in Ohio, and it’s almost over (for the kids, at least!) happy rest-of-summer to you and yours!


What do you put on your breakfast tacos? They look delicious!


Just an (unsolicited) tip re: the Rockaholic dry shampoo: I was advised (by my old hairstylist) to use that, too, and I did for years…many years. I loved it so much and thought it was so much better than any other dry shampoo I had ever used. Until…I recently discovered Suave’s dry shampoo. Which is $2.50 a bottle and easier to get your hands on (Target). It is the exact same in my opinion (not better necessarily, but certainly not worse!)…and this comes from a former avid Rockaholic fan! Just thought I’d share in case you want to save some dollars!


I had to look up balayage as well. Your hair looks wonderful, but how do you style it? Those curls look perfect and in every photo you share, it looks perfect. Would love some tips!

Love those tacos!


It is sad to think your kids’ school starts in a couple of weeks. In Canada we have until the end of August! Your food pic looks nice and light for a summer meal. Keep thinking you are in the middle of summer so you don’t feel it is ending! Looks like a lot of fun with the water. Cherish these times!


I have to say that that link about taking your kids to the gynecologist sent me into shivers of memory. Seriously.
Because I’ve done that. And it’s the worst.


Your hair looks fantastic! I would love to know what you’re putting in your breakfast tacos. Thanks for sharing. Great links!

Soak those last few days in… I know we are! Love the new haircut. Can’t wait to check out some of those links.


Oh! My kids don’t go back to school until September 8th (we are a solidly post-labor day school starting town, just outside of Boston), so we still have more than half of our summer to go! Love the hair!


The 5-month reno place is out of my husband’s dreams. He took one look and wanted to move there ASAP or renovate our new home to have that “airy feel”.



Beautiful hair! It seems like almost everyone looks better with shorter hair lately. Maybe there are better styles now. I like my shorter length with undercut layers. Oh, and that meal looks so good!


Nope – I had to look it up too :)

Dana, your hair looks fab, and I’ve never seen a better highlight/color job. Glad to hear you are loving it! Cutting off so much at once is scary!


Great links! We are right in the middle of going back to school, so pinning these for the car line.


I like scrambled eggs, chorizo (Fresh Thyme has the best!), red peppers, green onions, tomato, avocado. YUM!


I hear you. LOUD AND CLEAR.


Awesome, thanks!


Scrambled eggs, chorizo (LOVE Fresh Thyme’s), red pepper, green onions, tomatoes, avocado. That’s it! Easy and tasty.


Scrambled eggs, chorizo (Fresh Thyme has the best chorizo), red pepper, green onions, diced tomatoes, avocado. So good!