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We got a taste of fall this weekend and it was delicious. Crisp air, crunchy leaves, golden light and bonfires. It’s my favorite time of year. My only wish is that it lasted longer. We spent most of the weekend outside enjoying the milder weather but were able to squeeze in some projects at the studio, too. Slowly but surely it’s coming together. It’s been so nice having a creative space outside of the house to make messes and I can’t wait to take full advantage of it. I’m waiting on a few basics to arrive then I’ll share an update. Hang tight ;)

A few things…

*DIY or buy? When it came to a clothesline for the backyard, we bought. Specifically, this one. It’s highly rated, durable, practical and perfect for not-so-tall people like me and not-so-big backyards like ours. It came with a zippered cover to protect it when not in use during the warmer months. For more extreme weather, the umbrella lifts up out of the sunken base and can be stored elsewhere. A cap covers the base and sits flush with the ground so it isn’t a tripping / mowing hazard.

*Hang a balloon to visualize the scale and height of pendant lighting before buying and installing. Genius!

*Hoping to snag a pair of these bronze and copper beauties for the studio.

edgy + cozy

*I know this house tour happened a month ago but I can’t stop thinking about it. Such a good mix of edgy + cozy.

*Post-renovation, I’m living vicariously through other bloggers’ projects. Lauren’s new place = Young House Love’s house on steroids.

*Speaking of YHL, have you listened to John & Sherry’s recent podcast? They discuss their thoughts on quitting the blog, what they’re up to now and their new book. Several readers have asked my opinion on the whole YHL thing and all I can say is that I would never ever judge anyone for doing what is right for their well-being and their family.

*We walked through this amazing house Friday night. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Happy almost autumn!

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4) Tessa Neustadt



Great links :) but where are those studio cabinets from? Thanks!


OMG, thank you so much for that podcast link! I miss YHL a ton, always good to catch up with them.


I listened to that podcast yesterday and I thought it was awesome for “closure”. I have always wondered what they were doing now, how they are doing, were they ever planning on coming back, etc etc. And to hear their thoughts about being almost a year post-end of blog was inspiring. Made me feel really happy that they made the decision to step back and unplug. Its something we should all consider. I got an email this morning saying their book had shipped and was on its way to my house! So exciting!!


How has that house been on the market for over a year?! Someone needs to snatch it up! I would, except I live over a thousand miles away.


I loved “catching up” with John & Sherry on The Lively Show last week! And Amber’s home tour was jaw-dropping gorgeous!


I never understood why bloggers deciding to stop blogging would be a ‘thing.’

Why would someone else’s life choices be something they have to explain because they give free home decor advice on the Internet? Mind boggling.


Thanks for sharing the link to the podcast. I really enjoyed hearing what they’ve been doing since they stopped blogging and all the reasons behind the decison they made. I thought it took a lot of courage when they did it, and I have even more respect for them after hearing more about what led to the decision and all the positive changes that have come about since then.


Ikea cabinet frames + SemiHandmade drawer fronts. More on ’em soon!


You are killing me with the teaser of the black Thonet chairs! I just scored 4 of them last week at my favorite local consignment shop for $18 each and dream of painting them black.


LOVE that home!! Looks a bit like an Avriel Shull design – she was a stunning designer here in Central Indiana, years ahead of her time – I would love to see what you could do to one of her homes! Most are in need of a lot of love. Definitely an amazing woman to google if you ever need some inspiration


Oh my gosh, that house!! It’s almost impossible to find mid-century gems like that here in Oklahoma. :(