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snow day tent

winter light

After a slow start and unseasonably mild weather, winter hit hard and fast last week. It’s too cold to do much of anything outside besides retrieve the mail and take out the trash. Even those tasks are done with a sense of urgency to avoid being chilled to the core. I’ve lived in the midwest my entire life and I feel like I’ve seen enough snow to last a lifetime, but there are some aspects of winter I do enjoy: cozying up with a book, cleaning out closets, tackling little projects, planning a summer vacation, cuddling with my littles (human & furry), watching the kids collaborate out of boredom to build blanket forts and play games. Oh, and the light! Our usually dark bedroom gets the best light in the winter when the sun is low and its rays are bouncing off the snow.

A few things helping to ward off cabin fever…

*A cute cardigan.

*Creamy, non-drying lipstick. My winter favorite!

*15 things to do for yourself this year.

*A braided bob tempting me to go shorter.

just the basics entry

just the basics kitchen

*A new (to me) source of interior eye candy. And, as a result, a new shelter book on my wish list.

*A cozy TV nook.

*What it’s really like to live on the road as a family.

*I finally created a landing page for all of the IKEA kitchens I’ve featured over the years. You can access it by clicking the ‘See Real IKEA Kitchens’ icon in the side bar. More to come!

*How many days from the past month do you remember? (I love this mindset.)

Stay warm, friends!

images: 1 & 2) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 3) Jonas Berg 4) Anders Bergstedt



I love My Scandanavian Home! Can you please share where you found that fun quilt?


Love that quilt! A quick blog search didn’t yield the source. Can you share it here?

We have had cold weather this week also here in the Nashville area. I am so ready for Spring! I am so glad to have discovered your blog.


Thanks for the link to ikea kitchens. Another interior design inspiration :)


(this thought process came about after browsing the eye candy link)
I think I *finally* understand my relationship with Scandinavian design, and it feels like a major breakthrough! When I take “design quizzes” I always score Scandinavian, which confuses me because every one I see is a white room, and I cannot stand living in a white house. However, the *lines* and *decor* of my home are all Scandinavian-esque, I just saturate everything with color. My downstairs is currently painted “gleeful” by Sherwin-Williams, a far cry from white. Somehow, I feel like this revelation changes everything for me.

Also, maybe it’s time to make an actual effort into doing a blog again, I have so much design/decor/house stuff I want to discuss and my husband and friends just aren’t that into it.


The 15 things to do for your self this year is my favorite liked and linked, my favorite is #10 I love one on one dating with my little princesses!


Wowzers…can you imagine picking your kiddos up from school wearing that cardi and blouse?? Haha
Leah: )


Random question: I wondered what your thoughts on artificial dyes, harsh chemicals, etc were for your beauty products? I noticed the lipstick says “organic” which doesn’t mean much in the beauty industry, but then it goes on to list “may” contain red 40, yellow 5, blue 1, etc in it’s ingredients.

Can’t wait for the post on all your new bedding. It looks so great!


Haha! I’m sure I would get some looks. Love the cardigan…with a tee underneath ;)


I hear you on Scandinavian design! It’s so fun to look at online but not always easy to live with. I think I’m mostly drawn to the uncluttered interiors and use of wood + white + black + natural textures.

You should totally blog! If it makes you happy, do it.


It’s a family heirloom. It was made by my great grandmother…Mabrey’s great-great grandmother!


It was made by my great grandmother, Mabrey’s great-great grandmother! I love that it means so much and is still completely relevant decades and decades later.


This post could not have come at a better time, thank you, Dana! We moved 3 years ago from a house with a whole house humidifier, and my entire family’s eczema has gotten progressively worse over the last 3 winters – not to mention our cabinets and floors are in terrible shape. We’ll need to replace our furnace in the next year or two likely and will buy a unit with a whole house humidifier, but in the meantime I am so glad to know about this. It never crossed my mind there was a stand alone unit that would do the job. I am ordering this humidifier now – thank you!!!


Oh, wow, just reading what you said about wanting to share your decorating thoughts and ideas because your husband and friends “just aren’t that into it” really struck a chord with me…I was JUST sitting here thinking the very same thing, wishing I had someone to call when I get excited about even the smallest thing like fabric swatches or paint chips!!


…Or the jar I just bought at Crate and Barrel to decant my flour…: )


Any possibility of knowing where that coat rack came from in the 3rd picture???


Try googling “hang it all coat rack” for knockoffs of the original!


They are lovely resources and links in this post. Love it! I wish one day I could meet you in person :-) keep up this great, authentic blog!


I love the description of the braided bob: Braid an asymmetric braid, wrapping your head on one side as an adornment and a clear sign that you’ve still styled your hair this morning.


I know…just look at the hair. Haha!