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layne makes pancakes

jackie chan films

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I was grateful for a rare slow weekend with nothing much on our schedule. Layne made pancakes for breakfast. Steve introduced the kids to Jackie Chan films and, afterwards, when all three were throwing roundhouse kicks and karate-chopping the air like martial arts maniacs, I said to him, “You realize what you’ve done, right?”

We visited with good friends/neighbors from our old ‘hood. We ate, drank and played Cards Against Humanity (Steve had never played!) while the kids ran rampant in the basement. It was a little strange driving past our previous house, but as we talked on the way home we agreed that we don’t miss the house or area (still being developed and spreading like wildfire). We most definitely miss the people though and walking out the front door and into a cul-de-sac buzzing with young families. It doesn’t help that our next-door neighbors in our current neighborhood moved yesterday. Our kids played together so well…and always outside, no matter the weather. We’ll miss them.

Curiosity got the best of me and I started perusing real estate listings. I get these itches from time to time, usually in the winter. I want to save all the houses. Poor Steve ;)

A few links…

*We wish we could pick up this midcentury modern house and move it to our kids’ school district. It has great bones but needs updated…our kind of project.

*I made the mistake of showing this Star Wars bed to the boys.

*Epic winter spool party! (spa + pool = spool)

IKEA kitchen brass

IKEA kitchen brass 2

*An IKEA kitchen with brass details and clever hidden storage.

*An oldie but goodie home tour.

*When was the last time you felt caught up?

*If you’re still thinking about your answer to the question above, give this book a read.

*Cute sneakers for little girls.

Anyone else feeling restless and pining for a new project?

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4 & 5) NW Homeworks



I just saved those sneakers on my wishlist for my little toddler girl. So many color options!


it’s part of the reason why suburbs are such a draw for many families, mine included–hoards of other young families with children. When recently looking to move we disappointingly had to walk away from older homes and neighborhoods because they were filled with empty nesters. While the make up of an older neighbourhood may change with time, my kids are young only today; and we wanted them to have neigbourhood full of other children to play with today as well. And when you add the fact that suburbs in our neck of the woods have the best schools… well… no argument for a fixer upper stands to that. I’m hoping one day, when the kids are grown and out of the house, we could indulge our aesthetic fantasies, until than, thankfully, there are blogs!


Wow, that house is full of potential and I can’t believe the price!


Ugh, that house!! We searched high and low in the Columbus area for a midcentury fixer upper in our price range, but most were 250k+. I can’t believe that house is less than 200,000 and has 4 bedrooms, a finished basement, and a pool! I want to put my grubby little hands all over it. I may have to convince the husband to move to Dayton.


First time comment here, you have such a great voice and I absolutely love the fact you present your life real, I have taken so many ideas, suggestions not design related from your blog. Your Ikea kitchen links are the best! The ones you chose are always well designed -both function and beauty combined. Added benefit, this company is literately over the hill from us, thank you!!


I’m dying over that mid-century house. And while I don’t necessary love all of the decor choices (understatement!) they seem to be the kind of really cool old people that I aspire to be. Is it weird that in this crazy busy time of my life with a job and little kids that sometimes I daydream about being in my sixties? The people who live in that house seem like they’ve got it together. And those shoes look like they’d work for my boys too. But I just can’t decide on which color I like best.


Your house is so lovely! Oh No—introducing kids to karate is not a good idea! I am sure they will drive you nuts for a while! Mine would practice karate chops on furniture and pillows.


In the process of finishing up (it’s been 4+months) our mid century ranch basement remodel….it’s taking forever, but it’s going to be soooooooo good!

And thanks a lot, just bought those cute little sneakers for my 3.5 year old. She picked the purple/pink ;)


Mabrey has a pair and loves them too!


Hi there, new to your blog and also living in the Dayton area! Can you tell me where that white house is located?? I’m curious :)

My fiance and I are considering buying in the near future but are pretty disappointed with the choices in our budget. A lot of homes, that we’ve seen, outside of the Dayton area lack the charm those old homes possess. I totally agree with you in wanting to pick up those Dayton homes and moving them to another school district (we have a kiddo as well)!

Any tips??


Hi there! New to your blog but also living near the Dayton area. Any tips on buying around here? Would love a house with some charm but seem to only find those that are in our budget in Dayton (we too have a little kiddo…). I totally agree with you in wanting to pick up houses and move them to another school district!



Your blog is total design candy! Where in OH are you? Not sure if I missed that in a different post or if it’s something you’ve made public knowledge. I ask because my parents moved to southern OH a few years back (north of Cincy but south of Dayton), and I’ve had a blast discovering the area when my husband and I have visited them. We went to the Fancy Flea in Oakland over the summer, and I was in love with all the antique stores and midcentury furniture that seems to be abundant there. There are so many great little towns around there!


We are near Dayton!


I know, there are so many homes with loads of charm and potential in the worst of neighborhoods! It’s heartbreaking. The great thing is that cost of living is relatively low. Dayton is an older city and I’m always seeing homes listed as estate sales (ours was actually purchased this way). Homes being sold as a means to settle an estate can be great opportunities. Some have only seen one or two owners but need updates so you can really go in and put your spin on things. You get the convenience of a traditional sale (as opposed to drawn out short sales / foreclosures) but can often times score great deals because family members overseeing the estate see it as just another unnecessary thing on their plate. And since the properties are vacant, you can usually obtain ownership quickly.