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mild winter

kid free target shopping

How was your weekend? The highlights for me included some epic kite flying at the park (sixty degrees in January?!) and a date night with Steve that ended with toilet paper shopping at Target. #sohot I had the absolute best meal of my entire life at Hawthorn Grill, a local chef-owned restaurant. If you’re ever in Dayton, Ohio, you must give their pan-seared walleye a try. It’s to die for.

Mine and Steve’s only resolution this year was to go on more date nights. We’re actually following through with it! We found a great sitter (one of the many advantages of living in a college town) at the beginning of the year, and she’s watched the kids TWICE for us in the last month. The kids adore her. Last week when we told them she was coming Saturday evening they were all, “WHAT?! You guys just went on a date!” They aren’t used to seeing us do the date night thing more than a few times per year so twice in one month is pure craziness. But it’s awesome. Our motto for 2016 is date nights > divorce ;) Seriously, they’re cheaper. Toilet paper included.

A few more awesome things…

*The leather teardrop earrings I wore for date night. They’re oversize but super lightweight!

*My favorite $5 carafe with cork stopper.

*I’m trying not to want this leather + kilim laptop bag but…

*A vintage rug in a killer kitchen.

lived in home

lived in home

lived in home

*Loving the lived-in vibe of this family home.

*A dreamy kitchen makeover featuring IKEA cabinets. (Bravo, Anna!)

*Triple bunk beds and some very honest words on parenting.

*I finished reading this magical book over the weekend and I think it deserves an entire blog post. To be continued…

Happy one month closer to spring!

images: 1 & 2) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 3-5) Lauren Kolyn for Apartment Therapy



Reading Big Magic right now, too. And while I love it, I always wonder if my big magic will still be there when I’m done with work and the dishwasher and the floors and the oil change and the 5 kids and their activities and the dogs and the etc etc etc?;-)


I love the regular posting! Sometimes our date nights are going to Home Depot, and then for dessert. We always wait until the kids are in bed before we go home, too!!


Come on Spring!


Home Depot + dessert sounds fantastic.


I hear you. Loud and clear.


Holy moly, that article with the triple bunkbeds was awesome. Her words really resonated with me. I grew up in a family who were (and still are) all “up in our business” and today we are very, very close. Great links! X


Thank you for the restaurant recommendation. I live in Kettering and have passed that place a million times, but I’ve never been in. I’ll have to keep it in mind if we ever make it out for a date night!
If you need a destination for your next night out, I just had dinner for the first time at Park City Club (www.parkdayton.com), another local chef owned restaurant. Our meal was amazing! I highly recommend the sriracha salmon and creme brulee!


Sounds amazing! FYI – The Hawthorn Grill draws an older crowd but the food is awesome.


We live in kettering and have frequented Hawthorn Grill. It is fabulous. Agreed on the crowd it draws but who cares when the food is delicious!


We certainly don’t mind being the youngest in the room! The food is phenomenal.