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park jump


spring daffodil

Mabrey came down with all. the. infections. late last week, so we kept things pretty chill over the weekend so she could rest. You can see how that went. Nothing keeps her down. We celebrated the arrival of spring with a trip to one of our favorite local parks. Steve met up with us after work and we played family tag. The boys were surprised to learn that I wasn’t an easy catch. Out of breath, Everett said, “I didn’t know you could run, Mom! You usually do boring stuff at the park.” Another mom sitting on a nearby bench overheard him. We made eye contact then burst out laughing. It was an unexpected, endearing moment. #momsympathy

Everett brought home a book from school about Abraham Lincoln’s sense of humor. I asked him to tell me something funny about Abe. “Well, when the ladies weren’t around, he told fart jokes.” Suddenly, Everett wants to be president.

Green buds are popping up everywhere. A random daffodil managed to survive the trauma of yard excavation several years ago. I look forward to its sunny blooms each spring. The air smells sweeter than it has in months. There’s the slightest tinge of warmth which we notice immediately upon stepping outside. I love how everything feels new yet familiar in the spring.

A few links…

*In case you’re interested, Lincoln Tells a Joke. (It’s actually a pretty fun read.)

*The rainbow rock project.

*Target mirage. Hilarious.

*No-fuss salmon cakes (from this cookbook) are a regular on our weekly menu. Everyone loves them.

*The wallpaper I ordered for Mabrey’s big girl room. (Mood board coming soon!)

green kitchenette

green kitchenette

*I love the (green!) freestanding kitchenette in this workspace.

*The best DIY house flip I’ve ever seen. (Yep, that’s an IKEA kitchen.)

*A simple solution for stashing and charging electronics in small spaces.

*A tile picture ledge in a powder room for a casual art display.

*I bought a bridesmaid dress for my sister’s wedding next month. Nothing like waiting until the last minute!

Happy spring!

P.S. – After reading through all the comments on this post, Steve felt compelled to respond. Find his thoughts at the end of the updated post.

images: 1-3) Dana Miller for House*Tweaking 4 & 5) Belathée Photography



If your son’s into Lincoln a trip to Springfield is a must! He would love the museum, you can also visit Lincoln’s home, tomb and the old capitol building. There are some fun shops downtown as well. We were just there a couple weeks ago and it was definitely worth it!


My 3 year old (well 3 on Friday!) saw the bridesmaid dress and said. Oooo a princess, so you have his approval ;) love reading. Trying a play kitchen redo this weekend like mabrey’s. Boy version of course hah


I hadn’t seen more than half an inch of that pic of Katie Hackworth’s office than I thought, “Oh my gosh, what is this, why haven’t I seen it yet, who could possibly design such amazingness?!” And sure enough, it would be Katie. Thanks for bringing that one to my attention. Also, thanks to Steve for adding more thoughts on his diet! I’ve been putting off going Paleo for years but now, with five out of six of us presenting serious digestive issues, I think it’s definitely time.

Loving that wood, white and black kitchen. So classic and warm.


I adore the bridesmaid dress you ordered! And I can’t wait to see Mabrey’s big girl room :)


:) That Target is between my town and the next town over. It’s in direct response to Prada Marfa. We all love it and from what I know, no one is admitting they did it. We have to find our own entertainment out here in West Texas!!


That looks like Walther Park. I think I live near you and have even thought I remember seeing your house when I was out and about in Dayton.


i always love these posts – you find some of the best things floating around!


Haha! Too funny.


Katie is AMAZING.


When I tried the dress on, the kids were like, “Where are you going? Why are you wearing a dress?” I prefer jeans + t-shirt, but man oh man, this dress is so pretty on and comfortable too! And yay for petite sizes!! No spending extra money to have it hemmed/altered. Glad your lil’ man approves ;)


I’m just realizing now, several months later, that even though I followed the link to your rug on RUGS USA, I did not get the same rug! :( Our pile is completely matted down already…how is your so fluffy still? I’m so disappointed…


Oh no! Ours (the second one) is holding up great – better than the first. It has a shorter pile, more along the lines of a carpet. Is yours shaggier, with a longer pile?


I’m so excited you replied to my silly post . I’d say the pieces of pile are about 1.5 inches. I contacted rugs USA. I just love the rug…as seen in your living room…not the one we have!


Our pile is more like 1″ – 1 1/4″. Maybe there was a manufacturing problem?? I would definitely ask about a replacement / store credit.


Where is the green kitchen cabinet from? Is there a link to purchase?