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Inquiring minds want to know, “Where did you get the black hinges and doorknobs?” I could’ve sworn I shared the source years ago, but after some digging I realized I hadn’t. Better late than never!

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We replaced the interior doors and hardware after we moved in. One caveat: We had already removed the original doors, so we lived without any interior doors for quite a while. With a newborn. And two other rugrats. It sucked. I wouldn’t recommend it.

You can read more about the doors we selected here and here. (Eek! Mabrey looks so little.) We wanted a simple design that didn’t stray too far from our home’s midcentury roots, but we were hoping for something slightly less boring than a flush door slab. We were stoked to discover the Berkley from Masonite’s West End collection with its subtle inset detailing. Steve saved us >$2,000 by hanging the doors himself. Eventually, I painted them to match the trim. (It took me a year to get around to it!)

interior doorknobs 3

We liked the idea of matte black hinges and doorknobs to contrast against the white doors. We went with these hinges. For the bathrooms and bedrooms, we used these privacy doorknobs. For the linen closets, we used these passage doorknobs. For the man door to the garage, we used this keyed entry doorknob along with this deadbolt.

interior doorknobs 2

Four years later, the doors and hardware are holding up extremely well. (My kids should work at a door/doorknob testing facility.)

interior doors 1

The Safe ‘n Sound solid core doors have been a worthy investment. They provide great acoustical insulation in our smallish house (i.e., I lock myself in the bathroom from time to time for a quick, quiet recharge). The doors get a lot of compliments from visitors. They’re unique yet understated. I absolutely LOVE the matte black hardware.

In summary, living with interior doors trumps living without interior doors any day. I hope I never have to do that again.

P.S. – Create your own attic access.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Hi Dana,

I fell in love with the doors you selected when you posted about them the first time. They were on my wish list of doors that I would love to order to replace our 1950’s hollow core flat panel doors that had seen a better day. However, as you said, doors are better than no doors and new doors are a renovation level commitment. It took 3 years and a 6 month reno but we too have been loving these doors. Thanks for the inspiration!!


Any tips on keeping the penny tile grout clean? We put similar gray penny tile in our bathroom last year and because there is SO much grout, it’s noticeably darker in front of the sink (where we stand the most) and around the toilet (yay Mom of boys!). I scrub then regularly and use bleach at times, but nothing has helped. We even used a sealer after install. I love the look but regret not choosing larger tiles!


We’re matte black hardware folks too! Ours came from Build.com.


For a diy door repair, installation and paint you’ve done a great job there Dana! I love how black suites the interior. ps: Point taken for living without doors tho. I better plan the baby After I renovate and refurbish everything, xoxo, yeah right.


Oh wow! Just catching up on the last few posts and noticed that the “off the grid” house in your “liked and linked” post is very near where we used to live! We live outside Sacramento now, but used to live in Sonoma County (Santa Rosa and Windsor). Small world.: )
Also, that first house with the angled fireplace looks like a version of your house!!!
Oh! And I really like the white door with black hardware combination – one of the first things we did when we moved into our current house was replace all the door hardware with oil-rubbed bronze. Instantly looked better and was the first thing my mom noticed when she visited for the first time.


We haven’t noticed any change in grout color, but we went with a sandy color that looked like dirt from the get-go. To clean the grout, I regularly use Honest Co.’s bathroom cleaner. For deeper cleans, I have used Bar Keeper’s Friend.


Thanks for sharing your talents. I have lived without interior doors for 8 months. Your post inspired me to do something about it. Thanks! My home now has rooms instead of corridors!


Oh this is perfect timing. Slowly we are giving some love to this 1958 fixer upper ranch.
Tell me about your doors, do you just just paint them white?. We hace the tradition standard hallow doors.
Thanks for the encouragement, to keep going and making this house a home.


Thank you for being so real and sharing your common sense. We are in year one in our renovation. I might have to send you some before and after. Still a LONG way to go, but I am ok. with that (well, most of the time).


I used a primer + paint in one to paint them. The color is Benjamin Moore white dove.


Love the black hardware! I hadn’t seen those doors before, but they remind me of the ones my family in Germany has. Sooooo quiet, so solid. I always wondered why that kind of thing wasn’t found here.

Oh man I do love your black hardware. We need to replace ours badly. But it is one of many things to do at our house and 3 years after we moved still no new knobs. This look is ultimately what we want. Added these to the wish list. Having young kids I appreciate you noting how they have held up.

The black hardware is gorgeous, not too mention the great pics from the Tryon Farm homes’ rental. Thanks for sharing!


Well done Dana,being a professional handyman myself, I can honestly say that the end results look amazing. The black handles look really good. The odd thing is living in London, these types of handles are so easy to come by. There are plenty of iron mongers who sell them. I don’t know how you managed without doors with little kids, we have two and our daughter is constantly waking her baby brother up, even with our doors closed.


It was rough.