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acapulco chairs 5

We have a teensy strip of concrete just to the right of our front door. Porch? Patio? Sidewalk tangent? I don’t know what to call it.


I put a bench there a few years back, but we never really used it. The kids and neighbor kids tend to congregate on the planter-turned-storage-bench instead. Then I spotted Acapulco chairs on a recent trip to HomeGoods. (I had gone in for discounted hand soap. That’s how stuff like this happens.)

I wasn’t immediately sold on them. I loved the design but questioned the comfortability. I didn’t have any measurements of the porch on me (a true sign of just how much I shunned the weird, wasted space), but I guessed it could handle a pair of chairs and a small accent table. At $60 a pop, the price was right. Typically, Acapulco chairs go for $225+. I snatched up two of them and told myself I could always return them if they didn’t work out.

acapulco chairs 2

But as soon as I got them home, I knew there would be no return, no refund coming my way. They fit the space perfectly and are surprisingly comfortable in a lounge-y sort of way. They’re constructed of a rust-proof steel base and vinyl weave. After a month outside, they’ve proven to be super durable. They look brand new even after several significant storms. Severe thunderstorm winds haven’t moved them. They’re sturdy. Layne made me promise not to add pillows because he likes them just the way they are. He’s totally right, of course.

acapulco chairs 3

I had fun searching for a side table. I wanted something substantial that would stay put and hold up to the elements. It needed to be roundish, too, to wedge between the chairs. I probably looked at hundreds but ultimately ended up with this gem-shaped, concrete table. The reviews aren’t great, but after reading them I realized it was because the product image doesn’t show the handle cutouts and kinda blows out the color of the concrete. So I took those observations into consideration and decided to spring for it. I was able to use a coupon which brought the price under $100. It arrived in mint condition and looks as expected. I like how the concrete finish ties in to the concrete windowsill (shown in the first image of this post). It’s heavy!

The lesson? READ REVIEWS. Reading reviews is what persuades me to sometimes buy items with two stars (some consumers don’t look at measurements and are disappointed when the item they bought is too big/small) and pass on items with five stars (I look for reviews of verified purchases).

acapulco chairs 4

The table is the perfect spot for a small planter and a drink or two. In the morning, it’s coffee. In the evening, it’s coconut rum + pineapple juice. The planter is from West Elm and it’s one of my favorite purchases so far this year. I keep moving it around, inside and outside. (If you’re looking for a succulent that’s easy to care for, I love paddle plant.) The brass coasters are from Schoolhouse Electric. I bought a set for my sister and brother-in-law as a wedding gift this past spring then immediately bought a set for our house. They already have a good patina going thanks to a few spilled drinks courtesy of the kids.

acapulco chairs 1

The little outdoor nook has already seen more action over the past month than it has in the entire four years we’ve lived here. It’s been nice to see our house/yard from a new angle. We live in what I refer to as a front yard neighborhood. Most of the front yards are larger than the backyards. All the action happens out front. It’s where the kids play a miniature form of baseball. Neighbors come over to say hi while walking their dogs. A large running group snakes by on Tuesday evenings. I’m surprised the UPS man hasn’t worn a trail directly to the front door. We’re social in the front, private in the back.

Speaking of the backyard, it’s been somewhat of a construction zone this summer. We’re installing shade sails. Can’t wait to share that project!

In the meantime, I rounded up a few of my favorite affordable outdoor side tables in case you’re on the hunt.

Happy porch sitting!

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking



Love the new setup! We have a small front porch on our new place and have a couple chairs out there too. At first I just put them there cause they fit and I didn’t need them anywhere else but we’ve actually used them several times. Nice to have a front yard seating option! :)


Since you mentioned the Tuesday night run group… Your house is a bit of our running convo! You are affectionately known as the blog house and I give my runner girls updates every week. We try to be discrete and not too stalkerish by peering in the windows.


I should say NOT peering in the windows!


quite unusual chairs. comfy?


The patio set looks great! However, I’m wondering how you secure them since they’re sitting visible to the street. Do you use a cable lock or just bring them inside your house each night?


We just leave them out. We have a home security system and live in a neighborhood watch area so we don’t worry too much about things possibly going missing.


No way! That’s awesome. Next time wave and say hi!! P.S. – My kids love it when your group runs in the winter and all we see are swirling glow sticks in the dark :)


Great advice about product reviews! I usually read many of the 1 & 2 star reviews to see if the product really has problems or if the reviewer had unrealistic expectations. Then I try to find 3 – 5 star reviews that give details about what the reviewer liked & disliked to see if the product will meet my needs.



This set looks fabulous at your front entry. I am glad to hear that the chairs are comfortable as well as stylish. Great find!


Your patio looks great! I love those chairs and your eye for style.


Add a little bit of grenadine to your coconut rum and pineapple. It should pool at the bottom and create an ombre effect. Very yummy too if you don’t mind a bit of sweet.


I should have emphasized the LITTLE bit part, since too much will make the drink sickly sweet.


This is a Midwest thing, I had to get used to it when I moved here but now I happily have a furnished porch.


I’m dying to see the back yard! We just installed a huge deck with the composite boards based on your recommendation. We have one area that is covered, but I was thinking about adding shade sails for the uncovered portion as well. I’ll be anxiously waiting to see what you’ve done!! Thanks for the great selection of side tables.


ooooh, sounds pretty!


Smart lady ;)


I just read the reviews for your cement table. Someone asked if it came with hand holes & a customer service person replied that it didn’t. Gosh! I always thought if it was on the internet than it must be true! Ha! Guess not.
Your front porch looks very welcoming. Nice job.
What did we do before HomeGoods?


these look so comfortable and perfect for summer. thanks for sharing!


This gives me a great idea for our front porch. It’s been almost three years and I have still not found anything for ours to sit on. It’s wide enough for chairs and is the length of our home so finding something that fits scale wise has been hard. LOVE these chairs!


OR, pineapple juice + coconut rum + non coconut rum + big squeeze of orange = Tonga Smash, otherwise known as a suntan on the inside.


I love intuitive purchases like yours, where you haven’t taken any measurements and you’re going on by a gut feeling. Rather by visualizing the porch and conceptually constructing it while looking the chairs. That’s at least how I sometimes go about such ‘impulsive’ purchases.
The chairs do look massive and nice, but that edgy table is made out of cement. That was a shock for me. Take good care of it, condition with wax seasonally.


Great way to organize space. Acapulco chairs and gem shaped table with its minimalist design don’t hide your house front which is nice, but give you place for afternoon rest. I just love it.


A suntan on the inside sounds delicious!


The patio goes so well and in that area, it is actually crazy how much life and vibrancy is added to a house just from a table and chairs – Thanks for sharing!! (:


I love the table but I think the pot’s style that’s on it is not fitting in well. However your piece of mind corner looks very cosy.