...because home doesn't happen overnight.

Hey. I’m Dana. I’m a pharmacist by trade but my passion is houses. I like houses. Like, a lot. I talk about them, write about them, read about them, buy them, sell them, live in them, renovate them, curse them, decorate them, ponder them, tweak them, take pictures of them, stalk them, dream about them and, frustratingly, want to save all of them.

My family and I have lived in and fixed up several homes over the years and we always try to leave them better than when we found them. We prefer to live in homes that aren’t necessarily dream homes but, rather, let us pursue our dreams while living in them. Each of our homes has taught us valuable lessons along the way and we’ve learned to value quality > quantity, less > more and experiences > things.

Here you will find in-depth coverage of our house pursuits along with tidbits of family life. My husband Steve, an engineer, and I have three rowdy kids + two cats who act more like dogs. I also like to share interior design ideas, DIYs, recipes and whatever else is inspiring me at the moment. We call Ohio home. Welcome!


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