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If you’ve been following House*Tweaking, you may remember me alluding to a laundry room makeover.

Well, I’m happy to report that Mission Laundry Room Makeover is complete!  I’ll be detailing all the steps here this week with the final reveal on Friday.  So, without further adieu let’s talk paint.


According to plan, I painted the walls Glidden’s (Home Depot) Gentle Tide.  This proved to be a tad more difficult than I thought it would be.  You see, ideally, when you’re painting a room it’s best to clear it out as much as possible.  That way you have less things to paint around.  However, my laundry room was already ‘fully assembled’ with a washer, dryer and overhead cabinets.  The cabinets weren’t coming down because that would be, well, ridiculous.  And the washer and dryer were so difficult to install (not to mention heavy) that there was no way those babies were budging.  In the end, I had to paint around the washer, dryer and cabinets.  It’s a good thing I’m flexible!  First, I protected the appliances with a plastic dropcloth and taped off the baseboards with painter’s tape.  Then I cut in around the door frame, ceiling, baseboards and cabinets using a trim brush.  I used a long, skinny paint roller in the tight spots.

This long, skinny roller made it a cinch to paint on either side of the washer/dryer and behind them too.  Of course, I wasn’t able to paint all the way down the back wall but no one will ever know!  (Well, except for those of you reading this.)  It also came in handy alongside the cabinets.  So many tiny slivers of wall in this room!  Who knew?!  (I kept quoting my fave movie of all time O Brother, Where Art Thou?  “Damn, we’re in a tight spot!”)  By the time I had everything trimmed out, there really wasn’t much bare wall space left.  I knocked it out with a regular roller in no time.  Here’s the laundry room with it’s fresh coat of paint:

Doesn’t it look watery?  Again, I love using Gentle Tide in small spaces to make them feel airy.  It seems as if the walls just float away.  And what better color for a laundry room than the color of water? 

Once the room was painted, I started thinking about storage and function.  Stay tuned to see what happened next…



Looks great- perfect color for that size space. I love Glidden’s GT!

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