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Two very important things are happening at 9:00 p.m. tonight:

1. A new episode of New Girl will be airing. {And I’ll be watching with drink in hand.}

2. My Joss & Main event goes live!


This is my third curated event with Joss & Main but I’m really excited about it because it showcases some of the more recent additions to my home. If you aren’t familiar with Joss & Main, it is a flash sale site for members only. It’s free to join and once you’re signed up you can browse all active and upcoming sales for great deals on furniture and home accessories. You can join right here. I’ve found several unique pieces via Joss & Main. The two moravian mirrors above our mantel were Joss & Main scores last year and I recently bought another wall décor piece through an event two weeks ago that can’t wait to share with you.

My sale will be active through 9:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, October 8th. If you’re up for some virtual window shopping, check it out. Happy shopping, friends!

images: Joss & Main

09.30.13 / A Kitchen Rug

ebay 7

I jumped on the rug in the kitchen bandwagon.

ebay 4

It’s a wagon I’ve been wanting to jump on for some time but was holding out for the it rug.

ebay 3

Ideally, I wanted a vintage rug in a bold pattern and rich colors. And I didn’t want to spend a buh-zillion dollars. I found my it rug on ebay for $85. I’m happy I waited for the right rug to come along instead of spending money on a so-so place holder. I’m not always that patient. Just ask my husband.

ebay 5

For the space I needed something larger than a standard 2′ x 3′ but smaller than 3′ x 5′. Vintage rugs are perfect for not-your-average-sized-rug situations like this. They usually come in atypical sizes.

ebay 6

The persian rug is a bit bolder than my usual rug preferences of jute, sisal, sheepskin or seagrass. I’ve felt inspired lately to be more daring with some of my décor choices. Life is too short for a house full of jute rugs, am I right? It’s not hot pink or anything but it’s different enough to feel, well, different. But in a good way. A real good way.

ebay 9

I log many hours at the kitchen sink and this rug makes my time there feel a little more special. How can a rug do that?

I don’t know.

But I like it.

images: Dana Miller for House*Tweaking